Choosing The Best Baby Food Maker For Your Home

Not only can making your own baby food save money over the long run but it also gives you control of exactly what your little one is eating. Naturally, you will want to be using the best baby food maker to create your baby’s menu and you will want to ensure it meets your preferences. There are many different types of baby food makers on the market--electric, manual, multiple function, single function and so on. By examining the following features, you will be sure to find and purchase the best baby food maker for your intended purpose and preferences.

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Features to Consider

Because there are so many baby food makers to choose from and everyone has different desired uses for them, you should consider each of these key features and factors when making your decision. This will help you choose exactly what you are looking for in a market filled with baby products and food options.

Electric vs. Manual

When you think of the kind of baby food maker you would like to use in your kitchen, do you envision an electric style maker or would you prefer one you operate under your own power, manually with no power required? You may think that choosing an electric maker is a no-brainer but if you travel often or prefer environmentally-friendly options then a manual maker may be an better option.


When shopping for small appliances, often people overlook the size factor. This is important because you will have to either store your baby food maker away when not in use or have ample space on your countertop to give it a permanent home. Some makers are big and clunky, taking up a lot of unnecessary space and others are tall and may not quite fit underneath overhead cabinets on your countertop.


Would you prefer to make large batches of baby food at one time or smaller quantities as needed? The capacity of the baby food maker is important in determining how much you make in one session. If you purchase a smaller capacity baby food maker, you would have to make multiple batches to get larger quantities which can be time consuming, but if you prefer to make the baby food as you need it, a smaller capacity maker would do the trick.

Multiple Function vs. Single Function

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Baby food makers come in all shapes and sizes as well as functions. If you would prefer a machine which is all-in-one, steamer/cooker/blender then you should skip over looking at the single blender-only makers. There are other functions you may find included with various baby food makers but you should consider whether you will use these additional functions and if they are worth an extra cost to you.

Ease of Use

Making your own baby food should not be complicated or frustrating. You should choose a maker which will be easy for you to use without much fuss. Some of the multi-function makers may require you to do a little reading to get the idea how to operate them but the simpler single function makers should be easy to use right from the box.

Easy Clean-up

Let’s face it, you have a little one and don’t have loads of extra time to spend tediously cleaning a million little machine parts. Choose a baby food maker that will be relatively easy to clean up after use. One that is dishwasher safe is even better for quick, easy clean up and no additional effort on your part. There shouldn’t be any hard to reach cracks or crevices either where food particles can get trapped and grow bacteria.


Sometimes with a baby food maker you will also get a storage container or recipe book included, or perhaps something else useful. These could be factored into your decision, especially if they are items you would have to purchase separately anyhow, like the storage containers or ice cube trays. If the additional inclusions won’t be useful to you, then they are not important to consider in your decision about which is the best baby food maker for your home.


With a little one at home, you are probably on a budget (and really, who isn’t these days?!) so you will want to consider the price point of the baby food maker you are purchasing. Many of the larger makers are well over $100 but you can find simpler ones in lower price ranges. It is a matter of what you expect to use your machine to do. Very affordable is anything under $50, average price is $50 to $150 and above average would be anything over $150.

The Best Baby Food Maker for Your Home

This handy baby food maker also acts as a bottle warmer so you can create your little one’s complete meal. The easy to use dial allows for three options: Steam, Chop or Off, making this super simple to use. The four-cup bowl capacity allows you to make multiple servings at once and the patented blade lock technology allows you to pour out the puree without dumping out the blade. There is a steam blade to ensure the steam is distributed evenly throughout the machine, cooking the foods properly.


  • Very affordable price point
  • Multiple function of steaming, chopping/blending and heating bottles
  • Easy to operate with one hand
  • Small in size for all kitchen spaces
  • Steamer cooks food evenly and thoroughly
  • Includes spatula, recipe book, bottle ring adapter and a built-in measuring cup
  • Large capacity of 4 cups


  • Can build up gunk if not de-scaled as per the manual
  • Plastic bowl can develop a cloudy appearance over time with long use
  • Can be prone to leaking during the steaming process
  • Bottle warmer may heat the bottle too much or too little

This baby food maker is great for making large quantities in one session, since it can make up to 17 servings at once. The total capacity is around 4.5 cups. The multiple functions of steaming, blending, reheating and defrosting mean you won’t need many different machines to get the job done. The one-touch operation is perfect for busy parents and you will be alerted once the maker is finished. It won’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen and the plug can be detached to store when not in use.


  • Small in size to suit most kitchen spaces and cupboards
  • One-touch operation is uncomplicated
  • Easy to clean; all parts are dishwasher safe
  • Multi-function: Steam, Blend, Defrost or Reheat
  • Large 17 serving/4.5 cup capacity
  • Water reservoir made of durable stainless steel
  • Blend function works very well and creates smooth puree
  • Works with all foods: fruits, vegetables, meats and liquids too
  • Includes mixing lid, spatula and recipe booklet


  • Container may crack easily
  • Foods may need steaming more than once to be cooked enough for a puree
  • Prone to leaking during the steaming process
  • Average to above average in price
  • Locking lid can be stiff to lock into position

This machine is solely dedicated to mixing baby formula to perfection. There is a water reservoir and a formula compartment. This maker will mix the formula and water without adding excess air and funnel it into your chosen bottle. You can select the amount you wish to “brew” and everything happens at the touch of a button. The formula is ready when your baby is hungry. The water tank can be removed for easy fill-up and has built-in measuring markers.


  • Very compact; won’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen
  • Quick and easy mixing of baby’s formula
  • Convenient for nighttime feedings
  • No excess air added to baby’s formula
  • Formula is airtight, preventing spoiling or bacteria
  • Holds up to 700g of formula at a time
  • Easy to use panels


  • Above average price
  • Does not make food like fruit, vegetables, meats for baby; strictly formula
  • Exact measurements of formula aren’t always accurate
  • Won’t work with Similac Alimentum due to its consistency
  • Only heats to body temperature
  • Requires cleaning to avoid scaling build-up

If you are looking for a baby food maker with an extra-large capacity, this machine will serve that need. It has a double bowl, 9.4 cup capacity which can both work simultaneously. The one-touch operation is perfect for those times you have your hands full and can’t waste time playing with many buttons. Baby’s food is steamed and ready in just 15 minutes. The stainless steel water reservoir means it is durable and BPA free. The multiple functions of steam, blend, defrost and reheat allow you to get the job done with one machine.


  • Extra-large capacity for making big batches all at once, saving time
  • One-touch simple operation
  • Parts are dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel water reservoir
  • Steams, blends/purees, reheats and defrosts all in one machine
  • Detachable plug to store away


  • Larger footprint than most makers so it requires more storage space or countertop space
  • Double capacity means double the clean up
  • Gasket for the blade is only made of plastic—not very durable over time
  • Bowls are made of plastic which may not stand up over heavy usage
  • More pieces to wash for clean up
  • Above average price point

This is an affordable option which stores your homemade purees easily and neatly. You don’t have to use it just for baby either, you can create pouches for lunchboxes and even to take on the go. The rubber grip press allows for easy use without slipping and the clear tubes allow you to see the food and measure the puree. This comes with the three filling tubes, a rubber gripped press, the squeeze station and 10 fillable squeeze pouches with caps.


  • Very affordable
  • Great for the whole family, not just baby
  • Easy to use
  • No electricity required, manual press
  • Tubes nest inside the squeeze station for neat storage that won’t take up a lot of space
  • Rubber grip bottom prevents the station from slipping
  • Can be used with a variety of squeeze pouches, even reusable ones
  • Many accessories available to purchase separately


  • Only stores your purees, does not make them
  • One more step in making your baby’s food since you will have another machine to blend or puree
  • Putting your puree into the measuring tubes can get messy unless you use a funnel
  • If you press to quickly with the rubber press the puree could escape upwards out of the tube
  • Makes three pouches at a time, which is equivalent to 12oz. of food
  • Foods must be pureed very well and strained or they could clot the spout

The Winner Is…

While any of these may be a good choice for one reason or another, the clear winner in my opinion for the best baby food maker is the Cuisinart Bottle Warmer and Baby Food Maker. The baby food maker will steam/cook your foods as well as puree them afterwards, which means less equipment and gadget are needed in the process. The capacity is just right for small or larger batches, which accommodates all needs. Having the bottle warmer feature is wonderful, especially for those blurry-eyed 2 a.m. feedings. Since this machine is smaller in size, you won’t mind having it out on your countertop all the time ready to use. With the very affordable price point, it is a great option for all budgets.

Hopefully this guide to finding the best baby food maker has been helpful in your search. Please leave a comment or suggestion, we love to hear from our readers!

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