Choosing The Best Baby Bath Tub For Your Little One!

Bathing baby is a necessity and you want to make sure your little one is safe and secure in their bath. There are so many options available on the market that it can be very overwhelming for parents trying to decide which is the best baby bath tub for their needs.

Different Styles of Bath Equipment for Baby

baby bath tub

There are three main styles of bath accessories or equipment to help parents in the bathing process with their baby. First there is a bath lounger/hammock style accessory, then the bath seat—which comes in many different styles itself, and finally the baby bath tub—available with different accessories and features and benefits. Each style is designed with a different purpose in mind but the most commonly used option is the baby bath tub.

What are the Advantages of Using a Baby Bath Tub?

It may seem like a waste of your hard-earned money to buy a bath tub for your little one when your bathroom at home has a perfectly function tub. However, there are some real advantages to purchasing a baby bath tub.

First, your baby will need lots of back and neck support, especially in the early days. A baby bath tub offers plenty of sturdy support for your little one and keeps them from sliding under the water. This also means you won’t have to support the weight of your baby while also trying to bathe him.

Another advantage of a baby bath tub is that you can fill it and place it inside your home tub, just to keep the water from the floor and to be in a convenient place to access bathing supplies. You can fill your baby tub with the regular faucet and not worry about trying to carry it around the house to find a good spot to bathe your babe.

Safety is always a concern for babies, and by finding the best baby bath tub for your child, you will ensure he is in a safe, non-slip space. Most baby baths are lined with materials to prevent your little one from accidentally falling or slipping.This helpful guide, written by Raising Children in Australia, discusses bath safety, including how quickly an infant can slip beneath the water and drown if not properly supervised or supported.

It is very helpful to have all of your bath supplies handy, nearby when giving your little one a bath. Many of the newer designs feature holders and special compartments to house the baby shampoo and soap, cloths and lotions as well as toys. These also help in keeping baby safe since your attention will never have to leave your child to find bath supplies in a cupboard or, even worse, another room.

Features to Consider When Selecting the Best Baby Bath Tub


As mentioned, safety is first and foremost in the minds of parents. When deciding on the right baby bath tub for your wee one, you should consider which safety features come with the tub. Some will have seatbelt type restraints to keep baby in; some will have non-slip coating or seating for baby to rest upon; others come with built-in hammocks or thermometers to measure the water temperature.


Some people don’t buy baby bath tubs because they feel that they aren’t used long enough with their baby to justify the purchase. However, there are some great bath tubs out there which convert. They can go from newborn all the way up to the toddler years, making them well worth their purchase price.

Bells & Whistles

Sure, you can opt for a plain baby bath tub which serves the purpose just fine. However, there are many options available which incorporate some very handy features like built-in sprayers to help washing baby’s hair, or included accessories to use for bath time. Although these things are not necessary, they are nice to have and make life a little easier during baby’s bath routine.

Size and Storage

You may not have a large house or apartment; therefore, you will need to consider the space you have for an additional piece of baby gear. Baby bath tubs come in different shapes and sizes so it is best to try and match one to the space you have and will be using. Some baby baths even fold up for easy storage in a closet or cabinet. If you don’t mind having your baby’s bath out all the time, you can opt for a larger model.

Price Point

Everyone has a budget in mind and purchasing the best baby bath tub for your infant is no exception to the budget. The price range of baby bath tubs available for sale can range quite greatly. Affordable tubs will generally cost less than $30, Moderate tubs are in the $30 to $60 range and the Upper range are $60+. You will need to decide on your own budget before trying to find the right baby tub for your child.

5 Of The Best Baby Bath Options

This versatile baby bath is great value for your money, since you can begin using it right from baby’s first bath, onto their toddler years with a few simple conversions. The sturdy plastic construction means this bath tub will last over time and even multiple children. The netted hammock supports brand new babies and allows them to sit gently within the water. When baby is bigger, the hammock removes and he can sit right in the tub which has a non-slip padding. You can keep the soap and shampoo close by in the end compartment. The tub can fit easily inside your home bath tub or even over your kitchen sink to save your back from strain.


  • Very affordable price range
  • Netted hammock to cradle and support newborns
  • Non-slip padding inside the tub for older babies
  • Handy supplies compartment
  • Fits over kitchen sink if needed
  • Strong plastic construction means it will last


  • One piece; won’t fold up for easy storage
  • May take up more space than you wish
  • Not many extra features such as thermometer or sprayer
  • Tall babies may not fit, even if within the recommended age or weight

A fun, colorful way to enjoy bath time with your baby, the Precious Planet Whale of a Tub is also sturdy and safe for peace of mind to parents. The inside of the tub is line with a soft, non-slip foam padding to keep your baby at the perfect incline without flopping over or slipping into the water. There is an infant insert which keeps babies from birth to six months sitting upright easily and once baby can sit on their own, the insert is easily removed to give your baby full use of the tub. Included is a whale scoop bath toy. Parents will love the convenience of being able to bath baby either in their home bath tub or over the kitchen sink. This affordable option is a great, reliable choice to encourage fun bath times and safety at the same time.


  • Very affordable price range
  • Non-slip, soft padding is comfortable and keeps baby in position
  • Fun whale design, adds to the excitement of bath time
  • Comes with a fun whale toy for baby to use
  • Infant insert means this tub can be used from day 1 to toddler age


  • No additional compartment for bath supplies
  • Does not fold up for easy storage
  • Takes up additional space in your home
  • May not accommodate longer legged toddlers
  • Plastic legs to elevate the tub are not as stable as they could be

A convertible, no frills option is the Primo EuroBath in Pearl White. It offers two positions for baby to bathe in which means it can accommodate babies of varied ages. The ledge on the side is great for holding a cloth, bar of soap or baby bath toys. The moulded plastic bottom is perfectly contoured to shape around your baby’s legs and back to give them added support once they can sit upright on their own. When your child is still an infant, the tub has moulded sections to cradle around his little body and hold him in the perfect laying position without slipping underwater. The extra-large size of this tub boasts use from newborn all the way to toddler’s 2nd birthday!


  • Affordable price range
  • Transitions from birth to 2 years old
  • Space for storing cloths, sponges or toys
  • Built-in moulded seating and recline positioning
  • Heavy plastic construction is built to last over years of use


  • Very plain, not many added features
  • Extra-large size means it will take up considerable space; you will need a storage spot
  • Although affordable, pricing is on par with other tubs featuring more “bells and whistles”
  • There are no non-slip surfaces; plastic may become slippery with soap and water

If you are looking for versatility, this Fisher Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n’ Seat Tub works with your baby from newborn to toddler, but with different features for each stage. When your little one is a newborn they will be cradled securely in the removable mesh sling which hold them safely in the perfect amount of water for a new baby. When your newborn reaches a stage where they have more neck control, the mesh sling can be removed and baby will enjoy the comfortable recline of the baby stopper insert. Once he has reached the milestone of sitting a little better, the baby stopper is removable and the Sit-Me-Up-Support helps babies sit upright safely to enjoy bath time. Toddlers are easily accommodated by removing the Sit-Me-Up-Support. It comes with a squeeze bottle and whale toy for added bath time enjoyment.


  • Moderate price range and you get your money’s worth for longevity
  • Easy storage and drying by hanging the tub from the convenient Velcro loop attached
  • Transitions throughout newborn to toddler stages with four features
  • Safe non-slip gripping surface inside tub
  • Mesh sling supports and cradles newborns perfectly
  • Includes a toy and squeeze bottle for easy rinsing


  • Some of these tubs have sharper edges near the drain hole; check your model before use
  • Doesn’t fold up for stowing away when not in use
  • Drain is located under the seat, making it hard to access at times
  • May not fit all kitchen sinks very easily

If you are looking for something a little more unique, the Fisher Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub offers just that! With the flick of a switch, you can soothe your baby with calming vibrations while bathing. This tub boasts a thick fabric sling to cradle and secure newborns in the perfect hold and have them sitting in just enough water. The padded head rest protects your baby’s precious head and give a comfortable place for baby to lay. Once your baby is too big for the sling, it is easy to remove and you inset the baby stopper which will keep him at the perfect incline to enjoy the bath without fear of slipping. If your baby is at the stage of being able to sit upright unassisted, remove the baby stopper and the tub is big enough for them to splash and play and still enjoy the calming vibrations. It is like a little baby spa.


  • Moderate price range but it is justified with length of use
  • Vibrations create a calming bath experience for fussy babies
  • Comes with a convenient hook to hand for drying and stow away in a closet
  • Fabric sling and head rest more comfortable than mesh or netting


  • Bulky size means it will take up space in your home
  • Long babies may not get to use the fabric sling since it is not very big
  • May not fit all kitchen sinks
  • Careful cleaning is necessary when the insert is in place to avoid mold growing in seams
  • Vibration feature may be loud if tub is on a counter top

Round Up Time—The Best Baby Bath

After careful consideration of each baby bath, I would have to recommend the Fisher Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub. Although the others are great choices as well, this tub offers more for parents and babies as far as the features and criteria previously outlined.

The best baby bath tub

The convenient hook/loop to hang dry and store means your storage options are greater than a tub which doesn’t fold up or hang. If you have a small bathroom, or even home, you will appreciate this space saving attempt. The price point is not on the lowest end of the spectrum; however, it is still reasonable considering the length of use you will get from this tub. This also brings me to the added accessories, which also add value to the purchase.

Safety is always forefront for Fisher Price products, since they are so well-known for creating baby products. This tub is no exception since it offers safe positioning for babies of all ages, with their comfort in mind as well. Babies won’t slip under the water and the newborn sling gives baby a sense of being swaddled which is very calming.

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