5 Mistakes To Avoid While Being On A Keto Diet

There is not another option more viable and trustworthy to get your health on track than the keto diet. However, going about a keto diet on your own can also lead you to some common mistakes that might have substantial adverse effects on your system. There's absolutely nothing wrong in making mistakes if you learn well from those, and learn in time.

Here are plotted 5 of such common mistakes that people generally tend to commit while on a keto diet.

Diving in unplanned

No matter how simple the task at hand could be, one point that should not be stepped over is the planning. And when the question is about your health, is there a point taking an unnecessary risk? Keto meals demand special attention just by being the way they are. It is necessary that you plan your meal a week ahead, preferably in pen-paper. In this way, you will not only skip the chance of excess calorie intake but also ensure that you don't cut down too much on your health.

Overconsumption of protein

Protein is an essential component of the body, however, when on a ketogenic diet you need to keep that in check. In this case, the body is made to extract energy from fats by the method of ketogenesis and too much protein can mess the process up. Unchecked levels of protein get transformed to glucose, that end up hiking your blood sugar levels up. Elevated levels of sugar in the blood in itself is a risk which gets multiplied when on a keto diet.

Missing out on fruits and vegetables

Keto diet can easily be translated to low carbohydrate diet and this leads to a general stigma against most fruits and vegetables. While on the other hand, there is a need to avoid items that are high in sugar and starch levels such as potatoes or mangoes, you also need to stick to other harmless varieties. Raw fruits and vegetables can be an unparalleled source of a variety of micronutrients that are crucial for the smooth functioning of your biology. Vegetables that are low in starch but high in fiber such as broccoli, zucchini or fruits such as berries fit right in the criteria.

Consumption of the wrong fats

Keto diet generally replaces the regular quota of carbohydrates and proteins with fats. However, it is mandatory that you sort your fats out carefully. While monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids are what should compose your meal, you just might get the whole equation wrong by consuming the wrong type of fats. You can also make use of certain oils, like MCT oil after consulting your dietician as these oils are also beneficial when added with the keto diet. You can easily buy high-quality MCT oil by relying on sources mentioned in this article.

Avoiding enough liquid input

A ketogenic diet might result in tremendous loss of body fluids due to lack of carbohydrates in the diet. This results in dehydration and you don't want to do that your body. Make sure that you carry a small water bottle wherever you go to avoid situations of dehydration and hot flashes. Drink up in tiny sips to ensure that your body retains the fluid intake and that you don’t have to run to the loo immediately. You can supplement parts of your water quota by red tea, which is also helpful in weight reducing processes.

Like any other program, a keto diet also demands determination and patience. All the efforts can easily be negated just by going offbeat on one step. So, you need to make sure that you've a suitable diet chart planned out before you start the process in order to make your transition journey worthy of all the hard work.

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