HCG Diet and Pregnancy: Evaluating Its Efficacy and Safety

If you are planning a pregnancy in near future, there are some things that are to be considered and your preconception weight is one of them. A woman’s weight has a significant influence on her fertility. So if you carry some extra pounds, you will probably need to shed them to maximize your chances.  At the same time, losing weight post-pregnancy is a concern as it may be tough to get rid of the fats accumulated during pregnancy. Some women lose it rapidly after breastfeeding; others may take years to make the scales come back to normal.

Whether it is about losing weight prior to conception or after delivery, you need to look for healthy weight loss measures. Eating the right kinds of food and exercising can help but it may not be effective for all. You may need to take a specific diet plan to shed weight fast and keep it off. HCG diet is one of the most effective weight loss programs that are recognized for its extensive weight loss benefits. But if you plan to follow it before, during or after pregnancy, then you must carefully verify its efficacy and safety. Let us understand the suitability of the protocol in each of these circumstances.

HCG Diet Before Conception

If you are planning a pregnancy in near future, you need to ensure that you are at an optimal weight level to give you best chances. Obesity reduces your odds and can also result in several pregnancy complications for the mother and the baby. Ideally, if you are overweight, you should initiate a weight loss diet at least three months before you start trying. HCG diet is safe for such women as it helps them shed weight by losing fat accumulated in the body. It is best to buy your drops from HCGdiet.com or some other trusted source that provides genuine and safe products. You may want to take up more than one rounds of this diet if there is a need to lose a lot of weight. Timing is, therefore, important and you should keep plenty of time margins to lose weight and reach an optimal level.

An important thing to bear in mind is to begin the diet before getting pregnant. However, some women may experience false positive pregnancy test as the intake of HCG diet can increase the hormonal levels in their bodies. In case you are not using birth control while following the diet, keep checking on your pregnancy tests and follow up with a gynecologist in case they turn out to be positive. Discuss your diet strategy with the doctor so that you should be on birth control during this duration to avoid getting pregnant while on the diet.

HCG Diet During Pregnancy 

Pregnancy is a delicate phase when a woman goes through several physical and emotional changes. Whatever she eats and does has a direct impact on her unborn baby and a single wrong step can harm the little she is carrying in her womb. Therefore, there is a need to carefully consider the implications of any diet or medicine while you are pregnancy. HCG diet is not recommended during this time as it will deprive the baby of the essential nutrients, considering the fact that you can consume only 500 calories a day while following the protocol.

In case weight loss is a concern for you, HCG diet is not an option you should consider. Rather, you should talk to your doctor and work up a diet that is nutritionally rich as well as does not cause weight gain. Focus on maintaining healthy weight rather than losing it while you are pregnant. A nutritionist can devise a personalized weight maintenance program according to your needs. One issue that plagues most mommies-to-be is cravings for high-sugar and high-fat foods. The best way to handle them is eat in moderation and find healthy alternatives such as fruits and salads. Moderation of weight during pregnancy helps you shed the pounds more easily once you deliver the baby.

HCG Diet After Delivery

Once you have delivered the baby, it is time to seriously think about the weight and fat accumulated everywhere on your body. Do not take it easy thinking that breastfeeding will take away the pounds because it is not a way that works for everyone. However, you cannot initiate HCG diet while you breastfeed the baby because this is the time when your nutritional requirements are high. In fact, women who lactate require at least 500 calories more than women who do not. Therefore, HCG diet is not recommended for you in case you are lactating. The best way is to take healthy and nutritious diet that is low in fat and sugar. Maintain an exercise routine too so that you can lose weight safely. Here again, you can see a nutritionist to come up with a customized diet plan according to your needs.

Even if the diet plan might not be as effective as HCG diet for weight loss, it will help you shed a considerable amount of loss. Additionally, this measure will be safe for you and the baby as well. You can follow an HCG protocol soon after you stop lactating. In case you are not breastfeeding the baby, you can start the diet after the six week period post-delivery or sooner if you feel up to it. The earlier you do it, the better it is for you as it will prevent you falling into unhealthy eating habits. HCG drops are the best option for new mommies because they are easy to take and painless, which makes them correspond easily with your busy lifestyle. There are other forms in which HCG is available, such as pills and nasal sprays. However, drops still remain the most popular choice. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the idea of eating only 500 calories a day because your new mommy routine might make you feel hungrier than ever.

A Final Word

Right diet and a healthy lifestyle play a key role in getting pregnant and sustaining a healthy pregnancy. Not only this, it can also influence your health as well as the baby’s health once you have delivered it. Whether you plan to take up HCG diet plan before or after pregnancy or opt for some other weight loss measure, see a doctor first. The reason is that a woman is at the most critical phase of her life as she plans motherhood, gets pregnant and after she delivers her baby. In all these cases, her diet and lifestyle plays a critical role in keeping the baby healthy. Therefore, she should not follow this diet or for that matter, any other diet before, during and after pregnancy.

If you do plan to lose weight using this measure, get a complete health assessment from a doctor and seek recommendations to ascertain its safety in your case. If you follow the diet during pre-conception or post-delivery, get the HCG dose approved by a doctor first. Buy the drops from a trusted pharmacy or online destination. HCG diet is totally safe before pregnancy and after delivery and it helps you lose weight quickly and effectively if done in the right way. Moreover, the weight lost stays off if you follow the post-diet protocol well enough. In this way, HCG diet serves as a safe and effective weight loss measure for a woman who wants to regain her confidence and lose all the extra weight after having a baby.

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