5 Facts You Need To Know About 6 Year Old Molars

The first transition to adulthood doesn’t begin at teenage years; it starts as early as 6 years. When your child’s mouth is concerned 6 years mark a large milestone since this is the age at which your child develops the first set of adult teeth. The 6 years old molars develop behind the baby teeth and most of the time it’s not always a nice experience. When my son was developing his first pair of teeth at 6 months, he used to cry a lot due to the swollen gums, the same case will apply to your child as he/she develop the 6-year-old molars.

Statistically girls teeth faster than boys of the same age. And this also means that they develop their six years old molars earlier. Kids are blessings, from the moment they are conceived, given birth and as a parent watching your baby grow under your care is the best feeling ever. It is at 6 years old that my son had his first baby teeth come off and this was a very big deal to him. Though the whole experience of getting the teeth off wasn’t smooth when it was done he preserved the teeth as a reminder. Kind of reminds me of myself when I was his age, I made my parents buy me a small safe where I kept my first tooth. Somehow as we were moving to another city the safe got lost and hell almost broke loose.

Facts you need to know about 6-year-old molars

1. Maintain hygiene

Everyone likes a clean place, clean clothes, clean shoes… Do you know that your mouth can be home to over 1 million bacteria if you don’t maintain hygiene? And, the same case applies to your 6 years old child. As parents ensure that your kid brushes his/her teeth at least twice in a day, also see to it that they don’t take junk food with too much sugar. Hello, you surely don’t want cavities developing on your 6-year-old molars at that tender age.

2. Mouth guard

Some children are more playful than others, my son joined hockey at the age of 6 years and I had to buy him a mouth guard so as to protect his teeth while he played. It’s a precaution but totally worth taking when your 6 years old molars are concerned.

3. The new developing teeth may appear slightly yellow

Personally, I really got worried when I realized that my son’s new set of teeth appeared slightly yellow. At first, I thought that probably it was something to do with the diet but unfortunately I couldn’t figure out what in specific. I searched over the internet for answers but all were fruitless since non-explained as to why his new teeth appeared slightly yellow compared to the existing baby teeth. It was only after consulting my doctor that I learned that this was quite a common and normal scenario among children that age and with time the color will lighten and be white. My son is currently 12 years old as his teeth are sparkling white.

4. Development of two rows of teeth

Development of two rows of teeth

Normally the front incisors are the ones which come off first. However, over 30% of the kids either due to getting afraid of having the tooth removed or ignorance fails to tell their parents about their “shaking teeth”. This leads to the growth of the permanent teeth on the inside row of the jaw. I have seen this many times but in visiting a dentist they always have a way to restore the condition to normal.

5. Space between the front upper teeth

To begin with, I think a diastema which is a small space left between the front incisor teeth is cute. Most parents, however, get concerned that this might be permanent on their kids but with time the space narrows.

Dental health care on your 6-year-old molars

Dental health care is essential for healthy looking teeth. The following are examples of ways you can ensure healthy teeth on your 6 years old child.

1. Flossing

As much as brushing your teeth is recommended more often than not it doesn’t kill all the bacteria and plague. It is for this reason that flossing is recommended. Personally, I taught my kid how to floss when he was 6 years old and he would even do it on his own. At the age of 12, he has no cavity on his teeth and I rarely receive any complaints that he has swollen gums or a plague.

2. Dental paste

Most of us use toothpaste to brush our 6 years old which is a good thing. However, toothpaste doesn’t kill all the bacteria on your teeth. Occasionally, you need to turn to dental care products so as to ensure that your 6-year-old molars are healthy.


It is my hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and most importantly found it useful. Most parents have a nasty experience when their 6 years old are developing their first set of adult teeth. On the brighter side, this article has walked you the various facts on 6 year old molars and how you can ensure that the new set of teeth are healthy. Don’t keep all this knowledge to yourself, share this article with a friend or two and don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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