Top 5 Best Biotin Supplement For Hair Growth & Hair Loss

There are a variety of reasons you may feel that a biotin supplement is necessary in your daily regime, whether doctor recommended or not. There are several issues that biotin can help with including brittle nails, hair loss, and regulating blood sugars in those with type 2 diabetes. In order to get the most from this vitamin, it is important to find the best biotin supplement for your needs. Following this guide will be helpful in your selection process and assist you in finding the best biotin supplement to work for you.

What Is Biotin and How Does it Help?

You have probably heard of biotin, since there are many supplement commercials on TV, but you may not be sure what it is exactly. Biotin is a B-vitamin, B7, and it is found in many different food sources as well as a supplement. It has also been known as Vitamin H in the past. Biotin helps with regulating blood sugars, preventing dry scaly skin, regrowth of hair and strengthening brittle nails. 

Biotin supplements are especially helpful for people who may have malnourishment issues, consume a lot of alcohol, those with diabetes and even those with neurological issues. Pregnant women will sometime find they are low in biotin during pregnancy and required supplementation.

How Do I Choose the Best Biotin Supplement?

When you are trying to decide which is the best biotin supplement for your needs, you should take into consideration several key factors before purchasing. Each of these factors will give you the important answer you are seeking and ensure you find just right biotin supplement in your specific case.


Not all supplements come in the exact same dosage amounts. Manufacturers create each supplement differently and while one brand may offer a 1000mcg dose while others may give you the option of a lower dosage with around 250mcg. This allows you to customize how much biotin you are supplementing with each day.

Form of Supplement

You will find that you have several options in how the vitamin is formed. There are four main types: capsule, softgel, tablet and gummy. A capsule is powder inside a dissolvable capsule; a softgel replaces the powder with fat-soluble gel; tablets are powder pressed into a hard, round pill and gummies resemble the popular kids candy treat in a chewable, gummy format.


Supplements are available in differing quantities which in turn affects the cost of the product. If you plan to take the biotin for a long period of time, perhaps purchasing a larger quantity would be more cost effective than purchasing a smaller bottle. This is also important for consideration if your required dosage is more than one pill per day.

Added Ingredients

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Added Ingredients

Read the labels of the biotin supplements you are considering. There will be a list of added ingredients to the supplement, which you should consider in your decision. If you have allergies, this list will be very important to check into to ensure you won’t have an allergic reaction to the supplement you choose.

Look for Certifications/Endorsements

You will feel better about the supplement you choose if you know that it has the backing of medical professionals and scholars. If you look for cGMP or NFS approved on the label which tells you that the biotin supplement has passed good manufacturing processes through quality testing.  Other positive seals of approval could include USP and CL.

Expiration Date

Since supplements are available in different formats as mentioned previously, their expiration date will also vary. It is very important that you check all expiry dates before purchasing to decide if you will use the entire bottle before they expire. This is going to save you money in the long run since you won’t be wasting product by throwing them out if expired. You wouldn’t want to take expired supplements.

Outlining the Best Biotin Supplement

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1. Sports Research Biotin (High Potency); Enhanced with Coconut Oil

Sports Research offers a high potency option for anyone looking to get in a single super dose of biotin per day. Each vegetarian softgel contains a whopping 5000mcg of biotin. There are 120 softgels per bottle here, which should last you about 4 months if taken one per day. The manufacturer has used coconut oil in each softgel to enhance the vitamin and boost the effectiveness. Since they are in a softgel format, you may find them easier to swallow than a capsule or tablet. As for added ingredients to this biotin supplement, there is only the extra virgin coconut oil, as mentioned and the ingredients used to make the veggie capsule. This supplement has been approved by the NSF and is Non-GMO certified as well. 


  • Available in larger quantity to last approximately 4 months with single daily use
  • High potency dosage at 5000mcg per softgel
  • Softgels are easier to swallow than capsules or tablets
  • Coconut oil assists in absorption and is a healthy additive
  • Non-GMO certified, plus cGMP and NSF approved
  • 90 money back guarantee if you don’t see results
  • Helps with hair and nail growth, boosting metabolism and skin health
  • Gluten free for those with sensitivities


  • Higher dose may cause stomach irritation
  • May not be safe for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Softgels mean these are fat-soluble, therefore if you have difficult metabolizing oils this won’t be effective
  • Anyone with a coconut allergy will have to avoid this supplement

2. Hairfluence—All-Natural Hair Growth Formula

With many included vitamins and additives to aid in hair re-growth, Hairfluence offers a supplement which features biotin as a main ingredient. Their prime focus is to assist in hair and nail regrowth and skin health. This bottle comes with 60 vegetable capsules, each boasting 5000mcg of biotin per capsule. This bottle should last about two months if taken daily. Since there are many other ingredients in this supplement you should read carefully and consider the effects of each ingredient before taking a dose. Each capsule contains the following added ingredients or vitamins: bamboo extract, keratin, MSM, collagen, thiamine, folic acid, vitamins C, A, B12 and D3.


  • Made in a FDA approved and inspected facility
  • Vegetarian capsules
  • High potency at 5000mcg per capsule
  • Additional vitamins for extra health support
  • Can help with quick hair and nail growth and healthy skin
  • One bottle can last about two months
  • Capsules are easily absorbed by most people


  • Additional vitamins included may not be needed in your daily regime
  • Skin reactions are common side effect
  • High dose of 5000mcg may be too much
  • Capsules are a little harder to swallow than softgels

3. DasGro Hair Growth Vitamins with Biotin and DHT Blocking Ingredients

DasGro Hair Formula is a supplement with 2000mcg per tablet. It is recommended to take two tablets daily on the bottle instructions, therefore this bottle of 60 will provide a one-month supply. It is manufactured in a FDA approved facility and contains no preservatives or fillers. There are 20 ingredients in total included in this supplement, which may pose a problem for some people if there are interactions with other medications or health issues. This supplement offers to treat male and female pattern baldness, thinning hair and receding hairlines.


  • Each tablet contains 2000mcg so you can take a smaller dose if you wish
  • Tablet is easily digested by most people
  • Many included vitamins and natural ingredients to address deficiencies
  • Made in an FDA approved facility
  • Fast acting; many users see results within the first week but even better results in a month


  • Price per tablet is more costly than other brands
  • One bottle will last only one month
  • You must remember to take it twice a day
  • Tablet form is harder to swallow for some people
  • Additional vitamins and minerals may be unnecessary for some users
  • More risk of side effects due to added vitamins and minerals

4. HairAnew—Unique Hair Growth Vitamins with Biotin

HairAnew offers a unique blend of many different vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids including 2500mcg of biotin per capsule to assist with hair, skin and nail health. The directions state to take two capsules per day, therefore this bottle containing 60 vegetarian capsules should last about one month. This product is non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free and cruelty free and is independently tested to ensure the highest standards and that each batch matches exactly what is stated on the label.


  • Each capsule contains 2500mcg biotin so you can take a smaller dose if you wish
  • Completely gluten-free, cruelty free, Non-GMO and vegan
  • Independently tested to ensure quality and accuracy of ingredients on the label for each batch manufactured
  • Total of 11 active ingredients; vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements
  • Vegetarian capsules easy to swallow or can be broken apart to ingest powder
  • Some users notice results within 2 weeks


  • Cost per capsule is higher than other brands
  • Will only last one month and then you will have to purchase more
  • Must take it twice a day instead of once
  • Reactions can occur with the other ingredients in the product

5. BioSchwartz Hair Growth Vitamins with Biotin

This product is especially formulated with women in mind, offering an all natural, USA made supplement to assist with hair growth and regrowth. It is tested by a third-party to ensure accuracy and quality. There are 60 vegetarian capsules per bottle and you should take two capsules per day. This bottle will last you about one month. Each capsule contains 2500mcg of biotin, plus many vitamins, minerals and herbs. Many women could see results within two weeks but best results can be seen after a month or so. This product is Non-GMO, cruelty free, gluten free and 100% allergen free with a money back guarantee.


  • Especially for women with their specific vitamin deficiencies in mind
  • 2500mcg of biotin per capsule for easy customization of dosage
  • Non-GMO, gluten free, allergen free, cruelty free and natural ingredients
  • 3rd party tested to prevent bias and ensure accuracy of ingredients and quality
  • Capsules are easy to swallow or can be broken apart to dissolve powder in liquid or food
  • Money back satisfaction guarantee


  • Must take two per day instead of one
  • Bottle will only last for about a month
  • Other added ingredients may not be needed by each individual
  • Not geared towards men
  • Best result occur after at least 4 weeks of use
  • Cost per capsule higher than other brands

The Winner Is…

It is clear that there are many products available on the market to assist in hair, skin and nail health and some even claim other health benefits too. The big decision is which one is the best biotin supplement for your particular needs. Following the guidelines outlined above, you should be able to find a solution to which one will work best in your situation.

In my opinion, the winner here is HairFluence—All-Natural Hair Growth Formula. This product has a better per capsule price, while offering high standards and quality. It is made in an FDA approved facility in the USA and has the Good Manufacturing Practices seal of approval. There is 5000mcg of biotin per vegetarian capsule, which packs a lot of punch and only need be taken once per day. The vegetarian capsule is ideal for almost everyone since it is easy to swallow, can be opened and dissolved in food or drink and is easily digested by most people.

HairFluence works faster than some other brands, giving users hope for hair regrowth quicker, to keep them on track with taking the supplement. There are other included vitamins without being too many as with other brands. This product is great for all hair types and men and women alike, so it is universal.

Hopefully this guide to the best biotin supplement has helped make your decision easier by following the key factors to watch for. Please leave a comment or question because we always love to hear feedback from our readers.

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