Which Are The Best Overnight Diapers For Your Little One?

When it comes to sleep time, every parent prays for the day when their little one will start sleeping through the night. It means better sleep for Mom and Dad as well as Baby. Sometimes the only reason your baby wakes at night is because they are uncomfortable or have a dirty diaper to be changed. This is why it is essential to find the best overnight diapers for your little one to help with getting a full night sleep.

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How to Choose?

The diapering market is certainly large and vast. With all the selection available, choosing the right diapers for overnight use can seem like a daunting decision. There are some important features which you should look for in any of the best overnight diapers to ensure you get the quality, and function you need. If you consider the following key characteristics or features, you will be sure to select just the right diaper for a good night sleep for both your little one and you!

# Comfort

Even little babies want to feel comfortable as they sleep so it is important to find an overnight diaper that won’t dig in or be restrictive. Look for elastic stretch in the leg openings and some give in the waist area. This is especially important as your baby grows and becomes more mobile, probably rolling around in the night. The diaper should feel comfortable against their sensitive skin too.

# Leak-Proof

Unless you opt to do a middle of the night diaper change, your little one will likely be in the same diaper anywhere from 10 to 12 hours per night. You need to make sure the diapers you choose to put on your little one will contain leaks effectively. The last thing you want is to wake up to a wet little one and a load of laundry to be done.

# Closure Tabs or Pull Ups

If you are looking for an overnight diaper for older kids, you might consider pull up style diapers so they can get use to having on underwear. Regular tab closures are good for most children, but you should look to see they are wide enough to stay closed securely. This is especially true if your little one moves about in bed throughout the night. You want to avoid the diaper coming undone or loose.

# Kind to Baby’s Skin

Diaper rash is very common in babies and toddlers still in diapers. This is exasperated by wearing wet or soiled diapers for long periods of time. It is inevitable that your little one will wet his diaper overnight so you want to make sure the diaper you select will wick away that moisture and keep his skin feeling dry. This helps prevent a nasty, sore rash from starting.

# Price Per Diaper

Many parents don’t stop to think about the cost of diapers overall, since they are a necessity for babies and small children. However, it is a good idea to consider what exactly you are paying per diaper. Since diapers come in different size packages, you may not realize one type is a more cost effective option over another. Having said that, you should consider all other factors along with the cost per diaper, since the old saying is true, “You get what you pay for!”

# Sizing

One factor you can’t really get around is the proper sizing for your little one. Not all diapers are made in the size you might need. It is best to buy the proper size based on your child’s weight. Some diapers designed specifically for overnight use only some in sizes 3 and up, whereas others are available in sizes from newborn upwards.

The Best Overnight Diapers for Your Child

1. Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

A long-time favorite with parents, Pampers Baby Dry Diapers boast a 12-hour leak-free diaper for your little one. The sizes available range from newborn all the way to size 6 or 35+lbs. The cost per diaper for the average size 4 baby is .21 cents per diaper since a box of size 4 is available in 180 counts. The leg openings are stretchy for a comfortable, moveable fit. The three layers work to whisk away the moisture and lock it in so that your baby’s skin stays dry and free of irritation. The inside of the diaper feels soft and cotton-like, adding to the comfort for you wee one. There are absorbency channels throughout the diaper which work to distribute the moisture evenly and keep leaks at bay. Pampers has a rewards program for customers to collect points and redeem for products or coupons.


  • Three layers keep wetness locked in away from skin
  • Baby feels dry for up to 12 hours, allowing a better night’s sleep
  • Cost per diaper on average is about .21 cents
  • Stretchy sides allow Baby to move freely with comfort
  • Three channels distribute moisture evenly throughout the diaper, preventing one big soggy spot
  • Pampers Rewards with every box of diapers


  • Bigger sizes come with less diapers per box
  • Back waist not very cushioned for comfort compared to rest of the diaper
  • Tabs are smaller than other diapers
  • Smaller fit diaper; may need to go up a size for your little one despite weight recommendations
  • No elasticity in the waist

2. HUGGIES OverNites Diapers

These Huggies diapers are designed specifically with overnight use in mind. They keep in mind your little one’s need for comfort while sleeping but also keeping moisture locked in. They boast a 12 hour leak free night with double leak-guards at the leg openings. The waist band is made with their SnugFit technology and thicker, doubled up tabs to keep the diaper securely in place. There is a wetness indicator on the front of the diaper which changes color to let you know when the diaper is wet. Huggies also has a rewards program in place to collect points on every purchase and redeem for products.


  • Designed specifically for overnight use; 12-hour protection for a better night’s sleep guaranteed or 100% money back
  • Double leak guard at the legs
  • Extra wide tabs hold the diaper closed securely
  • Wetness indicator color strip lets you know when the diaper is wet
  • Huggies Rewards points collected on each purchase
  • Waist has SnugFit technology to keep the waist snug against your baby but still comfortable for tossing and turning throughout the night


  • Only available in sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6 or 16 to 35lbs.
  • Cost per diaper for size 4 is .33 cents per diaper since they come in a box of 56
  • Quantity per box goes down as size goes up
  • If the diaper becomes too full they have been known to leak out gel pellets of moisture from inside the diaper
  • Only two layers of absorbency

3. GoodNites Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear for Boys

Overnight protection can be a little more difficult for older children. This is where GoodNites Bedtime Pants come in handy. They are very much like regular underwear except with absorbency to protect from bedwetting. They are available in Extra Small to Large/Extra-large or 28 to 125lbs. Your little man will love the boys’ designs and characters and these are designed with boys’ specific protection needs in mind. These bedtime pants feature five layers and double leg gussets to truly lock away any moisture and prevent leaks. They also have odor control for additional privacy. Despite their great absorbency, they are not big and bulky under clothing.


  • Boys designs that they will love plus specific protection where boys need it most up front
  • Feel like and look like regular underwear so they can feel like a big kid
  • Pull up and down for independence
  • Five layers of absorbency which is great for older kids
  • Double gusseted legs to keep leaks locked away
  • Not big and bulky under clothing
  • Great for larger children up to 125lbs.
  • Odor control


  • Available in sizes Extra small to Extra large or 28 to 125lbs. so none available for smaller children
  • No tabs or side openings for parents needing to diaper children with special needs who are bigger
  • Cost per diaper is .57 cents in size small/medium
  • Not available in large quantity packs

4. GoodNites Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear for Girls

The GoodNites brand offers superior nighttime protection against leaks and keeps your little princess up to 40% drier than other leading training pants. They are designed like real underwear to make your child feel like a big kid and to give them discretion when needed. They are available in Extra small up to large/extra-large which is 28 to 125lbs. They are made especially with girls in mind with extra protection up the middle where girls need it most. They are pull up design instead of side tabs. The legs feature double gusseting to lock out leaks during the night and with any movement. The five-layer protection mean a dry wake-up time for your child.


  • Designed with girls needs in mind with added leak protection up the middle
  • Princess design that little girls will love
  • Five layers of absorbency to ensure a dry night’s sleep
  • Snug but stretchy to allow for movement
  • Double gusseted legs for leak protection
  • Locks away odors for discretion
  • Slender design, not bulky like regular diapers


  • Cost per diaper is .57 cents
  • Not available in smaller sizes for children less than 28lbs.
  • Princess design may not be desirable for older girls
  • Count per box goes down with bigger sizes
  • No tabs for side closure or open and close to re-use
  • Larger quantity boxes not available

5. Pull-Ups Night-Time Training Pants for Girls

Huggies Pull-Ups Night-Time are designed to protect your child overnight with added protection where it is needed most especially for girls. The soft sides are also stretchy to allow comfortable movement. The sides are perfect for parents who need to open the diaper quickly and easily. The Disney princess graphics are fun and they also help teach your child since they fade when they become wet. These training pants are available in sizes 2T up to 4T, which is approximately 18 to 40lbs.


  • Targeted protection especially for girls where they need it most
  • Extra protection to prevent bedwetting or leaks overnight
  • Fit very much like underwear so your child can feel like a big kid
  • Great for potty training period
  • Easy open sides for quick, easy access
  • Can accommodate smaller sized older children
  • Graphics fade to indicate wetness; children learn from this
  • Online option to customize a toilet training program for you child


  • Cost per diaper is around .41 per diaper
  • Sides do not close again once open
  • These are designed for girls only since extra protection is added up the middle
  • Too small for older or bigger children who are not yet toilet trained
  • Can become bulky when wet, like a full diaper

The Winner Is…

While it is true that every child is different and every child will have different needs when it comes to diapers, there is one diaper that stands out, in my opinion as one of the best overnight diapers to choose for you child. The winner for me is Pampers Baby Dry diapers because they fulfill many of the important criteria listed above and still come in at a decent price point too.

Pampers Baby Dry are available right from newborn up to size 6 or 35+lbs. Although this doesn’t work for older children, they do cover most younger ages and even work well throughout the day, not just nighttime. This means you will save money on buying two different types of diapers.

They have wide tabs that open and close over again for easy access and re-usability. The legs are stretchy for added comfort for your child’s legs but still lock out leaks. The triple layer interior means moisture doesn’t stay against your baby’s skin very long, which is important in preventing rashes and discomfort especially overnight.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful in assisting you in your decision about the best overnight diapers on the market. Watch for the key features mentioned and you will surely find the right fit, leak protection and price point for you needs. Please leave a comment or question since we love hearing from you, our readers!

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