The Best Baby Bouncer for Your Little One

As a parent, you want to give your baby the best of everything and ensure they are well cared for, fed, stimulated and developing on time. This means also finding the best toys and equipment for baby to use which will not only be fun but stimulating and somewhat educational. This helpful guide will help you make a decision on the best baby bouncer you can find for your little one to bounce away, enjoy and learn some much needed independence from mom and dad.

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What to Look for in a Baby Bouncer?

When you are shopping for your baby bouncer, you will find there are so many to choose from. Each brand offering something a little different from the others. It is difficult to decide when all you really want is to give your baby a fun play place, where he or she can strengthen their neck, leg and back muscles and give them a sense of independence from you. There are some key features you could look for when trying to narrow down which is the best baby bouncer to purchase, including the overall size, toys and activities included, price point, weight and age limit and any safety measures that the bouncer has in place for your baby.


Surprisingly, many parents don’t take into consideration just how much space a baby bouncer can take up in their home. Some bouncers are very large, not to mention heavy, and require a permanent spot in your living room or other space. If you are cramped for space now, you may want to look for a more compact bouncer. If space is of no issue, you should still consider where you plan to put the bouncer and judge the size accordingly.

Toys and Activities

This is a big part of why you are actually purchasing a baby bouncer in the first place. The toys and activities included with your baby bouncer will keep your little one bouncing away happily and give them stimulation that all babies need for development. Every bouncer comes with different attached toys, activities, buttons and even music. The many different choices are vast, and you can decide which ones your own child will love.

Price Point

Some baby bouncers can be quite costly, depending upon the brand name, the toys and activities which are included, the size and also how long you can expect to use the bouncer with your little one. Sometimes the bouncers are convertible to be used in a different way for older infants or toddlers. You should decide on a budget before shopping so you know the range you have to work with. Affordable bouncers are usually in the under $50 range, Moderate priced bouncers are $50 to $120 and Upper range are $120 and up.

Weight and Age Limit

When you are looking for the best baby bouncer, you may also want to consider how much use you will get out of the bouncer. Some are only good to use for smaller infants, whereas others can accommodate a heavier child. Some bouncers will even convert into something more usable for a toddler, which means you will get far more use for a longer period of time. Having this information is important because, while your child might fit in the seat, he or she may be too small or too big for the bouncer.

Safety Measures and Structure

Most important of all is the safety of your child. You will need to examine the baby bouncer you are considering to see if the manufacturer has included any safety measures to protect baby from injury. It is also a good idea to look at the structure of the bouncer and see what it is made of and how sturdy it is for lots of bouncing and movement.

Best Baby Bouncers to Choose From

The Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo features colorful toys and activities for baby to wonder over. The springy arms, which allow baby to bounce up and down are covered by colorful fabrics with designs and patterns, giving baby a stimulating visual as they sit in the bouncer seat. The structure is made of tubular steel for an overall sturdy frame. There are no sharp edges to worry about baby hurting themselves. The seat rotates 360°, giving baby full view of the world of the world around them. There is music, lights and plenty of tactile activities for baby to enjoy. It is recommended for babies who have full upper body control.


  • Plays music, makes animals sounds and has lights for lots of stimulation
  • Not only bounces but the seat spins completely around as well
  • Sturdy steel construction means baby is safe and secure
  • Seat height adjusts three settings to accommodate babies as they grow
  • Tubular legs disconnect to transport or store away
  • Moderately priced
  • Gender neutral means you can use for multiple children


  • Once set up, it requires a fair amount of floor space
  • Takes batteries which last about 3 hours of life
  • Meant for babies who are already in full control of their upper body
  • Some of the toys are not spring loaded and won’t bounce back; just bend

The BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft is a great choice for anyone looking for a simple bouncer that will accommodate infant to toddler. There are no bells and whistles with this bouncer, no batteries or electrical plugs required. The seat is ergonomically correct and fits snugly around your baby’s body from newborn all the way to toddler. Once the seatbelt harness is too small, your toddler can enjoy this as a chair. It folds completely flat for super easy transporting and storing away when not in use. Check out the video of the BabyBjorn here.


  • Will last through several years of your child’s life; ages newborn to 2 years
  • No need for batteries or even electricity
  • Uses the natural rhythm and fit around baby’s body to soothe
  • Folds flat for easy storage and transportation
  • Needs very little space to set up


  • Upper price range means out of budget for some families
  • No toys or activities included
  • Does not work on gross motor skills; more for soothing or relaxing
  • Weight limit is 29lbs. which some toddlers reach before 2 years
  • You will still need other toys and activities to stimulate baby

This soft, snuggly bouncer chair is perfect for newborns up to 25lbs. according to the manufacturer specs. There are different settings, which are battery operated, including vibrate, music, and nature sounds. Parents can control the volume as well. The fabric removes from the steel, sturdy frame for super easy washing right in your machine. The rubber grips found on the bend of the legs prevent slipping on the wood floors. Baby is secure in this seat with a safety harness seatbelt and their little body is cradled perfectly in the soft fabric of the chair. There is an included toy bar with dangling toys to stimulate baby as they bounce happily in this chair.


  • Affordable price range
  • Safety features include a safety harness seatbelt and rubber footings to prevent slippage
  • Removable and washable fabric
  • Music, vibration and nature sounds to entertain and soothe baby
  • Good for up to 25lbs. which could be a one year old
  • Toy bar included for additional stimulation and entertainment
  • Takes up very little floor space
  • Very lightweight and easy to transport


  • Doesn’t fold up, making storage awkward
  • Does not encourage gross motor skills or development
  • Limited toys to play with
  • Operates on batteries which will need replacing frequently depending upon use
  • Bounces manually only
  • Vibration will shut off automatically after 15-20 minutes so parents will need to push the button again if trying to keep baby asleep

Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker is a popular product amongst parents for the trusted name, as well as the longevity of the product. It is available in two colors to accommodate different genders. The fabric cradles baby’s head, neck and back perfectly and comfortably while they have the opportunity to play with the toys on the included toy bar. For safety the rocker has a soft safety harness belt which secures baby in snugly, plus there are retractable legs to stop the chair from rocking when you wish to have it stationary. There is a vibration setting to soothe baby to sleep, which is run on batteries.


  • Convertible from newborn to 40lb. toddler rocking chai
  • Vibrations for soothing fussy baby
  • Stationary position for added safety of newborns/smaller infants
  • Rocking capability
  • Included toy bar for added entertainment and stimulation
  • Affordable price range
  • Available in two colors to suit genders
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of floor space
  • 2 recline positions for infants, which works for both sleeping and feeding


  • Doesn’t encourage or exercise gross motor skills
  • Doesn’t fold up to store away when not in use
  • A little tricky to assemble; screwdriver is required
  • Operated by C batteries which last about 90 hours of use

This vibrantly colored infant to toddler rocker will give your baby a safe, secure body hugging spot to relax and play. As your child grows, this chair can become a rocker, up to 40lbs. The toys included on the bat-at toy bar are both colorful and musical for baby to play and to be in wonder over. The chair can either remain stationary or become a rocking chair, depending upon the position of the kick out leg stand. There are rubber grips strategically placed throughout the frame to prevent slippage on the floor. It is constructed of steel and plastic parts. It is like a piece of furniture in any living room and won’t take up excessive amounts of space, although does not fold up. There is a vibration feature, operated by battery which soothes baby to sleep.


  • Transitions from newborn to 40lbs. for longevity of use
  • Moderate price range is accessible to most families, especially since it will last a few years
  • Has multiple recline positions for infant to sleep or play
  • Vibrations mode to soothe
  • Safety measures such as safety harness belt and rubber grips on along the legs to keep it from slipping
  • Toy bar is stimulating and plays music with little lights
  • Vibrant, gender neutral safari print
  • Turns into a rocker for older babies to toddlers
  • Doesn’t require a lot of space in a room


  • Battery operated, requires replacement after 90 hours of use
  • A heavy toddler may bend the frame structure
  • Doesn’t promote gross motor skills in babies
  • Babies may get bored of the same three bat-at toys
  • Doesn’t fold up for easy storage

Best Baby Bouncer Choice

When you are on the hunt for a baby bouncer, you will be looking to buy the best baby bouncer for your household and your child. Of the bouncers outlined here, my recommended choice would be the Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo. While it is true that you cannot put your newborn in this bouncer, and it won’t accommodate a 40lbs. toddler, it has so much to offer.

Your baby will be around 5 months old when he will be ready to use the Jumperoo but this is when key development begins, especially physical. Your little one will start to strengthen their legs and back and neck too. This bouncer can help with all of that. It also has many more stimulating toys and activities for baby to use independently, giving him a sense of self. If space is truly an issue, you can disconnect the strong steel frame and stow it away if needed. This means you can also transport it in the same manner. The added bonus is that it falls in the moderate price range so not too expensive, and you get a lot for your money’s worth.

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