Straight Talk on the Best Hair Brush Straightener!

Straightening your hair at home may seem like a daunting, time consuming task—especially if you don’t have the proper tools. If you want your locks looking their best, you will need to find the best hair brush straightener to suit your needs. By having this handy tool at home, you will save yourself loads of money and time from visiting the salon every time you want your hair straightened.

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What to Look For

Just as with anything, especially beauty products, no two items are created equally. When you have decided to add a hair brush straightener to your collection, you will want to look for some key factors or attributes which will determine which is the best hair brush straightener for you. The dimensions, including width, size and weight will be important for how much hair can be straightened at one time and determine how long it may take to straighten your hair. The materials used can vary from straightener to straightener and having control of the temperature is important for a variety of styling options. Have a look at any special features that might come with the brush that make it special to you and finally you will want to find a hair brush straightener within your budget.

Dimensions and Weight

You will want to select a hair brush straightener which will be wide enough to straighten a good size section of hair at a time. This means the width of the brush should be considered. You should also look at the overall length as well as handle length. You will want to be able to reach the back of your hair easily. Weight of the brush is an important factor since, over time, your hand and arm may tire if it is too heavy. You may have a preference as to whether you want a paddle brush or a rectangular brush as well, so shape of the hair brush should be in mind when making your selection of the best for you.

Materials Used

The materials used to make the hair brush straightener will determine the quality of job it will perform. Titanium is the ultimate best material to straighten hair with ceramic being a close second. You should consider the bristles of the brush and what they are made from. Some will be nylon, some will be plastic while others may be silicone. This will affect how well the brush combs through your hair and how well it holds heat without singeing your strands.

Heat Control and Temperature Level

Although higher heat is not necessarily better for your hair and its overall health, you should look for the temperature level offered by each hair brush straightener. Having differing levels will give you flexibility in where you want to set it for different uses. Another important feature which the best hair brush straightener will feature is an automatic shut off in case you accidentally forget to turn it off after use. Many accidents have happened because people forget to turn off hot appliances.

Special Additional Features

There will be different features of each hair brush straightener which will serve to make your styling experience easier, more comfortable and/or more practical. Some handy features which may be included are padded handles, swivel power cord, added hair dryer function or even curling iron. Other, not-so-important features but still great different colored bristles or handles, added accessories such as a glove or a carrying bag. Some hair brush straighteners are geared towards specific types of hair such as fine hair, curly hair or thick hair.


Not everyone can afford a titanium hair brush straightener so affordability may be a key factor in your decision of which is the hair brush straightener for your styling at home needs. The most affordable brushes can be purchased for under $30 and usually don’t have a lot of bells and whistles included. A more moderate price will run between $30 and $80 while the more expensive models are over $80. Each of the additional features that come with the hair brush usually means it will cost a little more so if you are ok with something more basic, you won’t have a problem finding one in a very affordable range.

The Best Hair Brush Straightener is Out There

Suitable for all different hair types from wavy, curly, frizzy and fine, this hair brush straightener also comes with various accessories such as the heat resistant glove to protect your hands while styling. The micro-ceramic heater is great for even heating and allows hair to recover back to normal temperature quickly, reducing damage. There is little chance of frizz or static after using this brush since it has built-in anti-static technology. There are multiple heat settings up to 450°F for a customized straightening experience, including an auto shut off for safety.


  • Moderately priced
  • Nano bristles for even heat distribution and suitable for all hair types
  • Auto shut off for safety
  • 16 temperature settings to suit everyone’s needs
  • Comes with heat resistant glove to reduce burns
  • Heats up quickly
  • Swivel power cord with hanging loop
  • Temperature lock to stay put where you want


  • Width of brush is not that big, could take longer to straighten thick or long hair
  • Control buttons located on handle, may accidentally change temperature while in use
  • Nano bristles are thick which may get caught in thick, unruly hair
  • Recommended for use on dry hair, therefore you will need to dry prior to use

This stylish hair brush straightener promises to leave hair smooth and silky without worry of static. The brush is made with DuPont materials to prevent burning or scalding during use. The bristles and underlying heating surface are ceramic, providing quality heating to give you the straight hair you are aiming for. It can be adjusted up to seven different temperatures for a customized straightening experience. The ceramic MCH technology works to heat up quickly and evenly so that you aren’t wasting your time waiting and heats each strand uniformly.


  • Ceramic MCH heating provides optimum level of heating
  • Swivel power cord
  • 7 temperature settings to accommodate different hair types
  • Auto shut off
  • Anti-static technology won’t leave you with out of control hair
  • Stylish Rose Gold color
  • DuPont materials are used to prevent burning and scalding
  • Ceramic teeth provide good, even heating to each strand for fast straightening
  • Temperature lock to stay at the exact setting you wish


  • Upper price range, may not be affordable for everyone
  • Smaller width means smaller sections of hair are worked on at a time
  • Buttons located on handle, if you don’t lock in temperature you could accidentally change it
  • No added accessories or special features
  • Must brush and dry hair prior to use of this straightener to avoid damaging hair
  • A little heavier than other hair brush straighteners—hand may become tired during straightening

Stylish and slim, this hair brush straightener is great for taking on the road with you. The long power cord which also swivels is perfect for handling all angles. The PTC ceramic heating parts reach the desired temperature quickly, while the wide set bristles glide easily through small sections of your hair with each stroke. The vibrant red color is fun and funky for those looking for a stylish brush. It is useful for most hair types and has temperature settings up to 365°F. The DuPont plastic materials used to make this brush mean you won’t burn yourself on the handle or brush, only the heating surface is hot.


  • Easy to transport for road trips and vacations
  • Swivel power cord with extended length
  • DuPont plastics are used to protect users from burning and scalding
  • Comes in a stylish red/black color
  • Very affordable
  • Ceramic ion teeth


  • More like a wide-toothed comb than a brush
  • Only 1.5 inches wide which means it works on very small sections at a time
  • No auto shut off
  • Temperature and on/off buttons located on handle and are sensitive which means you could accidentally switch temperature or shut off the brush during use
  • May not be completely effective on thick hair since it is smaller in size
  • Only for use on dry hair
  • Hair becomes very hot to the touch with one pass through, means you need to wait for a second pass through or risk damaging/burning your hair
  • No digital temperature read out

This hair brush straightener is a mid-size option which is suitable for both common hair and thicker, fuller hair types. The power cord swivels all the way around, allowing for use at all angles. The digital temperature read out is interchangeable between Celsius and Fahrenheit to accommodate users from various locations. The auto shut off feature means you won’t have to worry if you shut off your straightener before leaving the house and the temperature lock keeps you on the setting your desire. This brush is lightweight and features an Anti-Scald Technology to prevent serious injury and burns. To achieve smoother, silkier hair this brush releases negative ions to each strand. Also, the moderate price is attractive for most buyers.


  • Ceramic technology means more even heating and distribution
  • Auto shut off feature for safety
  • Anti-Scald technology
  • Swivel power cord for ease of use
  • Can switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius
  • Lightweight and stylish in a vibrant red color
  • Moderately priced


  • Auto shut off occurs in 30 minutes, which may happen during styling
  • Mid-size rounded brush may take longer on thicker or longer hair
  • For use on dry, brushed hair only
  • Not ideal for curly hair
  • Heat is lost on each pass through hair, may take a few seconds to heat up again

As an alternative to a hair brush straightener, you may prefer a flat iron instead. This flat iron can be used to straighten, flip or curl hair easily. The slim design means it is easy to travel with and to store away in your vanity cabinet. The plates are made of ceramic tourmaline and feature an advanced infrared technology for fast, safe heating of your hair. It comes with an ergonomic design and an easy to grip handle as an added feature.


  • Swivel cord for all angled use and loop for hanging
  • Ceramic tourmaline plates create even, fast heat
  • Versatility in use from straightening to curling or flipping hair
  • Works on all hair types
  • Portable and stores away easily
  • Comes with heat-proof glove and leave-in Argon oil treatment for hair
  • Doesn’t tear or rip out hair


  • No auto shut off, could be a fire hazard
  • Only 1 inch in width means you need to work on small sections at a time
  • Priced on the higher end, unless you get a sale price
  • Takes a little while to heat above 400°F
  • Loses heat with each pass of hair

Final Thought…

If I had to choose the best hair brush straightener out of the group, I would select the AsaVea Hair Straightener Brush with MCH heating technology and Auto Temperature Lock, in Rose Gold. The affordable price point is just the beginning and then the stylish color is pretty to have on my bathroom counter. This brush is a great mid-size width to accommodate almost all hair and stays hot while in use. The safety features of the DuPont plastic body mean no accidental burns while straightening. It isn’t a heavy brush either. The swivel cord allows easy maneuvering and use. Although there are only seven temperature settings, it still accommodates most hair easily. The auto shut off feature gives peace of mind and safety to your home.

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