Getting A Better Night’s Sleep For The Whole Family

We all want a decent night’s sleep for the whole family. And it’s not just about accumulating those scattered minutes of shut eye under the sheets. Nor is it allowing the rest of the family to get a good sleep while you struggle to nod off. What you really want in an ideal world is for every member of the family to enjoy some great sleep without needing to sacrifice anything. After all, if one of your family is suffering, the rest of will know all about it too.

The reason why I know how invaluable a great night’s sleep is, is because we recently had a bed bug problem. Being bitten all night stopped me from sleeping, and I noticed how important sleep is to the whole family. We called in Empire Pest Control, some local London guys who were great, and luckily we’ve not had an issue since, but it wasn’t fun!

I am here to give you some unforgettable tips on adopting and introducing an effective routine that is proven to improve sleep. Getting the whole family onto this routine means you all get some great sleep, so it’s definitely worth considering the advice.

Establish a bedtime routine

It’s definitely easier said than done, especially with younger children. But having a solid bedtime routine is really important. A routine allows our little ones to learn exactly what we expect of them when it comes to getting ready for bed.

Bear in mind that you should keep your bedtimes as consistent as possible. Working within a half hour timeframe that is applicable every day of the week will help to keep your child’s body clock even. Changing things around by letting them stay up late at weekends will unravel all the hard work you’re putting in to establishing a routine. Learn some other helpful and natural ways your baby can have a good night sleep.

Another part of a great bedtime routine is to make sure your child is sleeping in their own bed. Having them in your bed can be detrimental to their sleep, and your own.

Remove the technology

Smart devices and TV’s shouldn’t be in children’s bedrooms. They’re handy during the day when you need to occupy their time, but when bedtime comes, the mental stimulation will lead them to stay awake longer.

Children learn through copying their parents. Making sure you have a regular wind-down period will show them the perfect example of what a bedtime routine should look like.

Do some exercise

Children should be exercising regularly for their health. If they don’t already do exercise, why not explore clubs and classes they may be interested in. By doing regular exercise, children will sleep a lot more soundly, plus their overall health will be a lot better. Exercising during the day and doing physical activity will help to develop wholesome sleep patterns in children.

You need looking after too

We’ve gone through the tips for the kid’s so they have a great night’s sleep, but your rest is equally as important as theirs.

Once your children have gone to bed, don’t wait too long before you hit the hay yourself. There are so many tips out there on how to get a good night’s sleep, but when you have young children in your family, they often wake up earlier than everyone else. Having that extra bit of sleep could be amazing.

Ditching the bad habits

There are rules you should be following before bed. Eating, doing work and watching tv before bed time can disturb your sleeping pattern. Steer clear of these bad habits in the lead up to bed time:

  • Watching TV an hour before bed
  • Drinking caffeine after noon
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Having a big meal
  • Eating sugary food
Is there anything else that helps you get a better night’s sleep? Enjoy your kip and let us know your top tips below for getting the perfect family sleeping routine.
Jennifer Shackelford

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