7 Safe Sex Positions during Pregnancy: Photos and Guides

On my first pregnancy, many questions were running through my mind. Is sex during pregnancy safe? What are the safe sex positions during pregnancy? Hey, your sex life need not be boring just because you have a bump. There are several sex positions to try out and spice up things both for you and your partner.

We all have to agree on one thing, pregnant women are so moody. One minute you feel like you can through your partner in the garbage can and the next you feel you need a round or two being naked. Hello! It’s totally normal during pregnancy estrogen and progesterone levels rise causing an increase in your libido level. This explains your sudden increase in sex drive, right? Estrogen heightens the sensitivity of your nipples and breasts; in addition to that, it increases vaginal lubrication. Isn’t this the perfect recipe for romance?

Sex during pregnancy is safe and there is no chance of hurting the angel growing inside you. The amniotic fluid and your cervix ensure that there is no harm on your baby. And to top that there is no chance that your baby will see what you are doing. Hey, your secret is safe.

Here are the sex positions that you can try while pregnant. Don’t let yourself be freaked out by #5

1. Spooning


(Source Image:www.babycentre.co.uk)

This position works on all the three trimesters of your pregnancy. But fits best the third trimester when your bump is big and doesn’t allow your partner get close to your face. You lay side to side and your partner penetrates you from behind.

I liked this position in the morning and nothing can go wrong with this. You can actually support you bump with a pillow and lean a little bit forward allowing deeper penetrations and better sensation. So what is the magic with this position? Hey, your partner’s hands are free. He can touch your breast and stimulate your clitoris. What beats the feeling of clitoris stimulation during sex? Done right this position guarantees you an orgasm.

However, with this position penetration can be shallow and if your thing is deep penetration. This might not be your position.

2. Sitting on his lap

Sitting on his lap

Who said sex is only confined to the bed? Who said you can’t have wild sex during pregnancy? This position gives you the freedom to try it on virtually any place. If you are a fun of car sex, this is your thing. You visit him at the office and feel that you want to show the secretary who is boss; this is the position to try.

You sit on his lap while he is seated on a chair. This allows deep penetration and you can actually caress and kiss as you do your thing. Nothing beats the sensation of making love while watching the face and reaction of your partner. You can control the pace and penetration. What more could you ask for?

It is mostly suitable in your first and second trimesters of your pregnancy. Hey, if you are comfortable you can also give it a trial on your third trimester.

3. Woman on top

Women On Top

(Source image:www.babycentre.co.uk)

Everyone likes to be in control at times. This position is suitable on all the three trimesters of your pregnancy and allows you to control the pace and the depth of the penetration. You get to see your partner’s reaction as you make love and can actually tease him to make the whole thing enjoyable.

You can actually try this position either while facing your partner or the reverse cowgirl. Both guarantee you with undeniably amazing sensation. You can have it deep as you wish and with the reverse cowgirl, you actually get to see the whole thing. You can even make things happen while on the sofa watching TV, in the back seat of your car… This position takes care of your craving for wild sex. If you don’t get an orgasm on this position then something is wrong with you.

4. Doggy style

Doggy Style

(Source image:www.menshealth.co.uk)

The name suggests it all. Your partner penetrates you from behind. I did this hundred of times during my pregnancy. In fact, it was my favorite position on all the three stages of my pregnancy. Who said just because you are pregnant you can’t have a quickie?

Are you saying goodbye to your partner in the parking lot and feel you need a quickie? This is the position to try. Just bend and hold on to the car bonnet and allow your partner penetrate you from behind. Do you love deep penetration? This is your thing.

Maybe we stole this position by copying dogs. I know it sounds disgusting, right? But, this will remain my favorite position.

5. Scissors


Don’t freak out. Hey, it’s not the scissors you use to cut some piece of cloth. You actually lay side by side with your partner and interlock legs so that it forms the shape of a scissor, hence the name.

What is the magic with this position? It allows your partner to hit your clitoris as you make love. Also, his hands are free and he can caress you. You actually don’t have to move an inch in this position. Your partner does all the work. A friend of mine told me that she had sex in this position until the last day she delivered. Hey, ofcos it’s that good.

6. Edge of the bed

Edge of the bed

(Source Image:www.bustle.com)

This position is suitable for all the three trimesters of your pregnancy. As the name suggests, you actually move close to the edge of the bed and your partner penetrates your while standing. Allows deep penetration and again, you don’t have to move. Let your partner do all the work.

You can support your hips with a pillow to allow deeper penetration and enable your partner to hit the clitoris as he thrusts.

7. Modified missionary

Modified missionary

(Source Image:www.healthwhoop.com)

Missionary sex position is the most commonly practice sex position in the world. The sensation of the man being on top and controlling the pace as he stares into your eyes gives this position an extra advantage. It’s obvious that you can’t have your partner lay on top of you during these stages of pregnancy.

In this position, you interlock your legs around his waist drawing him in and controlling the pace of his thrusts. This position is suitable in all the three trimesters of your pregnancy.

His hands are free and he can caress your breasts and nipples as you make love. Again he gets to stare into your eyes and observes all you reaction, getting a hint on when to speed up things and when you are actually at your peak pleasure.


You now have seven sex position to try out, caring for your craving for wild sex, shallow, and deep penetration… I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. You can now rub off the claims that sex gets boring when you are pregnant.

On my first pregnancy, I had many worries on sex. Is sex actually safe? Which sex positions are safe? I had to consult my doctor who advised me on a thing or two to try. And, hey once I started it I had sex until the last week of my delivery.

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