Cute Two Braids Hairstyles

Hey, girls! Are you considering two braid styles as your summer hair resolution? Cool choice, as it’s a super comfy and versatile variant for ladies with unruly natural hair. And we’ve got a bunch of fresh and unboring ideas how to update this basic and rather simple hairdo, making it an awesome option for numerous occasions and images.

Two braids hairstyles are very comfortable as the hair doesn’t fall on the face, and it’s not so hot even in the tropical heat. Easy to do, easy to wear – ideal for summertime, isn’t it?

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Dutch Braids

If you know how to do two French braids, you won’t get into trouble with Dutch braids too. The technique of braiding is very similar – the only difference is that you put the strands under the braid (instead of putting them on in a classic variant). However, the outcome looks completely different:

Dutch Braids

If a classic Dutch braid is not enough for you, there’s another rather easy way to make it look outstanding: all you need is to change the parting. You can play and experiment with zigzags, side-swept part, and careless lines:

Dutch Braids
Dutch Braids

Another, not less bright way to twist the ordinary image of two braids hairstyles is to add some color pop. Colorful threads or ribbons will make a huge difference – so choose your favorite color and rock your casual hairstyle.

Upside down Dutch Braids Hairstyle

Two cute high buns are exactly what you need for hot weather, but it’s too boring for summer. It’s a high time to add some twists to your favorite comfortable but ordinary hairstyles. Make your buns more funny and bright with two pinned up braids in a Dutch technique.

Upside down Dutch Braids Hairstyle

Two Braids with a Curly Ponytail

This back-swept two braids style is a universal one, as it’s appropriate both for big days and for casual wear. There are no secrets – it just looks very graceful and gorgeous, staying really easy to make at the same time.

Begin with ordinary Dutch braid technique and tie both braids into one low ponytail, twisting it with a sparkling gold thread. Make sure that the rest of the hair is curled and styled beautifully. Enjoy a fantastic two braids style.

Curly Ponytail

If you like, make two cute ponytails and wrap them with a strand of hair for an elegant and graceful look:

Two Braids Hairdo with a Decorative String

A golden or yellow string is a popular hair accessory that gives a new life to many good old hairstyles, especially various braid hairstyles. So, why don’t you improvise a little bit?

Pinned up Braids & Buns

This hairstyle basically is a mixture of two easiest and comfiest hairstyles. Braid the front half of your hair and gather all the hair in a high ponytail. After that, make a sock bun (or use a foam donut for it).

Experiment with the braids as they look so fabulous on natural black hair. Remember that two braids hairstyles are not about childishness but about cuteness, femininity, and charm.

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