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Many parents would argue that a wipe warmer is not necessary and that their baby can do without it. Yes! It’s true that even the best wipe warmer are not necessary says a parent who can’t take a cold shower. It’s ironical, right? You feel that your baby doesn’t need a wipe warmer but on the other hand you can barely take a bath in cold water. If it feels that uncomfortable to you now imagine wiping your baby with cold wet wipes. Or rather, imagine that you were a baby: would you like to be wiped with cold wipes? Personally, I wouldn’t want a cold wet wipe on my bottom and that’s call in for parents to find the best wipe warmer and ensure that they have their precious angels are treated right, just the way they would like to be treated if they were in the same situation.

To begin with, the baby’s temperature is slightly higher and using a cold wipe feels like ice cubes being placed on their sensitive skin. After giving birth to my son who happened to be my first born, changing his diaper was a nightmare, he would cry every time and I would always wonder what I was doing wrong. I wondered if I was doing it wrong and probably hurting him. Crying while I am changing him at home was okay, but there are those rare occasions when you have to change the diaper in public, maybe you are in a family gathering, you know, that occasion that you couldn’t afford to miss out on and decided to bring you, baby, along. Imagine him crying and screaming at the top of his voice when you are changing his diaper. It took me some time to discover that it was all because I was using cold wet wipes. Personally, when cold water touches my back I react by almost popping my eyes out, but, you don’t expect your baby to have the same reaction do you?

We all want the best for our babies, right? Then using the best wipe warmer to make changing his/her diaper more comfortable is the first step. After I started using wipe warmer my baby rarely cried as I changed his diaper. On the contrary, changing time became intimate mother-child interaction time and I always looked forward to it. Well, probably I didn’t look forward to my baby to poop but changing time became much better.

Which are the best wipe warmer?

wipe warmer

At the beginning, I was reluctant to use a wipe warmer, probably because of the several few things I had heard some of my friends complain about. There are those who said that there are some wipe warmers that make the wipes dry and hence unusable. Well, the worst thing that can happen to a wet wipe is for it going dry; you will have no use of it. However, not all wipe warmer make your wet wipes go dry. This article has prepared a list of 4 best wipe warmers that you should try out with guaranteed good results. And, if you are worrying that the warm wipes could place for bacteria to multiply then you are wrong. There wipe warmers have an anti-bacterial mechanism to ensure that all the warm wet wipes are safe to use on you angel.

The following is the list of the best wipe warmers:

This is the most loved baby wipe warmer and there are various reasons that make the Munchkin warm glow the best option when it comes to warming your baby wet wipes. To begin with, this wipe warmer has a low maintenance cost. Yes! It is pocket-friendly in the sense that it uses less electricity to a work well done. When you start using it you can worry less about your electricity bills hiking, on the other hand, you can save the money you would have used if you turned to another wipe warmer that uses a lot of electricity. Who knows, you might save enough to buy a private jet.

The other thing that makes Munchkin lovable is the fact that it has a transparent front and you can actually see the number of wipes remaining. Unlike most other wipe warmers where you want a warm wet wipe only to discover that you don’t have any left in the wipe warmer. Munchkin saves you from this bad surprise.

It heats from above ensuring that the wipe to be used is nice and warm, the only drawback would be the fact that the wipe warmer can’t accommodate many wipes. Some will have to remain in the pack and you have to refill often. But, nevertheless everything else is perfect and the wipes don’t dry up. I highly recommend you to try it.

I have used this wipe warmer and I highly recommend you to try it. Earning the nickname “ever-fresh-system” the Prince Lionheart ultimate wipes warmer has made quite a name for itself. Firstly, it is EPA approved meaning that it is anti-bacterial. This means that your baby wipes are not only warm but they are also sterilized and free from any possible bacteria and you don’t have to worry about your baby getting a yeast infection or any other bacterial infection associated with baby wipes.

As if that’s not enough, Prince Lionheart ultimate has a large storing capacity. This means you won’t have to refill every now and then as it is the case with the previous wiper warmer. It has a storage capacity of up to 100 baby wipes and it can also be used to warm cloth wipes.

Well, everything seems to be a win-win with this wipe warmer. It uses less energy and the wipes do not overheat nor turn brown. They stay nice and warm and ofcos as the nickname suggested ever fresh. As I said earlier I have tried it and I can confidently recommend you to use it.

I don’t only if it’s just me or everyone else out there. I am always attracted to cute things. And truth be told, hiccapop has a cute design and also when it comes to keeping your baby wipes warm, it doesn’t disappoint either. It has a special design with a silicon lid to ensure that all the moisture is maintained and that the wipes do not dry up or turn brown like it is the case with some wipe warmers.

Hiccapop maintains a constant temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold and considering the fact that it heats from the top, this ensures that the wipes ready to be used are nicely warm and moist. Another reason that makes this wipe warmer quite a favorite among mothers is its nightlight. Changing the diaper in the middle of the night just got easier and you don’t have to switch on the lights for this. You can turn on the light on the wipe warmer which is enough to see around the room and change the diaper. The light goes off after 10 minutes giving you enough time to change the diaper and head back to sleep.

It has a relatively large storing capacity of up to 80 wipes and the clear view always alert you when you need to top up the wipes.

It has a large storing capacity that can accommodate 80 standard sized wipes and it’s small enough to fit on the changing table. Just like most wipe warmers on this list this too doesn’t burn up the wipes nor turn them dry. On the contrary, the bundle tumble wipes warmer has a steam warming technology that ensures that every wipe stays lukewarm while placed in the box.

The only hitch with this would be the fact that it uses more energy compared to the other wipe warmers on this list but otherwise, everything else performs perfectly and if you want to say goodbye to cold baby wipes on your baby then the answer you have been seeking for might be the bundle tumble wipe warmer.

It has an indicator light which turns green to notify you that the wipes inside have reached the optimal temperature.


Are you tired of the sharp scream and cries every time you try to wipe your baby with a cold wet wipe? Then you need to get yourself the best wipe warmer and turn the screams to giggles. Research has it that babies feel comfortable on warm wipes in comparison to cold wipes.

It is my hope that you enjoyed this article and most importantly found it useful. Over the years there has been a heated debate among mothers as to whether a wipe warmer is necessary or not. Well, just as how cold water feels uncomfortable to you, it’s exactly the same feeling on your baby except for this time worse since the baby’s skin is more sensitive. If you enjoyed the article please share it with a friend or two, maybe three… Thank you and don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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