How to Use a Baby Sling for a Newborn?

Baby Slings are indeed a great parenting tool, especially for working moms who need to go outside frequently. They can be a decent as well as a comfortable option for both the mom and the baby when it comes to carrying the baby handsfree outside and inside home.

Yes, if your baby is ready for a ride in the sling, you can surely grab the opportunity to attain the Benefits of Using Baby Sling.

How to Use a Baby Sling for a Newborn?

Using a Baby Sling or Baby Wraps is pretty easy and don’t require much effort as well. However, the process deserves your keen attention as it is associated with the safety and comfort of your little one. Here is what to do to use the sling in the right and easiest way ensuring your kid’s comfort and safety concerns;

Step 1: Fold Your Sling

There are several popular methods of wrapping the sling for the baby. The very first approach before you master multiple baby sling wrapping hacks, you need to know how to fold the sling, right?

You need to know how to secure the sling before you place your little one inside. First of all, you must ensure you have purchased the best baby sling ensuring all the considerations. Before buying a baby sling you can check out this buying guide from welcomeparenthood that help you choose the right one for your baby.

Now, when you have the sling ready, fold the sling smoothly without creating any twist. As it will be half of the length when you fold, it will be easier for you to secure the sling with your body.

Step 2: Wrap the Sling Around Your Waist

At this step, you need to proceed with the folded fabric of sling and wrap it around your waist, preferably against your stomach. Now, double check the placement of the sling and make sure the middle of the sling placed just against your tummy. 

Step 3: Crisscross the Sling

At this step, you need to bring the ends of the sling and make a crisscross shape around your back and front. Make sure the crossed ends of the sling come over the shoulders and hanging around your chest. Now, cross them again and ensure that each end went below and through the pieces of fabric around your waist.

As the slings are designed to be warped this way, keep repeating the crisscross process as long as it comes to a handy length for knotting the tie.

Step 4: Knot the Sling and Secure with Your Body

If you have followed the steps thoroughly, you are more likely to end up with the ends of the sling in your front or back around the waist. Now, it’s time to tie the ends together with a knot without creases or crumples.

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Step 5: Place Your Baby in the Sling

When you are done with all the steps mentioned above, it’s time to place your baby in the sling! Now, take the baby on your shoulder and put both legs of your baby carefully under the cross. Straighten the fabric of both internal & external crosses knee to knee and ensure there’s no fabrics’ fold on the back of your little one.

Now, pull up the pocket side and straighten from your kid’s knee to neck leaving the excess fabric under your child’s buttocks and there you go! For added neck and head support, you can also place a fabric roller pushed up under the sling fabric abound your baby’s neck.

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