Choosing The Best Nursery Glider for Baby’s Room

Preparing for the coming arrival of your little one is an exciting time. There’s shopping to do, decisions to make and things to prepare. Decorating and setting up the nursery is one of those joyful tasks that many parents-to-be enjoy doing. When you are trying to decide which is the best nursery glider to include in your floor plan, follow this guide to help you make the selection that is right for your needs. There are many choices out there, so choose wisely to get the most enjoyment and use from your glider.

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How Do I Choose?

At first thought, it may appear that all gliders are pretty much the same. However, this is not the case at all. There are some key features or product specifications that you should think about when making the decision which glider to include in your baby’s nursery. These features will determine which glider is the best fit for your needs and preferences, ensuring you are satisfied with your purchase.

Seat Dimension

For the right amount of comfort, you will want to look at the size of the actual seating area of the glider. The cushion size won’t be a true reading on the amount of space you will have to sit, since some of that cushion is tucked in to the sides and back cushion of the chair. If you are tall, you will want the seat to be deep, to give yourself enough room for the length of your upper leg to back of your knee.


Since you are purchasing a glider, you will want to know all there is to know about the movement of the glider you will potentially purchase. How well does the chair glide smoothly? You don’t want a chair with a lot of jerky movements since you will likely be rocking your baby in this glider. Also, some gliders not only sway back and forth but also swivel side to side or even 360 degrees.

Cleaning and Care

Let’s face it, babies are messy business. Chances are high that you will have some accident or spill happen on your new glider at some point. Look for a nursery glider that will be relatively easy to clean and maintain. Look for wipeable fabric, removable seat covers and even wooden arms which will wipe clean very easily.


Cleaning and Care

Many baby nurseries are not very spacious, therefore careful planning in how to arrange the furniture is needed. If your baby’s room is short on space, you will want to select a nursery glider which won’t take up an abundance of space. You want to have it in the room but not dominate the entire look of the space. You also should remember that you will need clearance in the back and front to make the gliding motion.

Extra Features

Some nursery gliders include extra items or extra features that others don’t have. Some gliders also include an ottoman for your feet as you sit with your baby. Many times, the ottoman will also make the same gliding motion as the chair, to keep you moving in a smooth motion. Another added feature is the glider also swivels. This makes getting in and out at certain points easier and allows you to rock Baby side to side if you wish.


If you are decorating your baby nursery in a classic or traditional design, you will want a nursery glider to match. However, if you have decided to go with a more contemporary design in the baby’s room, you can choose a glider with a more modern feel, perhaps swaying away from the typical appearance of a glider chair. This also means selecting a complimenting color so that the glider you choose will match the rest of the décor.

Price Point

You should set a budget for yourself when shopping for a nursery glider, since the pricing varies greatly. Despite the variation in price, you should be prepared to spend over $100 since the best nursery glider will be over this point. Anything less, you risk compromising quality and craftsmanship. Average price is between $120 and $200 and above average is over $200.

The Best Nursery Glider for Your Baby’s Room

This glider is done in a traditional style featuring a gender neutral gray color. Gray has made its way into many modern designs, so the color will match with many contemporary nurseries. The ottoman is included and also glides along with you as you sit in the chair. It is an average price point, perfect for anyone looking to stay on a budget. The fabric is wipeable and the cushions remove easily to spot clean as needed. The width is 29 inches and depth 31 inches, with the arm to arm measurement at 28 inches.


  • Wipeable fabric
  • Average price point
  • Includes an ottoman to rest your feet
  • Wooden accents are also easy to clean
  • Traditional glider style
  • Back of the chair measures 26 inches from the seat, giving a high back support which supports your head as well


  • Gray color may not be attractive in a baby room
  • The seat padding is rather thin
  • No lower back support
  • Does not recline or swivel
  • Large footprint since you will need space for both glider and ottoman; approximately 5 feet in depth to allow gliding

This new age design is very modern and features straight lines and squared edges. It comes in gray and is made of microfiber for added comfort and cleanability. Although it does not come with an ottoman, this chair does recline and a footrest raises up as well with the touch of a button on the armrest. You can recline a little or all the way back, it is up to you. The seat is made of a supportive spring foam to give you support if seated for a long time but also comfort if you want to rest. The chair swivels and glides as well, giving you a large range of motion.


  • Recline, swivel and glide
  • Foot rest tucks away when not reclined, taking up less space than a permanent ottoman
  • Spring foam seat
  • Modern stylish design for new-age nurseries
  • Great for even taller parents
  • Easy push button for reclining


  • Takes up a lot of space if you want allowance for reclining; approximately 50 inches
  • Foot rest always comes out when in a reclining position
  • No removable fabric for easy cleaning
  • Micro suede could become matted down over time
  • Very heavy chair; approximately 90lbs.
  • No lower back support or head support
  • Above average price point

The Stork Craft glider is a traditional style glider chair which also includes a gliding ottoman for your feet. The dark espresso wood finish is very “in style” right now and is also very easy to clean. It would fit in along with much of the nursery furniture on the market right now. The beige color fits with any color décor and is still light. The seat back is tufted for extra cushion and comfort. There is a built-in pocket on the arm rest which is handy to hold story books and more.


  • Espresso wood accents match many modern nursery décor pieces currently available
  • Beige fabric matches any color choice and is still light for nursery
  • Includes ottoman for your feet
  • Handy pocket in the arm rest
  • Tufted chair back for extra cushion
  • Average price point
  • Easy assembly


  • Joints begin to squeak over time
  • Requires about 4.5 feet of space to glide and to accommodate the ottoman as well
  • Hand wash and spot clean only
  • Beige color may dirty easily
  • Seat cushion is very thin
  • Seat width is only 19 inches
  • Weight capacity is 250lbs.

A great space saving option, the Babyletto Madison swivel glider will add a modern look to any baby nursery. The ecru color is light and cheery and matches along with any color choice. The pictured cushion is not included, however, but can be purchased separately. The seat cushion is extra thick for superior comfort when sitting with Baby. This chair not only glides but also swivels. The fabric is free of all fire-retardant chemicals and is also water-resistant and stain-resistant.


  • Requires very little space in the nursery
  • Light cheery color-ecru
  • Stain and water-resistant micro-suede fabric
  • Extra thick seat cushion
  • Swivels as well as glides
  • Very modern design for new age nursery designs and use in your living room after Baby has grown


  • Very small seat depth
  • Does not recline
  • Arm rests are very sloped and small
  • No back support; will require an extra cushion
  • Above average price point
  • Small seat depth at 18 inches may not be ideal for taller people

This basic design is sleek and modern which fits with most modern baby nursery décor. It is grey in color which works for any color choice and fits well in a living room for later when Baby has grown. This chair comes with a stationary ottoman plus a lower lumbar pillow for extra lower back support. The seat back is high enough to offer neck and head support as well. It won’t take up a lot of space if your baby’s nursery is smaller in size. The seat is a good width for enough room to sit comfortably.


  • Very modern, sleek design
  • Includes an ottoman for foot rest and support
  • Swivels as well as glides
  • Lower back support with included lumbar pillow
  • No assembly required
  • Holds up to 300lbs
  • Small footprint for smaller spaces
  • Wide seat width at 21 inches


  • No removable cushions, only wipe clean
  • Ottoman does not move
  • Arm rests are a little stiff, not much padding
  • Does not recline
  • Above average price point
  • Firm seat may not be comfortable after long periods

The Winner Is…

When it comes time to decorate and set up your baby’s nursery you may be on the hunt for the best nursery glider to add to the room. These outlined gliders are all great choices but in my opinion, the clear winner is the Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner.

This glider is versatile in that it offers swivel, gliding and reclining capability. The foot rest folds up easily when the recline is not in use, which takes up less space in smaller nurseries. The design of the chair is very modern and can easily fit into any living room décor after Baby has grown and no longer needs a glider in his nursery. Despite the above average price point, it is a good investment which lasts over time.

The chair is wipeable and offers soft fabric for added comfort. What is wonderful about this chair is that you can recline the chair with one touch, so you don’t have to disturb a sleeping baby in your arms. The seat depth is great for using a breastfeeding pillow as well. Even taller parents will feel supported and comfortable with the higher than average seat backing.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful in making the right choice for the best nursery glider to add to your baby’s room. With careful consideration, it doesn’t have to be a stressful or overwhelming decision. Just keep in mind the key features to any great baby nursery glider and the choice will be simple. If this guide has helped you, please leave a comment or question if you have one since we love hearing from our readers.

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