5 Natural Remedies To Dry Cough During Pregnancy

Have a dry cough during pregnancy? You are not alone in this and we can all agree to one thing; these coughs are so uncomfortable. What is even worse is that dry cough during pregnancy escalates on the third trimester, the time when you the whole peace in the world.

It’s scientifically proven that a normal cough has a healthy purpose. It helps remove mucus expelled from the lungs or the mucus that is making its way back in the throat from the nose. Hey, such a cough can be termed as productive and it's advisable no to suppress it.

On the other hand, What about a dry cough during pregnancy? Does it have any healthy function in the body? Here is a list of the major causes of dry cough during pregnancy. Let #3 not freak you out.

List of the major causes of dry cough during pregnancy

1. Weakened immune system

Before getting pregnant, I would have proudly claimed that I had a strong immune system. I would rarely catch infections. After getting pregnant the tables turned; I started getting infections easily. I consulted my doctor who notified me that; my body’s immune system gets weak when I am pregnant. With that said this should now explain why you are easily getting that dry cough infection.

2. Allergy

This is the most common cause of dry coughs during pregnancy. With different people having an allergy to different substances; dust, powder, particular scent… This one is nearly unavoidable.

I have an allergy to dust, and every time I would sniff a little dust in my windpipe I would have dry coughs. When the allergen finds its way through the respiratory system, it causes breathing difficulty and as a result, triggers dry coughs.

3. Heartburn

Yes, heartburn can actually cause dry coughs during pregnancy. Let’s all agree on one thing; heartburn during pregnancy is very common. But, did you know that these stomach acids and heartburn can actually trigger dry coughs? When these gasses find their way to the respiratory system, a burning sensation that causes dry coughs is triggered.

4. Asthma

If you are asthmatic and in your pregnancy; you are most likely to experience dry coughs. Asthma being a disease affecting the breathing system may cause severe and fatal dry coughs especially when you are on your pregnancy and your body is struggling with its immune system.

If you have been diagnosed with asthma it is advisable that you consult your doctor when you have these dry coughs to prevent complications.

5. Chronic bronchitis

Pregnant women with chronic bronchitis are at high risk of experiencing dry coughs. This occurs when you have an allergy to certain foods and insect bites.

6. High estrogen level

I know this must have come as a surprise to you. But, yes! High Estrogen levels during pregnancy (especially in the third-trimester cause the swelling of the mucous membranes surrounding the throat.

Under normal circumstances, the swelling causes a normal cough, but there are instances when the swelling causes an irritation effect triggering dry coughs.

Consequences if dry cough during pregnancy is left untreated

· Stress- we all know that pregnant women get stressed over almost everything. Hello! It’s not that easy growing a life in there. When I was pregnant, I would even get stressed over the many commercial adverts they bring on the TV.

Now add a dry cough into the picture. This will stress every pregnant woman and it’s scientifically proven too much stress on pregnant women should be avoided as it may have a negative effect on the growing baby.

· Urine leakage- when pregnant we are embarrassed over almost everything. From walking in public; hey, it’s not that easy to carry the evidence of sex in public. Now add accidental urine leakages?

While pregnant your uterus takes too much space and presses hard on the bladder. This on itself can cause accidental urine leakages. With dry coughs things become even worse; you are likely to have a lot of accidents. We can all agree this is so embarrassing. What if it happens when you are in public places?

· Poor appetite- I know you must be wondering. How is dry cough during pregnancy related to poor appetite? The truth is, the two are related. As pregnant women, we need to eat a healthy balanced diet. But, a dry cough can actually ruin your appetite. Sometimes this irritating cough might take up to 20 minutes making it difficult to eat.

· Insomnia- sleep is essential to all pregnant women. Dry coughs can, however, ruin your sleep making you have sleepless nights.

5 Natural treatments to dry cough during pregnancy

After reviewing the possible consequences if dry cough is left untreated lets now look at the natural ways you can cure dry cough during pregnancy. You don’t need to visit a doctor; you can actually undertake these treatment methods at the comfort of your home.

1. Stay hydrated

The prime reason you are having these dry coughs is due to the irritating dry sensation in your through. And, for that reason staying hydrated to avoid dry cough during pregnancy is very crucial.

You need to take in plenty of fluids in your body during this period. This will not only treat dry coughs but will shield you from getting it. To begin with, water! It’s a simple fluid very essential to ensure you remain hydrated.

As I had mentioned before. When you are pregnant, your immune system is weakened and it is thus essential to ensure you keep your immune system boosted. What another way that taking in a lot of vitamin c rich orange juice. It is sweet, will keep you hydrated and most importantly boost your immune system. Hey, it’s a win-win in this.

2. Garlic

I tried this and I have to testify to very appealing results. Garlic being a member of the onion family has stood out strong as a powerhouse to cure dry coughs and common cold during pregnancy.

What of the taste? I agree the taste and smell are not what every pregnant woman would want. In order to get rid of the taste, I applied some raw honey of the crushed garlic. This way I wouldn’t feel the soul taste. It worked for me and I can confidently recommend you to use it.

In fact, in several studies, it was found that families that use garlic supplements were found to fall ill less often.

3. Rest


Yes, rest can actually help treat dry coughs and cure you of insomnia caused by dry coughs during pregnancy. I know it’s tough to fall asleep when you are having dry coughs. I also thought so too, until a friend of mine told me the “trick”.

Try elevating your head more using the pillows and you will find yourself napping so easily.

4. Lemon and honey

Lemon and honey

Over the past decades, lemon and honey have been used to cure a lot of diseases. This also applies in our context. These two magical ingredients help in the cure of dry coughs during pregnancy.

I have seen it working on my friends and so I can actually recommend you to use them. However, some pregnant women have a negative allergic reaction to honey so it is advisable to consult your doctor before using it.

5. Keep away from then allergens

This is quite simple if you have an allergy to dust, certain perfumes, powder or even certain soap. Keep away from these allergens and you shall not have to deal with dry coughs during pregnancy.


It is my sincere hope you found this tutorial joyful. Most importantly I hope that all your queries on dry cough during pregnancy were answered.

If I had this information when I was in my first pregnancy, I would have avoided getting the irritating dry coughs I had then. But, on the other hand, you are lucky to have this vital information. Don’t hold this information only to yourself. Please share this article with a friend or two. Finally, don’t forget to leave a comment on the comment box below. Thank you.

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