Daycare That Cares For Your Child’s Future

Busy parents who need a little help caring for their child's welfare during the day have a lot of options when it comes to finding the right daycare facility. As a result, the choice can be tough since there are so many vital considerations that must be taken into account. First and foremost, is the child's safety and well-being. Parents want to know that the child is in a safe and caring space for the duration of their time at the facility in which they have been enrolled.

That means having the confidence and peace of mind to know the child is being closely monitored, provided for, and given the care that he or she deserves. For most daycare centers, however, this is all they offer the child. A place where they are well-protected and they can play and spend time with their peers in an environment that is fun and friendly.

But what if there were a daycare facility that did more than that? A place that didn't just care for the child but took the steps towards caring for that child's future as well? A daycare organization that placed the child in a fully functioning educational environment that was designed to prepare that child for their academic career to come.

It's no secret that the better a child does at their studies from an early age, the better prepared they are to succeed in school as they get older. Every parent wants their child to attend college so they can gain the skills to excel in the real world. At Daycare Marlborough, that preparation begins right now.

The Daycare Marlborough Mission

Childcare should do more than just monitor a child and make sure they are fed throughout the day. The Daycare Marlborough mission states that a child should be fully nourished, body, mind, and soul. Children are at their most curious and inquisitive when they are very young and only beginning to discover and investigate the world around them. The best daycare facility is the one that recognizes this fact and understands what a child needs at this stage of their life and growth.

Daycare Marlborough realizes that a care facility must be endowed with the ability to offer the exact educational tools that are necessary to cultivate young minds and help their inquisitive nature to thrive in an atmosphere that has been fine-tuned to meet those needs. Now is the time to start the child on a road towards academic success.

That begins as early as possible, when the child is but a mere toddler and continues all the way until the child has reached Kindergarten. It is through this method of “progressive learning” that each child is given the chance to learn in an environment tailored towards challenging their minds while also nurturing their individualism through positive reinforcement and creative encouragement.

These goals are accomplished through a multifaceted support system of stakeholders that starts with the parents and continues with the thorough assistance of educators and administrators of Daycare Marlborough. Together they create the framework upon which the child gains the advantages necessary to get ahead in their schooling.

The Programs

Daycare Marlborough is made up of a variety of age-appropriate programs designed to meet the academic needs of the child. At the time of enrollment, a child is placed into the program that is the best fit for his or her particular age range and skills. Age groups are important because they allow for the child to bloom in the environment that is most beneficial for their growth.

Each program has been built to promote the child's complete development as they learn and explore the world around them, the people in that world, and discover how the child fits into that world. This is done to instill self-esteem and confidence in their own capacities to reach the dreams they have for the future. Parental involvement is critical in this stage of their lives and Daycare Marlborough encourages a strong working relationship between the family and educators so that every child has a positive and nurturing support system in place to ensure they are always on the right track.

For these purposes, the progressive programs at Daycare Marlborough offer a full range of educational services that incorporate a wide array of academic components that are combined with playtime and group interaction so that every child is given equal time with their teachers.


Suitable for children up to 33 months, the toddler program helps children embrace their tendencies towards curiosity through play and mobility. The most basic educational aspects are introduced that include the development of their vocabulary and sensory-based art projects. Group participation is encouraged to boost their social skills.


This second tier of the Daycare Marlborough educational progression puts a greater emphasis on the basic educational aspects that were introduced at the toddler stage. Learning is done through a mix of playtime and loosely-structured academics so that the child may learn at his or her own pace. Not all children learn at the same rate, the preschool program understands and embraces this fact.


This next program in the child's evolution through Marlborough focuses on preparing the child for their matriculation into Kindergarten. In order to do this successfully, the pre-K program works towards making the child feel less afraid or worried about moving forth into a classroom setting that focuses less on play and more on work. Through this program, the children are placed in an environment that is designed to emulate the educational environment they can expect in the next stage and helps them make the transition to being away from parents for longer periods of time.


This program emphasizes the academic aspects more readily by providing each child with the educational necessities needed for their entry into grade school. Therefore, children are given lessons in reading, writing, arithmetic, and basics of a foreign language, in this case Russian. These academics prepare the child to take on elementary school with confidence and the knowledge that they have been given every possible advantage to succeed.

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