6 Healthy Habits Every Mother Should Teach Her Kids

Parents are the ‘character builder’ of their kids. Kids learn more from watching them, rather than by oral teaching. Fathers are out-door usually striving for bread and butter for their families but it’s mothers who spend a lot of time with the kids running after them the whole day, feeding and nurturing them, doing their chores and at a time training them for the basics learning of life.

Other than genetically passed on habits, its mothers, whose constant training make children adapt for good habits that would be beneficial for their health and personality building for a long time in life.

Here are some fundamental habits to teach your children to ensure they have a treasure for a healthy life.

1. Eating habits

Healthy foods are always a priority for mothers to feed their kids. Make habit of kids to take meals on time and avoid skipping breakfast before they go to school.

By making food colorful and attractive, you can make kids starve which keep them away from unhealthy junk food.  Be creative with the food and try different quick recipes so they get the habit of eating at home.

It would be a bonus if you have grown herbs, vegetables and fruits in the backyard making kids pick the fresh grocery for the menu. Stop them taking those fuzzy drinks; rather opt for fresh juices, because too much consumption in any form will distort the true taste of fresh veggies and fruits. Simply keep on telling them that water is healthy and soft drinks are unhealthy.

2. Personal hygiene

From an early age, make kids brush their teeth regularly by explaining to them how bacteria can affect their teeth and rot. Also train kids to wash their hands every time they come from outside, before eating, petting animals, playing and after they go to the bathroom.

When outdoor with kids, always carry a hand sanitizer for a quick wipe down so kids must know they are not going to be spare when it comes to personal hygiene. Other hygiene habits include regular bathing, soaping bodies, shampooing and conditioning hairs, applying lotion and sunscreen, wearing tidy clothes and obviously combing hairs. Assist and appreciate small kids with all these hygiene habits.

3. Physical health

Physical health is not about giving physics tuition. It’s about to teach them the importance of mind and body health simultaneously, by participating in various activities or supporting them. Even if you are not enough active parents for daily exercise or running miles, make them to take part in physical games like swimming, football or basketball.

Encourage them to ride, play and run with other kids as friendships are a fundamental aspect for healthy development to make them interact socially, teaching kid’s valuable skills such as cooperating, communicating, organizing and problem-solving.

4. Emotional health

What about emotional health habits? As a parent, one of the key thoughts that keep running in your mind is ensuring, whether your kids are growing happy, healthy, positive, successful and confident.

And for this, mothers own behavior far outweighs than any other training. Habitual yelling at them to calm down or forcing them to do any work won’t make things any better. If you are not providing them with a healthy environment, don’t make it a habit also of arguing, screaming and exposing those to understandable situations rather then you should show them how to handle stress, anxiety or any emotion that comes with daily life.

Instead, fix some rules even for yourself as parents when it comes to any unacceptable behavior or misconduct. Teach kids the tools and skills to cope with situations and practicing deep breath, meditation, yoga and exercise as emotional development.

5. Reading habits

Start reading stories to your toddler, until they grow up. This habit gives them pleasure in listening to stories and helps kids bond with you.

They grow-up and develop the love for valuing books, reading magazines and newspaper as well. Book reading makes them informative and imaginative by travelling to adventurous places.

They also learn from the experience of different characters. Keep them away from rising digital use and its addiction. Kids who watch television and use mobile without limits are prone to health problems so mothers should keep track of the daily use of these gadgets.

6. Sleeping habit

All work and play but no rest makes kid dull and unhealthy. Fix ‘sleeping time’ for your kids and avoid any attention diverting activity at sleep times. No proper rest affects cognitive and physical development and growth of a kid’s body.

Some kids are friendly sleepers while other fight and resists sleeping. Make sure in what category your child fall and find ways to make them sound sleep.

A bed-time story before sleeping is a good habit and mentally prepare them to sleep after a good story time daily, so they wake up with a fresh and healthy mind to start up an energetic day.

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