The Best Bottle Warmer for Your Little One

If you have ever been in a situation where you needed a bottle fast to appease your wailing wee one, you will understand and appreciate the importance of a bottle warmer. Finding the best bottle warmer for your family’s needs is an easy process if you follow this guide and look for some important features in whichever model you are considering. Finding the right warmer can mean the difference between five minutes of crying versus 15 minutes of crying and as a parent, that is a lifetime of difference!

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How to Choose?

If you are careful about which bottle warmer you choose, you will have one that lasts through multiple children, should you have that need. Some key features you will need to look for include speed of heating, the source of heat and how hot the bottle will get, the size of the warmer, what it is made of, how it is powered and if it is portable, what the price point is and any other special features or added capabilities. You should also make sure the bottle warmer you are buying comes from a reputable company to ensure the safety of the product.

Speed of Heating

This is one of the biggest factors when selecting the best bottle warmer for your needs. Babies don’t understand waiting for their meal, they operate on instinct. When they are hungry, they cry. Simple. And if you don’t want your little one in distress for too long, you will want to get his bottle heated as quickly as possible. This feature is for both your sanity and for the sake of your hungry infant.

Heat Source and Temperature

Some bottle warmers will heat up your baby’s bottle using steam only, with water only being filled once every few bottles, while some require water each time it is used. You will need to think about your own personal use and if it will be convenient to fill it each warming session or not. Every bottle warmer will also heat to a different temperature, so faster isn’t always better it may just be heating up to a lower temperature.

Size of the Warmer

This point is especially important if you already have a collection of baby bottles you use or will be using. You want to ensure your bottles will fit into the warmer. Some warmers will also heat up baby food jars, which is an bonus since you will then be able to use the warmer for a longer period with your infant as he grows into toddlerhood.

What is it Made of?

Since a bottle warmer is designed to heat up and stay hot for a period of time, you will want to ensure the one you select will stand up over time. This means the materials it is made of are an important factor in picking the best bottle warmer. You will want to avoid flimsy, thin plastic and aim for one made of stainless steel or a plastic rated for safe use at high temperatures. If you will be traveling a lot, the more durable the construction, the longer you will own it.

Power Source and Portability

In a power outage, you quickly realize the importance of heat for your baby’s bottle. If you are looking for a reliable warmer which won’t require electricity, there are some on the market for just that need. Some are electricity run only, while others are capable of being used both ways. The power source will obviously affect how portable your bottle warmer is, since there isn’t always an electrical outlet readily available nor convenient to use.

Price Point

As with many baby products, there is a great range in pricing for bottle warmers on the market. While you don’t have to spend a fortune to find a great bottle warmer, you will want to think about quality when making your purchase. A good guide to pricing for warmers is very affordable ones come in under $15, moderately priced warmers are in the $15 to $40 and above average carry a price tag over $40.

The Best Bottle Warmer for Your Needs

This handy, compact bottle warmer comes from Tommee Tippee, a well-known and trusted brand in baby care and needs. It is totally portable, not requiring any power source to efficiently warm your baby’s bottle. It comes with a convenient carrying case to stow in a diaper bag while you are on the go. It will easily accommodate the Closer to Nature Bottles made by Tommee Tippee and other bottles similar in size and shape. It simply holds the warm water and the thermal flask keeps the water warm.


  • No electricity required, can use anywhere
  • Small in size, easily fits into diaper bag or luggage
  • Trusted brand name in baby care
  • Fits wider width bottles
  • Very affordable price point
  • Holds water temperature for long periods of time


  • Simple design much like a thermos, may be an unnecessary purchase
  • Requires you to manually fill with warm/hot water prior to needing it
  • May leak if not sealed properly
  • Heating time will vary depending on how hot the water is you are using
  • Can be messy if using in a car since you must pour the water from the flask into the cup and let the bottle sit in the warm water for a little while
  • When full of water it can be heavy to carry around

The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer gives parents many options for use. Not only can you quickly heat up your little one’s bottle, but you can also heat up baby food and even sterilize nipples or soothers in this unit. It is versatile in that it works to heat breast milk, baby food and bottles in many different sizes and shapes, including disposables. It has an auto-shut off as an added safety feature in case you forget. It is easy to use simply by filling with water, placing the bottle in the warmer and turning it on. Once it’s done, the light shuts off and your baby’s bottle is warmed and ready.


  • Moderate price range
  • Different uses including sanitizing and heating baby food jars
  • Accommodates almost all bottle sizes and shapes, including disposable bottles
  • Simple to use for anyone helping with baby
  • Auto-shut off for added safety
  • Comes in various colors
  • Small enough to take along to Grandparents or hotels


  • No temperature control or adjustment
  • Could take 5 minutes or more to heat a bottle
  • Must be cleaned frequently to prevent a build-up around heating coil
  • Even using the measurements indicated, temperatures are inconsistent
  • Measuring vial is very narrow

Dr. Brown’s is a trusted, popular name in all things baby related and this bottle warmer is no exception. It features a water well for multiple bottle heatings before needing to be refilled. The included strainer basket means you won’t be removing the bottle right from the water. There is also a sterilization basket included for nipples or pacifiers. The LCD screen is easy to read since it is backlit, which is perfect for late night feedings. The bottles are warmed using steam heat and an alarm sound to let you know the warming process is complete. The inner basket is adjustable to accommodate various bottle sizes.


  • Moderate price point
  • Lit up LCD screen for easy use
  • Automatic shut off after 10 minutes
  • Alarm to let you know when warming is complete
  • Water well holds enough water for multiple bottle warmings
  • Can heat from frozen in about 6 minutes


  • All plastic construction is prone to leaks and/or cracks
  • Bulky for travel
  • Requires electricity; not good for in the car or camping
  • Won’t accommodate Tommee Tippee bottles (too wide)

Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer is a versatile option for parents looking for a unit to warm up a variety of baby meals. Not only will it accommodate bottles but also breast milk storage bags safely and efficiently. The dial timer is easy to read and easy to use. It uses a warm water bath to evenly heat up bottles and breast milk. There is a reservoir so that you won’t have to refill the water every time you use it. The timer will go off to let you know the milk is ready and will automatically shut off so you don’t accidentally overheat the bottle.


  • Low temperature warming maintains all the nutrients in the formula or breast milk
  • Easy to use with a simply timer
  • Accommodates bottles and breastmilk storage bags
  • No overheated bottles or burnt milk
  • Small unit is easy to travel about with
  • Doesn’t use steam to heat up the bottles
  • Can be used to heat baby food jars


  • No light; will need a flashlight in the dark for night time feedings
  • Takes longer to heat a bottle than steam heated warmers
  • Overflow is set too high to handle smaller amounts
  • Above average price point
  • Plastic casing can be prone to breakage
  • Wider model bottles won’t necessarily fit
  • Only electricity—no good for camping or car trips

The Born Free name is very well-known, especially in feeding items. This handy bottle warmer is more than the average bottle warmer, since it also has a compartment in the back to hold two 9oz. bottles and keep cool. The warmer is controlled by a dial where you set the size of bottle you wish to heat and it will automatically calculate the correct time to warm. The cooler part is great for night time feedings when you don’t want to leave the comfort of your bed. Store the bottle in the cooler, heat when baby wakes to feed!


  • Dual purpose unit with warmer plus cooler compartment
  • Great to bring along on vacation or family visits
  • Easy dial a size controls
  • Fill water reservoir only once per day
  • Stainless steel design is modern and fits most décor
  • Can keep bottles cool up to 12 hours
  • Heats a 5oz bottle in about 4 minutes
  • Can safely heat up breastmilk without overheating and burning


  • Above average price point
  • Only accommodates a selected list of bottle types/brands
  • Needs electricity—not battery operated
  • Bigger bottles (8 or 9 oz.) can take 6 to 8 minutes
  • Requires frequent cleaning to avoid mold in water reservoir

In Conclusion…

When your baby wants to feed, you want to be able to deliver quickly to avoid the upset cries and frustration. Along with speed, you want to have a warmer that will be functional with your bottles and at a decent price point. My pick for the best bottle warmer is the Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer. It is moderately priced and comes from a very trusted name in baby care. It accommodates various bottle sizes and can also work to warm breastmilk, which is especially helpful for mom’s who pump and formula feed. Having a backlit LCD screen is wonderful for those nights when you can barely keep your eyes open for a nighttime feed.

Hopefully this guide has been resourceful in helping you decide on which is the best bottle warmer for your little one and your needs at home. When you are shopping for your bottle warmer, simply keep the key points in mind and you will find the best option available for you. Please feel free to leave a comment, question or idea since we love to hear from our readers and followers.

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