The Best Bassinet to Bring Home for Baby

Where your baby will sleep once he comes home from the hospital is usually one of the first things parents plan for. Some parents opt to have baby in a crib straight away, while others co-sleep. There is also the “in-between” option of having baby in a bassinet, which you can have at your bedside or in his own room. If you choose this option, you will want to ensure you choose the best bassinet for your sweet new addition.

**Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon

Why Use a Bassinet?

When your baby is coming home for the first time, it is hard to separate yourself even just for a moment. You want to watch over and protect him and make sure you are there for him when he needs you. A bassinet allows you to lay your baby to sleep in any place throughout your house you choose, since it is portable. Usually a bassinet will have wheels for easier movement.

The other great thing about a bassinet is that it isn’t as big as a standard crib. Babies like to be kept in cozy, small spaces, like the womb, for security and comfort. The bassinet will give him that sense of security and peace he had in utero.

Bassinets are handy for travelling if you are considering a trip with a newborn. No need to worry where your little one will sleep. They also fit perfectly at your bedside in your room as well, for easy night time access and soothing. Some parents don’t feel comfortable with co-sleeping but aren’t ready to have their wee one in a separate room. The bassinet is the perfect solution.

How to Choose the Perfect Bassinet?

When you are shopping for your ideal bassinet to bring baby home to, you will want to look for some key features or characteristics before you buy. These will ensure you bring home the best bassinet for your needs and that of your baby. Not every bassinet will have all the features, but the more boxes it ticks off, the better it will be for you.

Weight Capacity

Whichever bassinet you decide to purchase, you will want to make sure it will last for a few months at least. Average newborn weight is about 7.5lbs. and they usually double their birth weight by 2 months, so you want a bassinet to hold at least 20lbs. Bigger weight capacity is even better since you can use it for a longer time. If you have a small baby to start, the bassinet will be used for many months.

Mattress Included

Mattress Bassinet

Even babies want to have a comfortable sleep. Look to see if the mattress is included with the bassinet. If there is a mattress, check the thickness since that will determine how cushiony it will be for your wee one. To make sleep more comfortable you can add a baby pillow with the mattress. And some of the products have already included it. Another feature for the mattress is whether it is waterproof and/or wipeable since babies tend to wet in their beds.

Breathable Panels

This is not an aspect you want to overlook. The bassinet should have breathable sides to ensure your baby can still breath if he rolls over and has his face against the sides. Yes, it is true that a newborn rolling over is rare, but it’s not something you should leave to chance.

Storage Space

This isn’t something that is necessary but you will soon realize how helpful it is to have. Look under the bassinet and see if there is space to store things like diapers, wipes, extra sleepers and blankets. Having these things close by when you need them with a newborn is priceless in helping keep your sanity!


Will the bassinet you are considering convert into a bed useful for older babies or toddlers? Some playpens come with built-in bassinets now so you are essentially purchasing a playpen and bassinet in one. That means that some of the features listed here won’t necessarily matter since it will be large enough for toddlerhood.

Added Features


Some bassinets are just basic bassinets and act simply as a place for baby to sleep. Others, however, try to throw in some extras that are useful with a baby. Some may feature a small musical mobile or a rocking option. Some will have lights, to help you see better for those night feedings. Look for added features and consider if you would use these features in your own home.

Choosing the Best Bassinet

**Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon

Your little one will have a restful sleep in the full size built-in suspended bassinet of the Graco Pack N Play Playard. It has wheels only on two legs to give you portability but still have stability with two stationary legs. The sides are mesh all around for complete ventilation for baby. There is a detachable toy bar to give your baby something to gaze at as they drift off. This also comes with a changing pad for diaper changes. The automatic folding feet give parents a hand when their lives are already busy enough.


  • Easy to fold up with automatic folding feet
  • Neutral color for any gender
  • Converts to a full size playpen for use well into toddlerhood
  • Detachable toy bar for added fun for baby
  • Breathable sides for safety
  • Wheels on one end to lift and and transport as needed
  • Entire playard is wipeable and washable
  • Maximum weight of 40lbs
  • Folds up for easy transport on vacation or to grandparents house


  • Doesn’t include a soft mattress. The built-in pad is not very soft
  • May be a little large to fit in smaller bedroom areas
  • Will need to fold down to fit through most doorway openings
  • Wheels do not lock; your child could move this playard if it is on hardwood
  • Bassient only good up to 15lbs.

This Graco Pack ‘N’ Play has many features that new parents will find useful. The removable rocking seat is great to use on its own or as part of the playard. The separate changing space means no cross contamination between diaper changing and sleeping space. Since it is also removable, you can still use the entire size of the playard once your baby is too big for the diaper changer. The all-mesh sides allow for safe breathing. Wheels on the end allow parents to wheel the play pen across the room if needed.


  • Includes a mattress pad to fit into the playard and create a bassinet area
  • Diaper changing station for separate diaper changes and is removable
  • Includes a rocking seat, which can be used with the playard or separately
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Wheels for quick moving
  • Tray on the end holds creams, toys, bottles etc. and is removable
  • Playard is usable up to 40lbs. into toddlerhood
  • 5 musical songs, 5 fun sounds and vibration effect to soothe and entertain baby


  • Wheels do not lock in place
  • Bassinet area only good up to 15lbs.
  • Can be difficult to fold up and pack away
  • Included “mattress” is actually very hard; probably need another mattress
  • Diaper changing station isn’t useful for larger babies; tends to tilt with more weight
  • Rocking seat good up to 15lbs only

The Dream on Me Karley Bassinet is super portable, lightweight bassinet. It is very easy to fold up quickly and move to a different location either within your home or to travel elsewhere. The complete canopy protects baby while they sleep from excess sunlight or bugs, which is great for outdoor use. The added hammock on the bottom is perfect to store a few diapers and wipes for night time emergencies. It will accommodate infants up to 25lbs. Once this bassinet is folded up, it takes up very little space to be stored away almost anywhere.


  • All mesh materials for breathability
  • Folds up quickly and easily
  • Store away almost anywhere since it folds practically flat
  • Double zipping canopy to keep out bugs etc. and protect baby
  • Storage on the bottom for small items
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Weight capacity of 25lbs.


  • Includes a very thin mattress only
  • Even though it says 25lb limit, mattress warns it is actually good up to 10lbs.
  • When double zipped, harder to access baby in a hurry
  • Putting a fitted sheet on the “mattress” causes it to bunch up in a ball
  • Bottom storage cannot handle heavy items or it will rip
  • No lights or sounds for baby

This classic style bassinet is delicate and gender neutral. It features a Falling Leaves skirt design and an adjustable canopy. The bottom area is divided for storage of diapers, receiving blankets, toys etc. Your baby will love the included music feature and soft glow nightlight. The locking casters make for super easy portability and yet stability when you need it. If you need to lift it, the overall weight is just over 10lbs. This bassinet will hold an infant up to 15lbs.


  • Neutral design for boy or girl
  • Mesh panels built-in to the sides but hidden by skirt
  • Adjustable canopy to shade baby’s face or put down completely
  • Storage space in the bottom
  • Casters allow for easy wheeling around
  • Casters have locks to keep the bassinet in place when needed
  • Plays music and has a nightlight


  • Only good up to 15lbs.
  • Mesh area is only a small square area, the rest is quilted fabric
  • Included mattress is very thin and not very cushioned
  • Wheels are only made of plastic; easily breakable

This pretty bassinet features a cute toy bar along the canopy with a butterfly and two flowers. There is a sound maker featuring 4 songs, 2 nature sounds, 1 womb sound and a vibration feature. The bottom area is great for storage since it has deep walls to hold lots of helpful gear. The frame is thicker than most bassinets and the low to the ground lower frame stabilizes the bassinet. The locking casters allow for easy transport.


  • Fun toy bar for baby to gaze at
  • Includes music, nature sounds, womb sound and vibration for soothing and entertainment
  • Sturdy low-level base
  • Wheels for easy transporting
  • Large storage bin on the bottom
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Cute, colorful design
  • Wheels lock in place when needed


  • Geared towards a girl
  • No mesh side panels for breathability
  • Only accommodates up to 15lbs.
  • Mattress is far too thin to use on its own
  • Plastic casters are prone to breakage

The Winner Is…

Each of these bassinets has their own unique qualities and uses. If I had to choose the best bassinet from the group, I would have to choose the Graco Pack n Play Playard Bassinet with Automatic Folding Feet. It ticks off a lot of the boxes when considering key features to look for in a great bassinet.

The Graco Pack n Play Playard comes with a fun, detachable toy bar for your baby to watch and enjoy while he falls asleep. It detaches when you need it out of the way. This playard doesn’t bother including a diaper station and it isn’t as important since it doesn’t last long before your baby is too big for it. There is tonnes of space inside the bassinet for your wee one and the larger section is good up to 40lbs. The entire playard is breathable mesh for worry-free sleeping. If you want storage, you can always store items under the built-in suspended bassinet in the base of the playard.

Hopefully choosing the best bassinet will no longer be overwhelming after reviewing this helpful guide. Please leave a comment or question since we love hearing from you with your feedback.

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