Parenting Hacks – 7 Activities that are Helping Your Child’s Brain

According to scientists, at birth, the baby’s brain will contain about a billion neurons. Trillions of brain-cell connections occur when the baby is growing. These are referred to as neural synapses. When it comes to brain wiring, the rule is use it, least you lose it! Thus, it is important that the parents seek to grow the cognitive and logical thinking abilities of the child at the tender age. In this article, we feature some of the things we as parents should do early enough to help the Child's brain grow. We will focus right from before birth to the early stages in life.

Ensure You Baby Gets Physically Healthy Before He or She is Born

During the pregnancy, it is important that the mother stays healthy. There are certain drugs that will cause harm to the brain of the developing child. Thus, avoid these drugs and be sure you are feeding on the right diet. Some drugs will have serious effects to the unborn child.

Start Having Meaningful Conversations Early Enough

Parents should respond to the infant’s coos through delighted vocalizations. To draw out the syllables, use a high-pitched voice and explain to the child. The talk is commonly referred to as parentese and focuses on nurturing the area of the brain that understands human speeches and languages.

Play Mind Boggling Games with your Child

One such game is scrabble. Your child might require getting help on scrabble words. Ensure that you start with the simple words to avoid confusing the child. Babies will respond well when it comes to playing simple sequential games like scrabble.

Play Games that Involve the Hands

It is also important that the hands are involved in the games you play with the child. This helps in improving the Childs coordination abilities. You will find that your child will require hand holding less often as you keep playing these games. This is a sign that the brain can remember the things already learnt.

Pay Attention to What the Child is Doing

Whenever the child points out, it is important that you follow with your gaze. Remark on the item the child is pointing to. This helps to motivate the child to keep learning as he or she will see the parent is appreciating the quest for knowledge. Don’t underestimate the important of teaching your child at early age.

Foster an Early Passion for Books

Books with large and colorful pictures will be best for your child. Share the delight of your child by pointing and making the noises where applicable. For instance, if the baby is looking at animal pictures, ensure that the child knows the sounds made by the animal too.

Choose the Developmentally Appropriate Toys

The toys are best possession of your baby. He or she will love to play with toys and therefore it is important you choose the toys that help in learning. Allow the baby to explore and interact with the toys.

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