5 Tips To Calming Your Child’s Eczema

Having your baby scratch and cry from the eczema-flared skin is not slightly for any parent. It may not be clear to you the exact reason as to why your child’s skin is itching but all you want is to get rid of it before it takes a toll on your baby. The following are some great tips to help calm your child’s eczema before it gets out of hand;

Be choosy with the fabrics

One of the major reasons your child may be experiencing eczema may be because of the type of fabrics you chose to dress him/her in. Some fabrics like wool and scratchy lace may be the reason your child’s skin cannot stop itching. When dressing your child, always make sure that the clothes are of soft fabric especially those made of cotton and other cotton blends as they tend to be gentle to the skin. It is also important to note that fabric softeners and detergents may also flare up eczema so be sure to experiment on the best way to do your child’s laundry.

Use a petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is least likely to trigger eczema reaction on your baby’s skin. If your child has had eczema, then don’t be too quick to apply any alien lotion because you don’t know how it is going to react on the skin. Instead, stick to using petroleum jelly and if you have to use any new moisturizers or baby oils, make sure to patch test on a small area of the skin. If it does not trigger any reaction, then go ahead and apply on the whole body.

Keep your baby away from heat

Heat may cause irritation especially when it is enough to make your baby sweat. This means that you should keep him/her cool at all times especially during hot days and summer. You can give them a sponge birth to help keep her cool when she sweats or when playing out on a muggy hot day to prevent irritation. Also, make sure to apply a moisturizer to restore the lost body moisture.

Clip your baby’s nails short

Every time your baby’s skin starts irritating, she/he will obviously feel the need to scratch it. That is why you need to clip the nails short so as to minimize the damage. Also, you can also use mittens or socks at night but be sure to see a physician if you have to do it every day. You need to get medication for a long-term treatment if you want to get rid of the eczema. You can also find useful information on eczema on Itchy Little World.

Use less bath-irritants

Your baby may be the type that enjoys bubble baths and chewing on soap-filled face towels when bathing but if they have eczema, then it is only right that you use less of those soap crayons and use more toys. You can also make the baths more interesting by singing to your baby or invent a simple game you can play while bathing him/her.

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