Five Car Care Tips Every Mom Should Know

Apart for being a luxury, a car is an important aspect to any owner and getting to know how to maintain them should be as equally important. Moms are generally busy people as they have to take care of their families and most of the time have little or no time to worry about cars. However, if you are a mom and find it difficult or too handy as some may say, to care for your car, here are five ways to shade some light into this simple process.

1. Drive the car considerably

Immediately you have turned on the ignition key, think of the car as an athlete. Athletes need time to warm up before they can comfortably hit top speed without getting injured or worse. The same applies to cars because when you accelerate them that early on ignition you low the life as well as its performance.

The best way to do it is accelerating slowly while picking up the pace. On reaching the red light be sure to switch to neutral to ensure your engine rest hence it elongates the time you take between one repair and another.

2. Change a flat tire

Many moms find this especially as a difficult procedure to carry out but really are as simple as changing a baby's diaper. The first action to do when you realize that you have a flat tire is to find a safe location which could start by slowly and not abruptly reduce speed. Finding a ground or surface that is level could be a good idea as this will ensure your vehicle douse not turn over.

Bring out your safety hazards to ensure you do not cause accidents to form oncoming travelers. Once you have done this apply parking brakes and fit in wheel wedges to reduce the likelihood of your car rolling over. When loosening the nuts you may need to use force and if you may lack strength from your hands, use your leg and apply all your body weight.

Do not loosen your nuts full but rather a quarter of a half turn. Place the jerk from under the car on the side of the flat tire. Slowly raise the jack until it is six inches from the surface then further unscrew the tires completely. Remove the tire and fit in the new one tightening the nuts by hands then finishes up with a wrench.

3. Regularly changing engine oil and filters

Although many car owners discourage changing the engine oil at a shorter duration it is highly recommended that you do this especially if you are using a used vehicle. Regular oil changes are good for the engines as they remove dirt that may lead to engines clogging which may reduce the lifespan of vehicles. Filters too may accumulate dirt particles which may mix previous oil with the new one. The engine of your vehicle should be considered as the heart and for it to work it needs to be clean and clear of any blockages otherwise lose the whole car. Oil also reduces the friction among moving parts hence checking oil levels in the engine is also advisable.

4. Taking care of the tires

For a vehicle to move correctly it needs wheels that are very well taken care of and maintained. While most owners (moms in this case) have little knowledge of how to do this it plays a very important role in the lifespan of their cars.

If you are driving home and suddenly you feel as if your car is one sided you may be having a problem with your tire pressure .if this is not the cause, then your mechanic may suggest a wheel realignment which could also be a sign that your brakes are worn out. If you have traveled for distances of up to fifty thousand kilometers you are highly recommended to have your wheel realigned to ensure your safety and that of your passengers.

You can easily notice if you wheel alignment is wrong when you feel as if you are steering is stiff on one side. Other cases may also result as an internal tire damage which may come from poor roads or previous car accident. In this case, you need to change your car rim or have it fixed by a mechanic.

5. Using a heavy duty car cover

After parking your car in a garage or any safe place you have to ensure that it is well taken care of and protected from the environment around it and other weather conditions. Environmental factors such as dust, sunlight and even other that are adverse like acid rain may ruin that smooth texture of your car. Using a heavy duty car cover that you must ensure correctly fits your vehicle should be a starting point.

Although many may not know this heavy duty car covers also deter thieves from breaking into and stealing your car while you are away. They also come with a lock and cable to secure and put the cover in the right position. Tree sap during mid-summers may also dent your car if you have the idea of parking under shades to protect from the hot sun.

This cover will make your car clean as it prevents this natural element from having an effect even though your car may not receive that cooling effect as it would have had from the tree shade. Your cars external layer should be taken care off as though it was your own skin hence prolonging its external beauty.


All the moms own the vehicles should treat is as if it was another of their children. Protection from external and internal factors that may hinder them from achieving their true purpose and ensuring they live up to the highest level of standards. A heavy investment such as cars should be well looking at after and ensures one saves money by reducing the amount of time taken to repair.

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