Challenges that Pregnant Women Face in College

Nobody plans to become pregnant when in college, and even those who aims to do it, they are either forced or have the last option in life. Even though it can be fun to meet new people, visit new places, and handle school task as a group, it can be stressing for women who become pregnant in college. The Guttmacher Institute and Planned Parenthood’s research organization estimate over 2 million college-age students get pregnant each year. Yeah! That is a huge number of students-mothers each year. Did I say student-mothers? The reality is that not all these young pregnancies of college-age women translate to babies. Besides, some give up and end up terminating the pregnancies.

College is not the usual place to enjoy especially for a pregnant women. They start to experience various personal challenges and life expectations drastically change. One key factor that might contribute to this group of women facing many challenges is that most of them are young and inexperienced. If pregnant college students are aware of these challenges, they can be able to cope with life, continue nurturing another life inside them, and complete their studies successfully.


Women who become pregnant while in college may come across negative reaction from family members, friends, and other people. Some of the pregnant students confess of being thrown out of their homes, denied financial help, or being subjected to serious torture.

Since the family members consider such early pregnancies as a mistake, they tend to ask them many disappointing questions such as “was the pregnancy planned?” “Who is the baby’s father?” and “how are you going to study while you are pregnant?” Such kind questions cause some to have distress and feel rejected, which in turn leads them to discontinuing studies.


After being tested positive for pregnancy for the first time, the young college student experiences denial, disbelief, anger, suicidal contemplation, and shame. She usually undertakes several retests in the hope that it can be proven otherwise. One of the factors that prompts such reaction is the perception by society that the pregnancy in such an age is wrong. This may lead to these women withdrawing themselves from their peers, family, or society. Another thing that causes these group of women to feel ashamed is their appearance. As the pregnancy develops, features of the body change and the stomach becomes big, thus, alarming everyone. This is an embarrassing situation that many students may be unable to cope with.

Financial Constraints

Picture this, you are a first year in college and depend on your parents for financial help. After several weeks in school, you get a boyfriend. So, one day, you go outings and partying. A month passes and you start feeling sick and decide to see a doctor. On several tests, the doctor spills the beans, you are pregnant! What would such news do to you and what would you do to preserve the information? Definitely, you would go through hard times financially as you would be reluctant to break the news to your parents. Even to those who eventually have the courage to do so, they are met with a cold shoulder. Some after informing their boyfriends find themselves being dumped. Maintaining that human inside the womb and looking after oneself obviously requires extra dollar. At first, the fear of requesting for help makes life to become difficult.

Managing Time

Even though having unforgettable tours, drinking sprees, and finding love make college life interesting, it is not all easy. College institutions requires students to submit their weekly essays and assignments in time and handle essay exams at the end of a semester. In fact, most colleges have strict rules of plagiarism detection system. Students are expected to submit assignment papers through an online portal, which set time and detect plagiarism. Managing time then becomes a core factor to everyone. Failure to observe the importance of this aspect to students leads to regrets. This becomes a double trouble to a pregnant student because she now has to plan between classes and motherhood. It leads to many students being frustrated because they now have another task of managing their little time. For that reason, they may easily drop out of school or terminate their pregnancies.

What should Pregnant College Students do to handle their Pregnancies?

First, they should accept the new challenge. Life is a gift and no one knows why God would bless you with a child at the most unexpected time. The most important thing is to appreciate the complex challenge of life itself. The rest of worldly things such as completing college becomes an alternative to living. Second, the young pregnant students should determine herself if she can be able to complete the current school term or a semester. If it is impossible, she should refer it immediately in order to handle the new life challenges.

Since the pregnancy takes nine month, I would advise her to cope up with the 2 or the 3 months of schooling in order to complete the semester. In any case, she can receive help from other students on school assignments and essay. Because of technological advancement in online business, she can also order an essay or a paper from online essay companies.

Although some people argue that it is unethical, these companies help you to formulate the structure of your essay the right way. Currently, it is hard to become good at essay writing by just relying on school help. Then, you can use online-companies-help to write yours with ease and less time. For a pregnant students, she needs more time on herself. Therefore, she can devise such tactics to reduce time to handle essays with ease and less time. However, some of these companies are very expensive; so, these students should also be financially stable.

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