6 Fun Things for Kids to Do at Home

Kids are a joy to everyone but at times, you just have to let them be kids and play with their age mates. There are loads of fun activities that kids can do either indoors or outdoors. You just have to know your kid's interest and pick something that they can enjoy. Here are some fun things that your kid can enjoy at home.

Electric Scooter for Kids

Gone are the days of pedaling as you can now ride an electric scooter. This type of scooter has bike-like handlebars and a skateboard with skate wheels. Most kids prefer it to a bike, skates or skateboards. Besides, it is fast depending on its speed.

Nonetheless, safety is always a priority when it comes it electric scooters. Kids ride wild so you have to make sure they have the right gear, from helmets to kneepads. Likewise, make sure you buy one that is easy to use and has the appropriate safety mechanisms, this way your kid stays safe while riding it.

Building Blocks

There is nothing as entertaining as building new things out of blocks. Kids love it because they can make anything out of it. The options are limitless, from a dollhouse to a grocery store and even cars.

Building blocks is a very creative game that can enhance your kids thinking. Besides, it is a great way to build your kid's character and intelligence.


This one here is for everyone. Everyone loves a puzzle. Puzzles are unique and with each game or level, you learn loads of things. No kid can say no to a puzzle game.

It can make your kid exercise his/her cognitive, creative as well as problem-solving muscles. You just have to pick the right one for your kids or just ask them. Kids always respond to what they like most.

Besides, puzzles are easy to make if you cannot afford one. You just make the kids draw some sturdy art/pieces on a cardboard and then use a pencil to outline them before cutting them with a scissor. After which your kids can solve them.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is always at the top of every kid's fun thing to do. Everybody loves it even you as a parent love it as it keeps the kids entertained while you rest. When they are done looking for all the hiders, you would have rejuvenated your sore feet and arms. Besides, you can also participate, hiding for a while can help you, especially if you have more than two kids.

In relation, you can also involve your older kids in this game, but in the dark as long as there are no traps or loose stuff on the floor. You can turn the lights ON after the count is done or use a flashlight to look for the hiders.

However, with small kids, always play it safe, hide and seek is fun for all, not just kids and teens.

Kids Gardening

For kids gardening, there is a full of possibilities. A place to deal with the growing and passing of life. This is a meeting place with microorganisms and plants. Garden is both a workshop and a playing field. Garden train the senses for the soft sounds and the slow movements of nature. Gardening brings insights and lets children make their own experiences. It awakens curiosity, passion and fills the senses. To read more please click here

Indoor Basketball

All you need for this game is a bucket and a rolled up sock or a small lightweight ball. It is fun for kids and you can join them.

You just take turns throwing the sock-ball into the bucket until you miss. If you miss, you let the other person throw. Besides, if you happen to shoot into the bucket from the furthest distance, you win.


In conclusion, there are loads of games kids can play at home, indoors or outdoors you just have to find what interests them and even you as a parent, if you want to be part of their fan.

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