37 Weeks Pregnant How To Induce Labor?

Due delivery date is nothing but unpredictable. Are you 37 weeks pregnant how to induce labor? You are not alone in this. We should give respect to all pregnant women out there. Hey, it's not easy to carry evidence of sex in public. Is it? Now consider doing this for more than nine months. It must be really hectic, with everyone looking at you. You can’t help but wonder. What are they thinking?

As a business woman, I’m accustomed to meeting my deadlines. But, on my first pregnancy things were everything but usual. My due date came and passed, as if that’s not shocking enough, not by one or two days. I surpassed my due date by two weeks. I had to keep wondering. Why is this angel in me taking so much time?

Research has it that only 5% of the women give birth when they think they will. At 37 weeks your pregnancy is considered full-term. The baby’s gut now contains meconium, that sticky substance that forms your baby’s first poor after giving birth. Hey, you might want to induce labor during this time. Nothing will go wrong.

80%of the women deliver between 37-42 weeks. At week 37 on my first pregnancy, I felt my baby’s head face down. As a mother, I have to agree there is no feeling can beat feeling your baby kicking in your berry.

List of Natural Ways To Induce Labor

Whatever your reason is to induce labor, it is actually very crucial that you adopt ways that will not put you and the “angel” inside you at risk. And. There is no other better option than adopting natural ways. Nothing can go wrong with going natural. Here is a list of natural ways to consider.

1. Exercise


Pregnant women are often “lazy.” Hey, but we can’t blame them, can we? When I was pregnant and at week 36, I could only lie in bed the whole day. Even walking is not an easy task during this time. If you want to induce labor and speed up things, there is no other natural way better than exercise. Ofcos, no one is asking you to go to the gym and lift up to 100kg. No!

Just take simple exercise. Like talking a walk to the grocery shop, it's just 10 yards away. Try climbing the stairs too. I know it’s not easy as it sounds but this will surely induce contractions.

Walking helps bring the baby into position ready for birth, as you swap your hips side to side gravity takes its course and allow the baby to descend further into the birth canal. Even if this doesn’t work, at least you are getting some exercise and preparing yourself for the great task ahead.

This is not an appropriate method when your doctor has prescribed bed rest or you are having complications with your pregnancy.

2. Nipple Stimulation

Nipple Stimulation

My nipples became so sensitive when I got pregnant and this sensation increased as I neared to deliver at week 37. What could go wrong with inducing labor as you get pleasure? Nipple stimulation is far much the most effective way to induce labor. In a research by worldviews, a group of 392 pregnant women was randomly assigned to different methods of labor induction.

The group of women under nipple stimulation was found to experience labor contractions faster compared to the other methods. And none of these women needed a cesarean delivery.

Nipple stimulation helps in the release of oxytocin which causes contractions in the uterus. This eventually leads to labor and there you are. You successfully induced labor.

This process, however, has been reported to lead to excessive strong and long uterine contractions which at times may result in heart rate slowing which might be fetal. It is safe to undertake this method under the supervision of your practitioner who should be monitoring your progress.

3. Sex


During pregnancy, I wanted more sex than any other time. At times I thought it wasn’t normal and had to ask some of my friends if “they feel it too.” If you having such thoughts, worry no more. Research has it that most women become more sexually active during pregnancy.

As one nears delivery, sex would be the last thing on their mind. You feel big and clumsy with a lot of vaginal pressure. But if you are on a mission to induce labor, sex should be one of your options.

On a study conducted on 200 healthy women, it was found that those who were sexually active during their 36 and 37 weeks of pregnancy were less likely to have their pregnancy exceed their due date in comparison to the ones who did not engage in sexual activities.

You and your partner can actually make love; his semen contains prostaglandins that stimulate contractions. Hey, even if this method doesn’t work, at least you get to have pleasure.

4. Spicy food

Spicy Food

I swear it was that meal I bought from my favorite Mexican restaurant that made me meet my son sooner that I had anticipated. The extra-hot enchilada made things happen for me.

On taking spicy food the body is triggered to release prostaglandins in the gut. It is this hormone that triggers uterus contraction which eventually leads to labor. But, hey with a full stomach and in labor you are likely to vomit, this time you shall meet the enchilada but ofcos it's not in an appetizing manner.

What is long with meeting your baby face to face by enjoying a tasty meal that you actually won’t have to watch the dishes?

5. Castor Oil

Castor Oil

A study was conducted on 100 women who used Castor oil as a way of inducing pregnancy. Over 50% of the women were found to experience labor within 24hrs.

Old midwives and physicians can swear to this method, it has been used for decades and has effective results mostly when you are experiencing minor contractions. Toward the end of the pregnancy, taking Castor oil results into spasm on the intestines which in turn triggers the cramping if the uterus and it is from this that you go into labor.

Most practitioners prescribe a single dose of 2-4 ouches mixed with orange juice. And. You might just need to take it quickly due to the unpleasant smell and taste. Castor oil is known to empty your stomach, but hey, if you are lucky you shall be in labor and getting ready to be united with your baby.

6. Bumpy ride

Bumpy Ride

This word sounds familiar, right? There are so many questions and doubts surrounding this method. But, yes it works. I was driving with a friend of mine who happened to be in her last stages of pregnancy. We decided to take an adventure on a bumpy road and it was not long before she started experiencing labor. Our adventure ended up with a trip to the hospital.

It was for a worthy course, she delivered a bouncing baby girl. The idea in the baby ride is to increase blood floor and trigger hormones. Anyway, what could be wrong with inducing labor while having some adventure? But, always remember to buckle up and drive safely. If you are lucky you shall meet your baby in a few hours.

7. Membrane Stripping

Membrane Stripping

Though this method has to be done by a professional, but it is totally natural and there is no medication involved. The doctor uses a gloved hand to separate the amniotic sac from the uterine wall. Yeah! That’s all. You may experience some spotting but it’s totally normal.

This separation of the amniotic sac and the uterine wall caused the body to release prostaglandins which in turns triggers uterus contractions. And there you are, getting ready to meet your angel whom you haven’t seen for over 36weeks. If you experience excessive bleeding on undertaking this procedure, please visit your doctor.


There you are, those are the 7 natural ways you can adopt when trying to induce labor. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Hey, most of this ways will actually not cost you any penny and will not affect your health or that of your baby. In fact, in some ways, you will actually experience pleasure as you wait to meet your miracle in a few hours.

As I mentioned earlier, my pregnancy date came and passed. Not by one, two or three days. I exceeded my due date by 2 weeks. At times I wouldn't help but imagine something went wrong and my baby. But as an expectant mother being prayerful and hopeful is the “only” option we have.

I had heard about ways to induce labor but I was shy to try them. Being my first pregnancy I couldn’t have risked something happening to my baby. Hey, if you are having similar thoughts let me shed your doubts and notify you that these methods are safe and won’t harm you or your baby. These methods have worked for me and I have seen them work on my friends too. They are safe to try.

You can share your views on the comment box and hey, nothing can go wrong if share this article and enlighten a friend too.

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