Gift Ideas for Children who Like to Read

Children who like to read develop a unique set of skills. From an improved concentration to an amazing memory and a wild imagination, reading can do wonders for a child’s brain development. As such, if you are lucky enough to have a bookworm kid, you should try to cultivate their love of reading as much as possible. While a bookworm kid will enjoy any good book, if you are looking for a really special gift, we have some inspiring ideas for you.

A personalized book

Any child who loves to read pictures himself as the hero in the story. As such, what better way is there to make a bookworm kid happy than to get him a book where he actually is the hero of the story. You can find Personalized Books from children of different ages, and you can choose between different stories to order a book that will match the personality of your child.

Book accessories

Any book lover appreciates accessories that facilitate the reading process or which help them organize their book collection. The most useful book accessories are bookmarks. You can order customized bookmarks with your child’s favorite stories or characters. You can also find bookmarks that you can customize with your child’s name or picture. For older children, you can opt for timing bookmarks, which help readers keep track of how much they have read and for how long. After all, all bookworms take pride in their reading skills. Aside from bookmarks, you can also opt for other book accessories like book ends, a reading light, a book stand, or a book holder for lazy readers.

A reading nook

Book lovers usually love to retreat to isolated locations in order to enjoy a good reading session. If you have ever caught your child reading under the table, you probably know what we are talking about. So, why not surprise your kid with a comfy reading nook. You can opt for a tent and a dozen of comfy pillows, or you can actually create a reading nook in your home. It can be under the stairs, by the window or in the kid’s room. Just make sure that the reading nook has some curtains for privacy and enough pillows to accommodate the craziest reading positions. You can even throw in some fairy lights to make the space more magical. If your space allows it, you can even opt for a secret room.

Favorite character gifts

While bookworms don’t like to make discriminations when it comes to books, everybody has at least one favorite book and a favorite character. As such, any item featuring their favorite character will make for a wonderful gift for your kid. From mugs, to figurines, toys or personalized t-shirts, anything will do, as book lovers love to show off their favorite characters.

A reading diary

If your kid is very organized and they lack to keep track of their reading passion, they will surely appreciate a reading diary. They can use it to make a list of the books that they have read, or wish lists of the books that they plan on reading, or even for writing reviews of the books that they have read.

A gift certificate to a local bookstore

If your child is old enough to shop on their own, a gift certificate will make for a wonderful gift. Unless you have access to your kid’s bookish wish list, there are very little chances that you will know what books they plan on reading next, so it is better to leave this choice in their hands.

A book safe

For book lovers, bookcases will always be full of mystery, but they can be even more mysterious if they hide a treasure. As such, a case in the shape of a book will make for a wonderful gift. Your little one can their most valuable treasures in the book safe, and hide it in the safety of their bookcase.

A bookcase

Speaking of bookcases, if your child’s current bookcase can no longer accommodate the growing collection of books, a new bookcase is in order. But don’t choose a plain bookcase. Choose something more creative, with a unique shape or with detailed craftmanship.

Book character costumes

All kids like to play dress up, but this game is even more fun when you get to dress up like your favorite character. Nowadays you can find all types of character costumes online, from Hogwarts robes for Harry Potter fans to Peter Pan costumes and much more.

Story items

This is a more complex gift, as it requires you to know the story behind your kid’s favorite book. However, even if you don’t know it, you can do a little research online and find some amazing gifts. Let’s assume your kid’s favorite book is Harry Potter. There are numerous story items and toys that you can find online, from wands, to time turner necklaces, golden snitches and much more. For every popular story, you can find matching merchandise that will make any kid happy.

A writing kit

Most readers also have a natural storytelling skill which they put to use from time to time. If your kid likes to make up their own stories, encourage their passion with a children’s book writing kit. You can find numerous such kits on Amazon. They usually include everything that kids will need not only to write but also to illustrate their book. From cover template pages, to story templates, markers and instructions, these books are equipped with everything that a young writer might need.

Favorite story coloring books

All kids love coloring, but this activity is even more fun when they get to color their favorite stories. There are dozens of coloring books to choose from, and if your kid is a pro artist, make sure your gift also includes a professional set of coloring crayons.

A book themed birthday party

Last but not least, if your kid’s birthday is coming up, there is no better gift than a story themed party. Make sure the party includes not decorations from their favorite book, but also story related activities and games.

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