4 Offbeat Gifting Ideas for Moms-to-be

If you’re looking to buy a gift for a baby shower or to simply indulge a loved one who’s expecting a baby soon, choosing a thoughtful gift within budget can be a tough task, particularly when you’re not the kind to buy anything that’s comes to mind just because you’re strapped for time.

While there are a plethora of gifts out there for pregnant women, few will touch a chord with the mommy-to-be and remembered and preserved for years to come. To help you make a discerning choice, here are four offbeat gifts your pregnant friend or loved one will love to receive.

Maternity clothing

When people look for an appropriate gift to take to a baby shower, they often don’t consider buying maternity clothing or nursing wear, as the general perception is that the mom-to-be would already have plenty of such outfits and they’re going to be useful for a limited time anyway.

However, ask a pregnant woman how much she values a good piece of high-quality maternity clothing. In fact, many women continue to use their maternity wear even after having the baby for the sheer comfort it offers. If you share a close relationship, you could ask your friend what she really needs—or buy a gift card from an online store which she can use to purchase what she likes or needs.

An elegant piece of jewellery

Gift a pregnant woman a piece of jewellery and see her eyes light up. There is no dearth of affordable women’s jewelry if budget is a concern—just look for a high-quality understated necklace or bracelet that the lady can wear comfortably every day.

Do remember to check the weight, length, karat value and ease of use if buying anything in gold.

Pregnancy pillow

For the same reason that near and dear ones steer clear of buying maternity wear as a present, most people also won’t think of gifting a pregnancy pillow. When it comes to sleeping comfort, this pillow is a lifesaver for pregnant ladies and makes for an ideal mid-pregnancy gift.

Something for the daddy-to-be

While pregnant ladies get pampered all the way, we tend to forget that this time is as exciting and nerve-racking for the other spouse, that is, the father-to-be. Buying a thoughtful present for the future daddy is a great way to acknowledge their love and affection for the family they’re building. There are quite a few options when it comes to choosing a present for men—from electronics to items of personal use to high-end men’s accessories.

Quite contrary to popular perception, men these days love to flaunt a classy piece of jewellery such as an understand bracelet or ring or even a statement necklace. In fact, if your budget allows, a rocking out cuban link chain would make for a perfect gift for a dad-to-be who likes to make bold style statements and is not afraid to sport this timeless accessory that goes well with a number of different looks and styles.

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Jennifer Shackelford

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