Is A Dollar Tree Pregnancy Test Really Accurate?

You may have found yourself in a situation where you are wondering if you or your partner might be pregnant, yet don’t want to spend a fortune on home pregnancy tests. Instead, you pick up a dollar tree pregnancy test, hoping it might give you the answer you are looking for with an accurate result either way. But are the results truly accurate? Read on to find out more about using these inexpensive tests.

How to Use a Dollar Tree Pregnancy Test

It is important to read instructions on the packaging carefully. Even just missing one step or doing it in a different way could alter the results and therefore give you an incorrect answer. You will want to use your first morning urine, since it likely contains the highest concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) levels.


1. You will also need to collect your urine in a clean, dry cup or container.

2. Open the test box and inside there will be a test and a dropper (sometimes a small plastic well to collect urine—I find these TOO small!)

3. Lay the test on a flat, dry surface and use the dropper to collect urine from your cup or container

4. Place the required number of drops in the collection well (the number of drops will be listed on the box; usually 4 drops)

5. Set a timer for 3 minutes (or recommended time on the box) and wait

6. Read your results and immediately discard the test—never read results passed the recommended time, as they will NOT be accurate.

Reading the Results

You might think reading the results is a straightforward process, and usually it is. However, there are times when you may be left with more questions than answers after taking a pregnancy test.

Generally speaking, if you see two vertical lines you are pregnant. If you only see one vertical line, lined up with the “C” on the test, then you are not pregnant. The “C” is the control line to tell you the test is working. The “T” on the test marks where a test line will come up if you are expecting. A blank test, void of any lines is invalid and a new test should be taken.

What if the Test Line is Faint?

Getting a faint line under the “T” can create doubt and make you question the accuracy of the dollar tree pregnancy test you are using. Even if the test line is faint, this means the test is positive. False positives are very rare. If you are unsure, it is recommended to wait 48 hours and re-test, since hCG levels should double every 48 hours, giving you a stronger test line.

When Should I Test?

For accurate results, it is best to test after you have missed your period. This allows the hCG to build up in your body, enough to trigger a positive test result. A Dollar Tree pregnancy test will detect as little as 20mIU of hCG in a woman’s system. This level isn’t often reached until the first day after missing your period. Therefore, early testing could make the test result inaccurate, or a false negative.

What if a Line Showed Up After the Time Frame?

While the box boasts that the test is 99% accurate, this is only true if the results are read within the recommended time and if done on the day you miss your period or later. If you do happen to glance at your dollar tree pregnancy test after the allotted time period and notice a line has developed where a positive test line would appear, this could be a false positive or evaporation line. Regardless of the appearance of a line after the proper time, you should re-test in a couple of days to get a clearer answer.

If the line that develops looks like a shadow or has no color, chances are this is an evaporation line. An evaporation line is caused when the urine dries on the test and leaves behind almost an indent where the test line would be. This is NOT to be read as a positive result.

In Conclusion…

If you carefully follow the directions, use a sterile urine collection method, read the results within the proper time frame and only test once you have missed your period, you can trust that Dollar Tree pregnancy test you have purchased. No need for expensive brand names which do the same job, the Dollar Tree pregnancy test will detect hCG in your system too, at about 20mIU, or as early as the day you miss your period. Save yourself some anguish and some money—grab a Dollar Tree pregnancy test and get the answer you need.

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