From What Age Can Babies Start Having Weetabix?

Babies are blessings to both the family and community in general. It is for this reason that every mother wishes the best for their kids. From the kind of diet, we feed them, the intense medical care… virtually everything is meant to ensure that the baby stays safe and has a healthy development. This brings us to our greatest question: From what age can babies start having Weetabix?

On the early phases after giving birth, babies primarily depend on breast milk or infant formula. At this stage, they are not ready for any solid food yet since their digestive system is still developing and isn’t ready for digesting solid food. So, how do you know that your baby can start having Weetabix?

Why is Weetabix essential to your baby and when should you introduce your baby to Weetabix?


Most doctors and a quite a number of researchers have found it appropriate that most babies are ready to start having Weetabix at the age of six months. It is at this age that their digestive system will have developed well enough to comfortably digest Weetabix without any complications such as constipation and in some cases diarrhea

Given that Weetabix is quite a popular meal in over 85% of the countries around the globe it is a healthy option when you opt to introduce your baby to solid food at six months old. As your baby grows he/she will need more nutrients that might not be available on the breast milk alone and this calls in for the introduction of solid foods. Weetabix is rich in minerals, proteins, iron and vitamins all which are vital for the healthy development of your baby.

Signs that your baby is in the right age to take Weetabix

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Not most women know that there are some things that babies do that indicate they are in the right age to start having Weetabix. Which are these signs?

  • If your baby is able to stay in a sitting position and hold their head steady, this is an indication that you can start giving them Weetabix. And, this happens when the baby is approximately 6 months old.
  • Babies are born virtually blind but as they develop and time passes they begin having a clear vision. At 6 months old your baby is able to coordinate their eyes, hands, and mouth. This is an indication that he/she is ready to start having Weetabix. At this age, they can look at the food and at times pick it up putting it in their mouth.
  • There is a great difference between putting food in the mouth and actually swallowing it. Your baby is ready to start having Weetabix if he/she can swallow soft solid food.

Why should babies aged below 6 months old not take Weetabix?

To begin with, Weetabix should not be fed to babies below 6 months old; also most doctors recommend that you don’t give Weetabix to your baby as the first weaning food. The following are the reasons why Weetabix is not appropriate for babies below the age of 6 months:

1. Possible allergen

Weetabix is a cereal made from whole grain wheat. There have been several reported cases of some children below the age of 6 months being allergic to wheat.

2. Undeveloped digestive system

Your baby’s digestive system isn’t fully developed until after 6 months and it is then that it would be appropriate for your angel to start having Weetabix. The fiber content in Weetabix can be a bit harsh to the tummy of babies below the age of 6 months and this can lead to severe diarrhea and other complications.

Safety measures when your baby starts having Weetabix?

Given that there is a lot that can go wrong when your baby start having solid food, as a parent the following are the appropriate safety measures:

  • Stay with your baby in case they choke. Be extra careful when introducing Weetabix to your six months old baby, you need to carefully check them so that they don’t choke.
  • As a parent, we feel frustrated when the baby isn’t in the mood to take food. It's normal, all we want as parents is that our baby to grow fast and there is a temptation to force them to eat whenever they don’t. However, when introducing Weetabix to your baby you shouldn’t force them to eat, try and make it fun to him/her. Allow your angel to touch the food at times feed themselves.
  • You don’t expect you, baby, to start having three Weetabix meals in a day. Start slow say with one meal and progress as your baby gets comfortable.


It is my hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful. Most women don’t know the age when their babies can start having Weetabix but you have all the knowledge. Don’t keep all this knowledge to yourself share this article with a friend or two and don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below. Thank you.

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