4 Ways To Control Angriness During Pregnancy

Every living human being has been angry at something or someone due to various reasons that are known best by them. Anger is invertible: you can’t just escape it. Whether it’s due to frustration, betrayal, disappointment, harassment and annoyance we are bound to encounter at least one of these often if not every day. While pregnant things are not any different, angriness during pregnancy is very common.

Various research has indicated that the baby first experiences the world through the mother. Yes, your developing baby can feel your emotions. When angry your heart rate increases causing the release of certain chemicals in your body which passes to the baby through the placenta. As the blood pressure rises, so does the energy level. This causes the body to release adrenaline and epinephrine which in turn can lead to the increase in tension in the uterus, as a result, constricting the blood vessels and reducing the oxygen supply which can be fatal to the baby.

Causes of angriness during pregnancy?

What causes angriness during pregnancy? While pregnant we are vulnerable and given the fact that our body is undergoing a lot of changes and adjusting to various hormones, more often than not we get angered by very small things. The following are the various causes of angriness during pregnancy:

1. Hormonal changes

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It is not easy adjusting to the various hormones released by the body during pregnancy. These hormones make a pregnant woman to experience mood swings. On my first and second pregnancy, I would get angry over almost anything within seconds. One minute I would be seated on the sofa watching my favorite cartoon and the next minute I would be very angry on the same.

These hormonal changes make us be more susceptible to emotions. You might have been annoyed by a client at work but you might end up recalling all the little things that have annoyed you over the past 2 years. Yes! As funny as it may sound this triggers more anger. On my first pregnancy whenever my partner annoyed me I would bust out all the little wrong things he has been doing over the last year

2. Inequality

Inequality in gender both at the workplace and at home can trigger angriness during pregnancy. Pregnancy is supposed to be a good experience, having an angel develop inside you should be on hell of a good experience. However, this is far from the truth, pregnant women face a lot of discrimination.

Sometimes at work, the boss might fail to give you the maternity reliefs until you are on the last tri-semester of your pregnancy. This might trigger frustrations and angriness. It’s obvious, after getting pregnant you can’t perform the entire tasks you used to before. At times it calls for your partner to step in and assist you as you take the much-required rest. However, more often than not, not ever husband or boyfriend is willing to assist. This means that you have to do all the chores which at times can be very stressful and as a result trigger angriness.

3. Discomfort


Angriness during pregnancy is also caused by discomfort. When you walk to the grocery shop and have everyone stare at you, it’s disturbing, right? The truth is: it’s not easy to carry out the evidence of sex in public for everyone to see.

Morning sickness! This is every pregnant woman’s worst nightmare. It's discomforting: the nausea fatigue and breast pain. Given that pregnant women get stressed over almost everything, morning sickness may make them feel so angry. Personally, morning sickness made me regret ever getting pregnant, yes, it was that bad.

4. Fear

Every pregnant woman has a lot to worry about. When I was on my first pregnancy I had a great fear of experiencing labor. I heard stories of how painful the experience is and that there are incidences where some women die while on labor. This made me so angry and as I approached week 37 of my pregnancy things got worse.

No woman wants to give birth to a child with defects. The fear that one might give birth to such a child may trigger angriness.

Consequences of angriness during pregnancy

Angriness during pregnancy is associated with various pregnancy complications and health issues. Given that angriness causes the blood vessels in the placenta to constrict due to high levels of adrenaline and epinephrine, this reduces the oxygen supply to the fetus that can be fatal. The following are the major consequences of angriness during pregnancy:

1. Premature babies

Premature babies

Angriness during pregnancy can lead to a miscarriage or premature babies. Given the improved technology, most of the premature babies survive but they are subjected to various complications later in life. Some of these complications are development delays, learning disorders and chronic lung diseases.

2. Hyperactive babies

When angry and with adrenaline kicking, this causes a rise in the body temperature and this might affect the growing baby, as a result, you might give birth to a hyperactive baby.

3. Underweight babies

Angriness during pregnancy is one of the reasons why some pregnant women give birth to underweight babies.

How to control angriness during pregnancy?

Given that anger is unavoidable either while pregnant or not, being knowledgeable on the various ways on how to control anger is essential. The following are some of the ways you can control your anger.

1. Relaxing

Various relaxing techniques will help you manage your anger. What are these techniques? Some of them might actually surprise you considering the fact that they sound so common.

Taking a deep breath is one of the techniques you can adopt so as to control your anger. By taking deep breaths you increase the oxygen supply and as a result get a relaxing sensation that will help you control your anger.

Yoga is another technique that can help you control your range. Meditation and slow yoga that is non-strenuous should help you in managing your anger. You can follow this tutorial with Yoga pant stretch and Yoga Ball.

2. Be positive

The major cause of angriness during pregnancy is jumping into negative conclusions. Personally, I always brought up arguments with my spouse only for it to turn out that most of the times I was the one at fault.

Having a positive attitude and looking at the bright side of things will help reduce angriness during pregnancy. Always be rational and whenever there are issues try to handle them in the right way. Don’t pile up mistakes only to bring them up during an argument. This will make you feel angrier.

3. Live a healthy lifestyle

Always ensure you live a healthy lifestyle so as to avoid angriness during pregnancy. Eat a balanced diet and most importantly ensure that you have enough sleep.

While pregnant you should avoid smoking or take any other drugs that might cause any complications on your pregnancy and leave you angry at some point later on your pregnancy.

4. Stop worrying too much

Every pregnant woman has a list of her worries. But we can’t blame them, can we? No one wants any harm on their angels and as a result, one would get angry over the thought that she shall have any complication on her pregnancy. However, so as to stop the anger, you should try as much as possible and reduce your worries. Have faith that everything will turn out fine and live a healthy life.


Of is my hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and most importantly found it informative. Very few pregnant women know that there are health issues associated with angriness during pregnancy both to the unborn baby and to the pregnant woman. Don’t keep all this knowledge to yourself, share the article with a friend or two and don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section bellow.

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