What Causes Constipation? 6 Best Formulas For Constipation In Babies!

During pregnancy, we have a lot to worry about since we are carrying a life and all we want is to ensure that our angels are comfortable in our bellies. After giving birth the worries don’t stop, in fact, they heighten since newborn babies are prone to the risk of contacting numerous health related problems. For instance, if they get constipation it’s your duty to figure out the best formula for constipation.

But generally, babies are a blessing, irrespective of whether you planned to get one or it came as a surprise when the pregnancy kit turned positive. However, newborn babies are prone to experiencing constipation since their digestive system is not well developed and with changing diet constipation is barely unavoidable. Personally my firstborn was a girl and she really had a problem with constipation. I had to try out the different formula for constipation but it took me a long time before figuring out the perfect one.

When it comes to the formula for constipation, it is good to understand that different babies have different digestive capabilities, for this reason, you shouldn’t always accept the formula that worked for your friends baby to work in your angel too. No! Some babies are allergic to certain components of a given formula for constipation; as a result of adopting a formula, it is advisable that you consult your pediatrician.

How do you know your baby has constipation?

How do you know your baby has constipation

Before determining the best formula for constipation, firstly you have to accurately determine that your baby is actually experiencing constipation. Sometimes, especially with first babies where we don’t have much experience in raising a newborn baby, we may fail to know when our angel is experiencing constipation. As gross as it may sound we can agree to one thing, constipation even to adults is really an irritating experience and you wouldn’t want your angel to experience the same, would you?

The following are the major signs that your baby is experiencing constipation and you need to find a formula for constipation.

i. Doesn’t poop at least once in 5-7 days

As mentioned earlier different babies digest differently. For this reason, one cannot say that your baby should poop after every 48 hours. However, if your baby doesn’t poop at least once in 5 -7 days then there is a high likely hood that they are experiencing constipation and finding it hard to pass the stool out.

ii. If your baby’s stool is hard and has blood stains

Generally, your baby’s stool should be soft and easy to pass off. But, if your baby is experiencing constipation this will not be the case. His/her stool will be hard than usual and in some cases have some blood stains. This should raise a red flag that your angel is experiencing constipation and it would be the high time you seek for a formula for constipation.

iii. Hard belly

Not many mothers know of this method. You can know if your baby is experiencing constipation by applying some gentle pressure on his/her belly. If you find that the belly is hard than it should normally be, then chances are quite high that your baby is constipating.

iv. Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite and constipation? Yes, when your baby has constipation he/she might lose appetite. However, this is not and efficient methods since there are many other reasons that can cause your baby to lose appetite.

v. Discomfort trying to poop

Constipation is such a discomfort even to adults. If you find out that your baby tends to cry before pooping, then there is a high chance they are experiencing constipation and you need to figure out on the best formula for constipation for him/her.

What causes constipation?

Before trying to find a solution and determining the perfect formula for constipation, it is crucial to determine what caused constipation in the first place. Hey, sometimes prevention is better than cure.

The following are the major reasons why your baby is constipating.

· Feeding on formula

Baby’s who feed on breast milk are less likely to experience constipation since breast milk contains the right content of fats and proteins and is easy to digest. However, your baby can constipate if there is something you are passing to them through the breast milk that they are allergic to. If this happens you should try and find out what it is and stop consuming it. Back to the point of feeding formula, unlike breast milk, some formulas recommended for your baby despite the reason may be hard for your baby to digest, making their poop hard and bulky. Personally, my pediatrician recommended me to use Enfamil with iron to help boost the growth of my baby. However, this formula caused my baby to constipate and I had to change it.

· Dehydration

One would wonder, how can a baby get dehydrated yet they are drinking milk which is liquid? The answer to the question is that it is possible for them to get dehydrated despite breastfeeding. They may lose a lot of liquid through sweating while some babies due to different reasons refuse being breastfed. This could cause dehydration and as a result trigger constipation. To help prevent this you can add diluted juice to your child’s and give them one ounce a day just to ensure they stay hydrated.

· Introducing solid foods

At some point, you shall need to introduce your baby to solid foods. However, solid foods have a reputation of making babies constipate since their digestive system is still developing and is not used to digesting anything other than breast milk. To help prevent constipation you can add prune juice to the food, also fruits and vegetables rich in fiber will help prevent your angel from constipating.

· Medical conditions

Your angel can also constipate due to a medical condition and if this happens it is advisable that you consult your pediatrician.

Best formula for constipation

The following are the best formula for constipation:

Honestly, this is what worked for me and I confidently recommend you to try it. On introducing my baby to solid foods, she constipated a lot and I tried several formulas but none worked for her apart from similac advance. It is available in both powder and liquid and produces effective results. You can see the product on amazon by clicking here.

This formula for constipation is by far the most used since very few babies are allergic to it. It is available in liquid form but at the same time, you can request for it in powder form too. The results are admirable and I would also recommend you to try it. Click here to see the reviews on amazon

It is available in powder form and helps increase the fiber content in your baby’s diet. You can see the product on amazon by clicking here

This formula is ideal for babies with milk allergies. It helps boost the digestion of milk and as a result prevent constipation. Enfamil nutramigen is quite expensive but it’s quite effective too. It is available in both liquid and powder form and you can click here to see the product on amazon.

5. Lactofree formula

It is available in different brands and given that the product is made by a very reputable company, lactofree formula is efficient in helping stop your baby from constipating.

Gentlease formula helps cure constipation on your angel especially if he/she has a lot of gas. However, if your baby is allergic to iron this formula might not work. You can view the product on amazon by clicking here.

NB: Before switching from one formula to another, it is advisable that you consult your pediatrician.


I hope you found this tutorial fun and most importantly helpful to you. Constipation on your baby shall be a thing of the past if you adopt the formulas for constipation recommended above in this article.

Personally, with my first baby, I was not aware that some babies are allergic to a certain component in given formula for constipation, as a result, I had to try many formulas before getting the perfect one. Don’t keep this knowledge all to yourself, share this article with a friend or two and enlighten them on the same. Thank you and please don’t forget to leave a comment on the comment box below.

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