Becoming A Foster Parent – Help A Child Find A Guiding Light

A foster parent has many responsibilities and being one is considered a very rewarding experience. Thousands of children each year are passed into foster care and thousands also enter adulthood while still part of the nationwide foster care program. These children are already at a disadvantage to compete as adults because they have never experienced the stability that is most kids get when they grow up with parents.

Becoming a foster parent, you can intervene to help out this situation and also get something out of it financially and via training. Learn more.

How Do I Become A Foster Parent?

There are no strict parameters to become a foster parent. You should not have a serious criminal record and should be an adult to be able to apply. As the process moves on, your home conditions and finances will be evaluated to ensure that you are able to support yourself and your dependents.  There should be enough space for the foster child to have privacy.

The foster-related departments give you the funds to take care of the foster kid and you also earn a little more as an incentive. The money, depending on the state in which you live, is applicable for tax breaks.

There will be a lot of communication with social workers and you will also have to attend a few training sessions to arm yourself with the necessary skills. Even during the foster care period, you will have complete access to the social worker fraternity and in case you need help regarding a situation, there are phone helplines available.

Your Impact As A Foster Parent

Let us look at the positive impact you can have as a caring and responsible foster parent. Imagine taking in a child who has never experienced security and guidance. Many children who come into care have been abused or neglected by parents who are addicts, some even criminals. Then there are some whose families could not take care of them and parents are too sick to even provide the basic necessities.

By opening your doors to this young individual you provide the fundamental things that all children deserve. It begins with a safe and secure environment where the child can be relaxed and experience a progressive personal development. With a routine that establishes simple things like meal times and homework and play periods, the child gains confidence in the people around him or her.

From an emotional perspective too, a foster parent can be the leading light for a child. Young children are prone to their bouts of low confidence, which if left unattended can become a lifelong affliction. You can prevent that from happening by providing the child a space for emotional communication – where children can shed their insecurities and not have to fear uncertainty.

When children are allowed to develop emotionally, they grow into young adults who will be equipped to handle what the world has to offer them. And you can have a big part to play in this.

Many foster parents regard the goodbyes as the most painful moments. By welcoming a stranger home and extending the family, beautiful bonds are created. Foster parents maintain lifelong relationships with their wards and this is considered the biggest highlight of taking up this mantle.

Foster Care In The USA

When it comes to the numbers, foster care in the USA remains an uphill battle and it requires all the resources it can get to help out. The government and social worker frameworks are doing their jobs but the problems in communities across the country are getting bigger. 20% of children become homeless instantly once they reach the age of 18 and have to step out of foster care. The chances for kids who have lived extensively in foster care to get a college degree are very low. Many children suffer trauma and have PTSD symptoms.

We may not like it but for most of the children in foster care, life is going to be a tough place to find their feet. So you can only imagine how important it is that you provide a nurturing ground while you get the chance to do something.

Consider fostering for the benefits it will bring to you, your family, and the person you are taking care of. As we hope to see a bright world around us, it depends on how we treat our future generations, especially those that are vulnerable. Play your part and help your own community.

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