7 Favourite Cleaning Activities For Kids

Are you looking for great tricks you can apply to keep your kids busy handling house cleaning chores? If so, this article will offer several suitable cleaning activities for kids you should consider utilizing. Children love to participate in most cleaning exercises.

However, the cleaning result they deliver is determined by how their parent guides them during the activity involved. In addition to coaching your children important life skills such as organization and self-sufficiency, it is important you also train them how to participate in housework while still young. If you find that your home needs deep cleaning, you can hire professional who offers home cleaning like this.

Most parents often apply the shouting, bribery and/or punishment strategy when involving their kids in their respective cleaning exercise. This is not acceptable at all. As a parent, it is vital you look for a more practical approach that will turn the cleaning activity more fun and enjoyable to your kids. Here are several favorite cleaning activities to consider utilizing anytime you want to keep your kids busy:

Mop Race

Make a fictitious start and finish line at either ends of your dirty floor. Let your kids stand at the starting point of the room and make them compete by racing when mopping the floor. You can make the cleaning activity fun by rewarding the winner.

Couch Cushion Cleaning

Let your kids collect debris or any other items under and around a couch and dispose them into a container. You can make the activity interesting by sweetening the deal. For instance, make it fun and interesting by allowing the participants i.e. your kids keep any money they find during the exercise.

Playing the Dust Glove Game

This involves kids cleaning the house by hands. Let the participants wear clean, light- coloured knitted or cotton gloves, and dust a room literally by hands. The idea of this game is getting the gloves being used as dirty as possible. You should make the game fun by rewarding the kid with the dirtiest gloves so that you can motivate the participants to work extra hard.

Beat the Clock Game

Assign cleaning tasks to your kids and set a timer for 15 minutes prior to them getting to work. Make the cleaning activity more enjoyable by informing the participants that whoever finishes his or her task before the lapse of the 15 minutes gets a reward.

Playing a Music

Let your kids choose any song they would like to listen while they work on a specified cleaning project. The aim is to finish the task before the selected song ends. Make the exercise interesting by promising them a reward in case they will accomplish the project prior to the end of the song.

Sponge Skating

Attach sponges to the shoes your kids are wearing using a kind of glue which is removable. Let the participants dip their feet into a container of soapy water and then slide along the dirty floor.

Work, then Dance

Make any cleaning activity interesting by incorporating a song and letting your kids handle the project of concern while dancing. Do not hesitate dancing along with them as a way to capture their attention.

Bottom Line

These tips will not only make your house sparkly clean anytime they are utilized, but also will aid in ensuring your kids are always active and hence physically fit.

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