The 5 Best Over the Counter Prenatal Vitamin Selections

Every new mom-to-be wants their growing baby to get the most nutrients and vitamins from them as possible. This often leads women on a search for the best over the counter prenatal vitamin to nourish the important development and growth of their unborn child. Some women even opt to take a prenatal while trying to become pregnant to prepare their bodies as best they can. These five following prenatal vitamins are a great way to ensure your unborn babe gets the very best from your body as it grows and develops.

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With a move towards organic, Non-GMO products, this prenatal vitamin fits the bill. It is a certified organic product and is derived from whole foods and herbs. This prenatal vitamin is super easy on your stomach and won’t cause any gastrointestinal issues, even on an empty stomach. Expectant moms should take three per day, spread out through the day to get the full recommended dose. What makes this one of the best over the counter prenatal vitamin options is the addition of a probiotic, which has also excellent benefits such as a better immune system for both you and baby. Since this prenatal vitamin contains vegetables and herbs, it won’t cause nausea like so many prenatal vitamins on the market today, which discourage moms from continuing use. Included in the ingredients are folate, iron and Vitamin D3.


· Price Point: Moderate

· Derived from whole foods and herbs

· Won’t upset your tummy even on an empty stomach

· Smaller doses throughout the day, taken three times per day

· Contains a probiotic for added digestive and immune health for mom and baby

· Non-GMO, certified organic

· Come in 192 capsule count bottle

If you are vegetarian, these prenatal vitamins are a perfect fit for your lifestyle, however, they are one of the best over the counter prenatal vitamins for just about anyone. Included in each daily dose is the proper nutrients and minerals for expecting mothers and their unborn babies. You should take one capsule three times a day to get the recommended dose. These won’t upset your tummy or cause constipation like other prenatals. All of the ingredients are derived from RAW whole foods and contain no fillers or binders. As an added bonus, ginger is included in the list of ingredients, which has proven effect to reduce morning sickness and nausea as well as aide in nutrient absorption. You won’t find artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or other additives in these vitamins. There is 18mg of iron included in a daily dose, which aides in healthy blood and increasing energy for mom too which is important because iron needs increase greatly during pregnancy.


· Price Point: Moderate/Above Average

· Comes in up to 180 capsule count bottle

· Derived from RAW whole foods

· Completely vegetarian friendly with no animal products

· Natural ingredients mean no fillers, binders, artificial flavors or colors

· Won’t upset your digestive system

· Added ginger for better absorption of vitamins and minerals plus reducing morning sickness

· Can be taken post-partum as well

With a promise of easy digestion and gentleness on the stomach, this prenatal vitamin offers moms-to-be a great option for a daily vitamin. It contains no animal products, which means vegetarian moms will be happy to include this in their regime as well. All ingredients in this prenatal are food based, which means your body can naturally absorb and digest the vitamins and minerals included. Since most professionals agree that folic acid is very important in pregnancy you can rest easy knowing that Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamin One contains the perfect amount of folic acid for before and during pregnancy. The great thing is you only need to worry about taking one tablet per day, and it can be taken at any time of day without worry of interaction with other foods or drinks.


· Price Point: moderate

· Allergen free (no soy, gluten, wheat, sugar, dairy/lactose, shellfish, yeast or nuts

· 100% natural, no added colors or artificial flavors

· Iron content 30mg

· Easy on the stomach—won’t constipate

This is one of the best over the counter prenatal vitamin selections available in terms of getting the most nutrients for your dollar. They come in a 180 capsule count bottle, however it is recommended that women chew six per day to get the full intended dose. Since they are gummies, these are perfect for anyone who has issues swallowing pills. They are flavorful and even dusted with organic cane sugar to not only add to the delicious taste, but also prevent the gummy from sticking to your teeth and definitely no fishy taste. In these powerful little gummies, mom’s will find L-methylfolate, which is a form of folic acid which is most absorbable by your body, omega-3 fish oils, DHA and even Vitamin K2, which supports proper fetal facial development, including teeth. There is no iron included with these gummies, therefore expectant moms should take an additional iron supplement. These gummies can be taken throughout the day with or without food and won’t upset your tummy.


· Price Point: Inexpensive/Affordable

· 15 essential nutrients and minerals

· Vitamin K2 included which is hard to get from diet alone

· No artificial flavors, preservatives or additives

· Contains L-methylfolate which is easily absorbed by your body in comparison to folic acid

· Great taste and easy to take since they come in gummy form

Nature Made vitamins promise the use of natural ingredients with proven fast absorption. The Prenatal Multi is no exception and comes in an easy to swallow softgel. In these vitamins you will find all essential nutrients and minerals necessary to foster a healthy growing baby. Calcium is an important vitamin any time, but especially in pregnancy and Nature Made Prenatal Multi +DHA include 150mg of Calcium in each softgel. This is one of the best over the counter prenatal vitamin choices since it also contains an added 200mg of DHA, which helps in development of brain and eye function in growing fetuses. Folic acid is also included in the list of ingredients for this prenatal. Women should take one per day with food to avoid any stomach upset. It is important to note that these do contain fish so if you have a fish-based allergy, be aware. Despite the larger size, the softgel composition makes it easier to swallow than most on the market.


· Price Point: Inexpensive/Affordable

· Natural ingredients without artificial flavors or colors added

· Contains no wheat, gluten or yeast

· Iron included is 27mg

· Added DHA helps with baby’s developing brain and eyesight

· Softgels allow you to swallow the capsule much easier

Every woman considering a pregnancy thinks about her own overall health and how she can nourish and grow a baby. Since the market is flooded with various prenatal vitamins for women trying to get pregnant, women who are pregnant and even into the post-partum stages, the decision may be overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be. Based on the highlighted factors, these are the top five best over the counter prenatal vitamin picks available. As a mother myself, I know the constant worry that comes with hoping you are doing everything you possibly can do to ensure a healthy, happy baby. These choices are all great to nourish, aide in development and growth and ensure you are on the right track.

Hopefully this guide has helped you make an informed choice about your prenatal vitamin. Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion—we would love to hear from you! And watch for more helpful guides and lists to assist in making more informed parenting decisions.

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