Is Benadryl While Pregnant Safe?

Every pregnant woman would do anything to ensure that the “angel” inside is comfortable and safe. So, is Benadryl while pregnant safe? The last thing any woman would want is to jeopardize their pregnancy.

When I was in my first pregnancy I had a cold and allergic reaction that caused rashes on my skin. We all have to agree, nothing feels more uncomfortable than having a running nose. I had sworn not to take any medication during my pregnancy. Hey, it’s my first miracle; I can’t afford to have anything bad happen to my baby. I had to consult my doctor on the issue who asked me to take Benadryl, he assured me that this medication is totally safe both to me and my baby.

Common reasons why you might need benadryl while pregnant

Here are the common minor disorders that pregnant women get. And, Benadryl might be the savior you need so badly.

  • Minor cold
  • Flu
  • Inducing sleep
  • Nausea
  • Allergic symptoms (rashes)

Reasons why benadryl while pregnant is safe?

Benadryl is considered a category B medication class by FDA. It’s is important to note that medications are classified according to how safe they are to the recipient. With classes ranging from A, B, C, D and X. “A” class medication is considered as the safest while “X” class medication is considered as a No! No! With Benadryl classified as a “B” class medication, it indicates that the medication is safe.

Numerous researches have been done on animals regarding as to whether the medication is safe with all having a positive feedback. But, there lacks enough human studies and experiment on the same. We all have to agree, sampling pregnant women to test if a certain drug will be harmful to their developing baby’s’? It’s not easy.

Possible side effects of using Benadryl during pregnancy

These are the possible side effects of using Benadryl. Hey, some of these side effects are totally harmless.

1. Drowsiness

When I was pregnant I really slept a lot. After all what else is there to do? Dizziness and drowsiness are the most common side effect of using Benadryl while pregnant, yet it’s totally harmless. To pregnant women every second of sleep is crucial. Ofcos, we can’t blame them. Carrying that extra weight is not easy.

In some instances, I used Benadryl just to induce sleep. And, everything worked out well. I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

2. Oxytocin effect

Doctors prescribe 25mg-50mg oral dose after a minimum of six hours. If you follow this prescription everything should be fine. But, what happens when you decide to take an overdose?

Taking an overdose of Benadryl during pregnancy is associated with causing an effect similar to that of oxytocin. In one study, it was found that pregnant women who take an overdose of Benadryl during their early weeks of pregnancy were likely to have contractions in the uterus. But, why would you need to take an overdose?

3. Decreased fetal movement

During my first pregnancy, I would feel the movement of my developing baby entirely almost every time. As a mother I have to agree, that is the best feeling. Ever!

After taking Benadryl for the first time since I got pregnant, I noticed a difference. My baby was not kicking anymore, I was so worried that I had to visit my doctor in fear that something wrong had happened to my angel.

Benadryl finds its way through the placenta to the fetus but there is nothing to worry about. The doctor assured me that there was nothing wrong; that my baby was just resting. The following day my baby was back kicking again.

4. Cleft lip

Various case reports have associated taking Benadryl during the first trimester of your pregnancy with cleft lip deformity. However, there is no enough evidence to back this claims.

Cleft lip

Cases under which you should avoid using benadryl while pregnant

If you have had any of these medical conditions before, it’s advisable not to use Benadryl.

  • High blood pressure
  • Asthma
  • Hard time passing urine
  • Heart conditions
  • Sight problems

Consult your doctor for advice if you had any of the above conditions previously.


It is my hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. And most importantly you found it helpful. I had a lot of doubts on medications while I was pregnant. I perceive it’s normal, right? We all wouldn’t like any harm on our “angel”. This should shed all the doubts in you as to whether benadryl while pregnant is safe or not. I used it and I can testify to it that it is safe.

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