5 Ways To Make sure Your Home is Child-Proof

Many parents are very comfortable when letting their children play inside the house. However, children are very active. They do everything they want such as climbing things they should not or grabbing dangerous stuff. To give your children a safe playing area, let’s see some suggestions below to make sure your home child-proof.

Secure your furniture

The edges of tables, chairs, cabinets and other furniture in the home are dangerous to children. Babies are always acting very fast and hitting the sharp edges of the furniture is unavoidable. Another danger is the electrical outlets. The children tend to stick their fingers or any other objects in an outlet.

Using protective coverings will help mother handle this problem. In case you cannot buy the coverings, let your children play in a room without any furniture and electrical outlets to minimize the unexpected accidents.

Keep insecticide out of their reach and hidden from plain sight

Insects are everywhere in the environment and can bring us many dangerous diseases, so the pest control is very significant. Many women are used to putting the insecticide on the floor to use easily. Don’t forget that children are very curious and they can put it in their mouth. Insecticide is toxic and can cause poisoning if a large amount is drunk. Therefore, you should purchase shelves and cabinet locks or child-proof caps to place them.

Keep any breakable items out of their reach

There is nothing attracting the attention of children than a colorful vase on the table. Your baby can climb on the table and touch it when you do not pay attention. The broken pieces can easily hurt children, so you should place the breakable items and any glass objects out of reach of your children’s hands. The ideal place is in a locked cabinet until your child grows a little older.

Secure all the stairs, windows and bathroom


The staircase is a relatively dangerous place in the home if the mother does not fit the appropriate shielding device. When your baby starts to crawl, you should insert the door at the top and bottom of the stairs. Remember that these gates should have a lock and completely seal. There are many families who install stairwells, but they are opened by manual thrust mechanisms and partially exposed underneath. This is very dangerous because the baby can easily push the gate and fall down.


The window is one of the most dangerous things to your child. You should keep all climbable furniture away from windows so that your kid is not tempted to explore. The safest bet is metal window guards. There are also other products which are designed to allow windows to open only a crack. When having any new windows installed, you should choose the ones with the opening at the top or above the halfway point.


Bathroom’s floor is usually wet and this is the reason that makes your kid fall down. In addition, if the kid twists the faucet, they are possible to get burned when they turn the tap on the hot water side.

Keep the phone chargers and laptop cords out of their reach

Phone chargers and cords are dangers to kids. But they play a significant role in our daily life because we use them to plug in our cell phones and keep our laptops charged. Remember to keep those cords away from your children by putting them high up and out of reach or change your device habits.

All tips above can help you to protect your kid from the dangers when playing inside the home, but remember that the best practice for baby proofing is always to keep a watchful eye on them.

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