9 Examples Baby Dedication Gifts Idea

As a mother, on the day of my baby’s dedication, I found myself short of ideas of the gifts I could get my son on this crucial day. And, I was surprised by the fact that I wasn’t alone in this. Most parents struggle to find the perfect baby dedication gift and that’s why this article will walk you through various baby dedication gifts ideas. Honestly, it is always hard getting a gift to either your spouse or friend; it is even harder getting a perfect gift for your baby’s dedication.

Meaning of baby dedication

Before looking at the various baby dedication gifts ideas it is important to first understand the meaning of baby dedication. The first time I heard of this I was scared, but you can’t blame me, can you. I somehow misunderstood the meaning. Personally, I thought baby dedication involved a ceremony where you would give out your baby to serve in the church. Well, on the brighter side, you won’t have a similar misunderstanding. The following are the various ways you can define baby dedication.

  • Most parents consider baby dedication as a church ceremony aimed at giving thanks to God for his blessings. Not every woman is lucky to conceive and it is for this reason that it is recommended that we should that God for blessings us with our little angels.
  • Giving birth to a healthy child is a blessing and it brings joy to the whole family and friends. However, that’s where parenting starts. You wouldn’t want your child to grow to be the next terrorist or robber, would you? Baby dedication is viewed by many parents as an opportunity to publicly declare one's intentions to raise their child according to Christian values.
  • Baby dedication is also viewed as an opportunity for the family, parents, in particular, to commit themselves to abide by the biblical principles and to set a good example to their baby.
  • Depending on your church baby dedication is also sometimes viewed as an opportunity for the baby to be recognized by the church acting as a benchmark to ensure that the church follow up to see that your child is doing well and will grow according to the Christian values.

Examples of baby dedication gifts ideas.

So as to ensure we cover multiple gifts ideas we shall categorize the various gifts into three categories:

  • Religious gifts
  • Personalized gifts
  • Family gifts

Religious gifts

To begin with, baby dedication has to take place in a church or rather in an altar. You can’t just take your baby to the backyard accompanied by your spouse and perform the baby dedication. No! The following are examples of baby dedication gifts ideas related to religion.

1. Cross

This is the most ancient and widely used symbol of Christianity. A cross would serve as an important gift on your baby’s dedication day. And, given that a cross can serve many purposes, this can be a good gift as well as Thanksgiving symbol to the almighty and also act as a symbol of protection to your baby. Personally, on my son's dedication I got him a cross, he is 10 years old now and the cross still means so much to him.

2. Lamb

Biblically, a lamb symbolizes various things. On your baby’s dedication, you can get him/her a lamb that will symbolize that you have dedicated him to God and that you are grateful for his blessings. And the good thing about this gift is that it works for both genders, whether your child is a girl or boy a lamb will serve as a good gift on their dedication.

3. Ark

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Do you remember the ark back from the bible? The majestic boat that Noah built to protect him and everything in it from the floods! Getting your baby an ark on the day of his/her dedication serves as both a good religious symbol and when he grows up he shall look back at the gift and be grateful. Well, in this case, you are not asked to get the majestic ark. Hello, how will it fit in the church or your house? Get your child something that looks similar to an ark but small and convenient.

4. Angels

Babies are like angels; they are a blessing and always bring happiness to both the family and the community. On your baby’s dedication day you can buy him a small doll symbolizing an angel. Biblically angels are God’s messengers. My son still has the angel I bought him on his dedication day, we named the angel Gabriel and honestly, this has proved to be one of the best gifts I got him for his dedication.

Personalized gifts

Even at my age, I get carried away by customized gifts. You can also do the same to your baby on his/her dedication. The following are examples of customized baby dedication gift ideas.

5. Customized Bracelet

Getting your baby a normal bracelet on his dedication day is quite a good thing. However, if you would customize the bracelet with his initials or his name this would be even better. Personally, I don’t like normal things, do you? Well, then you got an idea of what to get your baby on their dedication day. Get a bracelet, irrespective of whether the bracelet is cheap or expensive and by customizing you baby’s name or initial the gift looks special.

6. Crystal

Crystals are symbols of purity. Get your baby a special crystal on his/her dedication day by customizing his name, initials or the date of his dedication. To begin with, not many parents are into the idea of getting their baby a customized crystal on their dedication day so if you get one it will be unique and special. He might not understand how special it is at the moment but in the near future, he will.

7. Ceramic

Other than getting your baby an ordinary cross you can get him/her a cross but with customized initials. I am not saying that an ordinary cross isn’t a good gift but a cross with your baby’s initials or name would be a much better gift on his/her dedication day.

Family gifts

There is always something you can do as a family to make the day memorable. The following are some ideas of baby dedication gifts as a family:

8. Dedication day photo shootout.

Back in the 60s if you wanted to take a photo you would have to get in contact with a professional photographer and once the pictures were taken it would be required of you that you wait for more than one week to have the photos. In the 21st century, things are different we have mobile phones with HD cameras and as a gift to you baby, you need to take photos on his dedication day as a family. He will appreciate the pictures later in life.

9. Memory book

Take pictures as a family the day before his/her dedication day, on the day of his dedication and the day after. Preserve all these photos in a memory book. I always get carried away every time I see my pictures when I was young. Trust me; your baby will appreciate all these pictures later in life as he grows up.


It is my hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and most importantly found it useful. Getting a gift that would be perfect for your baby’s dedication is always quite a challenge. This article has walked you through various baby dedication gifts ideas that you might consider so as you can get your angel a gift that he/she shall look back years later and appreciate. Don’t keep all this knowledge to yourself. Share this article with a friend or two and don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below. Thank you.

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