CBD for Pregnant Mothers

CBD has been around for quite some time but it has recently started gaining popularity because of its many recently discovered medicinal properties. The biggest power it holds is the reduction in seizures. CBD was first made public when a little girl named Charlotte who had Dravet Syndrome had her seizures reduces from 300 times a week to 0. This gained headlines and more research eventually led the FDA to create an FDA-approved drug called Epidiolex. The active ingredient is Cannabidiol.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or better known as its short name, CBD, is an active ingredient in the cannabis plant. It contains no psychoactive properties like THC does, so you will not get high from it. CBD offers a ton of benefits. The human body contains an endocannabinoid system which is how we get into homeostasis. This is the balance or stable equilibrium in your body. When we consume something with cannabinoids, they stick to our endocannabinoid receptors. Each one provides a different sense of relief.

There are different ways to take CBD. Just about any way you can consume marijuana you can do the same with Cannabidiol. Some like to drop some tincture oil under their tongue while others like to microdose with a vaporizer. The options are plenty for someone who wants to take an active role in improving their life.

Is it Ok to Take CBD While Pregnant?

The best person to answer a question like this would your doctor. Especially when pregnant, always schedule an appointment and consult with your doctor. Although CBD is relatively safe, there may be a specific reason why your doctor may not want you taking it. Many women have reported a reduction in pregnant-related issues when they used it rather than when they did not. We would urge to stay away from dry herb hemp flower or even pre-filled CBD vape pens.

What it Can Help With?

CBD has had a giant breakthrough in the past few years. Ever since it has shown to help with serious debilitating seizures, more people have been looking into using it for other ailments. Symptoms from different diseases can be cut or alleviated because of this. Here are some things it can help with that get brought up from being pregnant.


Whether you’re having contractual pains or in general pain caused by something else, Cannabidiol can help with that. Cannabis can alleviate chronic pain that comes from the back, neck or even in the legs.. Recurring pain is annoying, can cause further problems down the line and is a generally hard way to live life.


Let’s face it. One of the most common parts of pregnancy is the nausea. Morning sickness is the most common. Early in the morning, you will be very nauseous usually. This can happen throughout the day and even in the evening but it’s not as common


Anxiety is a common disorder that comes from pregnancy. Your body is going through a very specific process and this requires your body to change. The change can be something your body isn’t used too. Your body can overheat, with a baby inside you, the baby could be using a lot of your water supply which can be another trigger for your body, or many more situations.


A struggle that a lot of women go through during pregnancy is insomnia. The reason for this is very similar to why we get anxiety. Your body is going through changes that it isn’t used too so you can have problems sleeping. Taking a few drops of CBD oil 20 minutes before you go to bed is a great way to unwind. CBD is known to calm the brain down which is why it’s said to help with autism. It can help with any overstimulation.


One thing that’s far too common is the stress from pregnancy. Some people can’t handle the stress and it gives them postpartum depression while others are constantly angry during pregnancy. This should be something that you should focus on because its not good for the baby's health. Cannabidiol can help calm the mind down by helping with homeostasis.

How You Can Take it?

As we said earlier, CBD can be taken in many ways. However, taking cbd when you’re pregnant should be limited in the which products you can use.


One of the easiest and best ways to consume it is CBD oil. These are fat soluble tincture oil drops that is easy to use. The best way to take it is by dropping a few drops under your tongue. This is the easiest way to take it and one of the quickest ways it takes effect in the body. They generally come in different flavors and strengths.

Lotions and Topicals

Lotions and creams are great for spot treating. If you have psoriasis or want to keep an overall smooth skin during your pregnancy, these work great. Cannabidiol helps keep the skin rejuvenated and looking young.


Edibles come in CBD form too, not only marijuana. They’re great ways to get CBD into your body. Even though they are the longest lasting source of Cannabidiol, they take a while for the benefits to kick in. Since it needs to be metabolized through the liver, it can take a bit longer than you’re used too.

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