5 Different Ways to Predict Your Baby’s Gender

One of your top priorities as a soon-to-be-parent is to make sure your baby is healthy. This means eating a healthy diet and keeping fit.

Nine months is a pretty long journey before you can actually see your child. And ultrasounds aren't always certain even at four or five months since the position your baby is in plays a huge part in it.

So the moment you are sure to be with child, speculations can run wild about what you are having. Playing a guessing game can be fun, but hopefully you won't take results so seriously you'll end up disappointed with the actual results.

Keep in mind that it's a healthy baby you want, no matter the gender. On that note, here some fun ways to predict your baby's gender:

Chinese Gender Chart

The Chinese Gender Chart is said to date back to ancient times. It is believed to be based on the I Ching (Book of Changes), as well as dependent upon the Five Elements, Yin and Yang, and the Eight Trigrams.

It is said that the method has been used since the Qing Dynasty, where males were preferred so they can carry on the family lineage. Another legend says the predictor was found buried in an ancient royal tomb.

There is no hard evidence to prove either story so it's best not to take results at face value. And despite claims that it might be 90% accurate, you're still better of seeing a doctor to determine your baby's gender.

But just for a bit of fun, you can indulge yourself in this Chinese Gender Chart. It's a long way to four or five months, so why not have some fun?

How does it work?

There are many online tools available – for free – and the results vary. Basically, you just have to input the month you conceived and your age during conception.

The values you entered will be converted into Lunar calendar dates and results will be returned back to you. Sometimes, you will be asked to enter your expected due date or the date of your birth.

Ring Test

It's been said that you can figure out if your baby is a boy or a girl by simply tying a ring to a piece of string. Yes, it's an old wives' tale that many people still swear by.

How does it work?

Tie a ring – preferably your engagement ring or wedding ring – on a string. Hold the ring over your belly and observe its motion.

You're having a boy if the ring goes around in circles. On the other hand, a ring that swings from side to side means you're having a girl.

What if you're expecting twins? The method doesn't exactly give answers.

Dangling a ring over your belly to determine your baby's gender is harmless fun. You know you can get a near definite answer when you see the doctor.

Belly Shape

Some people swear that the shape of your belly clearly indicates whether you're going to have a boy or a girl. Carrying high means it's a girl, while carrying low means you're having a boy.

Family friends and even strangers won't hesitate to give you their ideas based on how your pregnant belly looks. However, you should know that other factors influence the nature of your bump.

For one, the size of your baby determines how your belly looks. While it's true that boys tend to be heavier and may cause a bump to look bigger, it's not a 100% determination.

Drano-Urine Mixture Test

It is as crazy as it sounds, and is even dangerous. Basically, the idea here is to check the change in color of the mixture.

As much fun – and crazy – as this sounds, you're better off not even trying this one out. For your own safety and that of your unborn child.

Heart Rate

Another method people swear by in gender determination is the checking of the baby's heart rate. A faster heart rate indicates a girl while a lower one means you're carrying a boy.

Here's the truth about your baby's heartbeat: it starts around the sixth week of pregnancy and starts slow then increases. It peaks around the ninth week, and yes that goes for boys and girls.

Yes, sex is determined at conception but genitals form a bit later. In fact, they look about the same at six weeks and start to look different around 10 to 20 weeks.

A medical screening is still the most accurate way to determine your baby's gender, but no one is stopping you from having a bit of fun.

Just stay away from the Drano-Urine Mixture Test.

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