5 Best Tips for Getting Rid of Acne Fast

Acne and pimples are two of life’s most annoying and prevalent skin curse. Blemishes of any shape are never fun to deal with, and a nasty outburst can encumber both your complexion and confidence.

The good news is if you are getting pestered by the ugly red dots, you can easily get rid of this problem without having to indulge in expensive medication.

Journey with us and learn the best five tips on how to get rid of acne fast.

Dab an Over the Counter Acne Spot Treatment

For a long time, home-made treatments such as the use of toothpaste, lemon juice, and Windex have been promoted as excellent remedies against acne.

However, dermatologists advise against them. Both lemon juice and toothpaste, for instance, are complex and have an irritating effect on your skin.

Instead, dermatologists recommend that you go with certified acne meds.

Dabbing OTC acne spot treatment directly on your pimple is an effective way to get rid of the stubborn acne.

Whatever spot acne treatment you decide to follow, it's vital that you read and follow the directions of each product. Again, while it might be tempting to over-apply these medications, we advise that you desist.

Apply a Sulphur Mask

Sulfur masks are yet another wonderful acne treatment that is only rivaled by the spot treatment.

For a long time, Sulphur has been used for acne treatment, and contrary to the traditional Sulphur products, today’s treatments do not feature the nasty scent associated with Sulphur.

Sulfur has been tied with the effects of unclogging your pores, and more importantly, it has anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it will help the swollen pimples to look smaller.

Depending on what Sulphur product you use, you can either apply the Sulphur on the offending pimple or apply it all over your face.

Again, we strongly insist that you read on the Sulphur mask application as some of the products will need to be left on the spot overnight for maximum effectiveness, while others will need rinsing after a few minutes.

Get a Cortisone Injection

Are you experiencing an acne flare up? Is your acne manifested through unbelievably deep, painful zits and cystic breakouts that don’t want to heal?

If so, cortisone injection might be what you need to treat the acne quickly.

Cortisone injections will stop the pain and recede the swelling within a few hours, and in any case, this injection will flatten out the breakouts within 48 hours.

However, cortisone injection is only ideal for those with deep acne blemishes that will not respond to other forms of treatment.

More importantly, you will want to talk to your physician about this option, and it should not be used regularly as they are not meant for use regularly.

Ice It

Icing is a common technique used by estheticians.

Now, if you have had acne, you know that a lot of the time, you can feel it, more so the pimple, before you see them-it’s like a sixth sense.

As soon as you feel a little tingling or throbbing on your skin, you ought to apply ice on the affected region.

For those with already established pimples, ice will serve the purpose of reducing redness, swelling, and pain.

While at it, however, you will not want to rub the ice cube touching on your skin and instead wrap it using a soft cloth.

Again, don't ice the pimple for a long period to stop frostbite from happening. Ideally, you should rub the wrapped ice cube for 20 to 30 seconds, a few times a day.

While icing won't heal your acne blemished, it will ease the pain of the swollen breakouts.

Stop Breakouts Before they Start

The above tips are handy for treating individual treatment. However, if you are constantly battling acne, the goal should to stop this condition from happening in the first place.

For this, you can use a good acne medication and make a habit of washing your face regularly with clean water.

And while popping the acne pimples seem like a quick way of making the blemishes and red spots disappear, steer away from this as it can permanently damage your skin.

Finally, if everything else fails, don’t hesitate to give your dermatologist a call. Your physician will help in devising an acne treatment plan that should help in clearing your skin.

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