Are you using the Right Cookware for Cooking Baby’s Food?

It is agreeable that home-based food is safer for babies than commercially acquired foods. However, research identifies that homemade food can also be a health hazard to the baby. If hygiene is neglected during preparation and wrong cookware are used, it subjects the baby to significant health risks. Babies are vulnerable to many health risks, and thus caution should be taken while choosing the right cookware.

During the preparation of meals for children, a lot of attention is focused on improving the quality, hygiene, taste, and nutrition. It is common the concern of the suitability of the pots is overlooked. Research identifies that some cookware is not ideal for preparation of the baby’s food. However, the question of concern is; which is the right cookware for cooking baby’s food? Below is a list of hazardous cookware materials that should not be used in the preparation of baby’s food.

Unsafe Cookware for Baby’s Food

•    Stainless steel

It is common that many people use stainless steel cookware during the food preparation. The cookware is dangerous due to its model which is a composition of different metals. If the cookware is dented or washed using abrasive materials, the baby’s food is subjected to risk due to the release of some particles of chromium and nickel element. Continued ingestion of nickel and chromium articles has profound side effects on the user like development defects and allergic reactions. Due to the high sensitivity of babies, it is essential to avoid the stainless steel cookware.

•    Non-Stick Pans

Heating the non-stick pans to extremely high levels of temperatures can result to release of harmful or toxic fumes which risks the baby’s health. The coating of the pan is also subject to chipping off and therefore contaminating the food.

•    Aluminium Containers

Various types of food are prepared for the baby. Acidic food materials may dissolve the aluminium contents of the utensils and thus get absorbed in the food. Aluminium contents are unsafe for babies. High levels of intake of aluminium, causes brain and bone disease. Aluminium ingestion in the digestive system prevents the absorption of phosphate which is vital in the development of healthy bones.

•    Un-Insulated Copper Pots

The use of copper pots risks the safety of baby food. Copper destroys some crucial nutrients of baby food like Vitamin C and E and folic acid. Therefore, the use of un-insulated copper cooking pots or containers is a must not use cookware.

It is proficient that parents should be informed of the underlying risks associated with the use of non-stick pans, aluminium containers, un-insulated copper pots, and stainless steel as it is common that majority of the parents and the caregivers are less informed. The essential items that should not be an option while choosing cookware are plastic utensils and containers as they expose the baby to extreme health hazards.

Safe Cookware for Baby Food

With the insight above, one must be wondering which are appropriate for safe cookware for cooking baby food. Below is a list of the highly advocated cooking utensils that are safe for baby’s food.

•    Iron utensils

Use of iron cooking pots or pans is safe and suitable for baby’s food. During the preparation of acidic food, some iron elements are dissolved which helps in the creation of haemoglobin which is responsible for taking oxygen from the blood to the cells. Additionally iron is important to babies in normal brain development.

•    Ceramic, glass and enamelled Cookware

Research by the FDA centre considers the use of ceramic, glass and enamelled to be safe for baby food. However, the use of old enamelled cookware should be avoided as they contain Cadmium which is highly risky for the baby. It is important to make rational consideration of the nature of cookware for cooking baby food. Also in the analysis of the ceramic cookware, it is notable glazed ceramic containers may also contain cadmium.

Glass cookware is also commendable for safe food preparation. However, it is challenging to use glass for cooking due to its fragility to fire.

•    Anodized Aluminium Containers

Rather than the application of the aluminium containers, the use of anodized aluminium cookware is safe as it prevents dissolving of aluminium contents through acidic reactions. The aluminium is locked during the process of anodizing.

Other materials that may be considered include bamboo cookware. The challenge of the cookware is the fact its application is limited.

Ensuring personal and baby’s safety during food preparation is important. The decision on the appropriate cookware for baby food should be aligned with the side effects the utensils its risk to food safety. Healthy concerns are the fundamental factors of consideration when purchasing cooking pots, pans and utensils for baby food preparation. All around the best option for cookware that accords merit to the baby are the iron utensils and cookware.

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