How Did You Know You Were Pregnant?

Getting pregnant can often come as a surprise to many. Sometimes all we seek is to have some fun, only to discover days later or weeks later that we are actually pregnant. So, how did you know you were pregnant?

If you would interview a group of women who have been pregnant before and ask them: how did you know you were pregnant? It can be quite a surprise discovering that different women had different ways of knowing they were pregnant. Sometimes we get the first sign of pregnancy but ignore it thinking it’s either little nausea or normal cramps. However, there is that sign that makes you go straight to a pharmacy to take a pregnancy test.

How did you get pregnant? The following points will explain in details how different women discovered about their pregnancy. Don’t let #4 freak you out.

1. Missing periods

As a journalist, I am always accustomed to meeting my deadlines. I keep track of my time including knowing the approximate exact time I expect to have my periods. I am lucky enough to have a regular and predictable schedule. On one particular month, I didn’t get my usual monthly period on the day I expected. This was weird to me considering my usual regular schedule and I didn’t expect to be pregnant since I was on birth control pills.

Days passed without me getting my periods and I was really beginning to freak out. I finally decided to take a pregnancy test, and there it was a big positive. I was in shock and I didn’t believe it so I took three similar tests wishing to get a negative but it was never coming.

According to a research conducted by Oxford University, a group of 50 women who had been pregnant before was asked: how did you know you were pregnant? An astonishing 39% of the women claimed that missing their periods was the major sign that made them know they were pregnant.

2. Tender and sore breasts and nipples

Tender and sore breasts and nipples

You have been wearing the same bras for a while now, and then all over sudden you feel quite uncomfortable in them. You start getting the feeling and sensation they are too rough and rubbing against your breasts?

This is an early sign of pregnancy. When a group of women was asked: how did you know you were pregnant? 24% of them said that they discovered that their breasts suddenly become soft and sore. This sign might be a little bit confusing since there is a group of women who have a somewhat similar sign during their monthly periods but, when pregnant the tenderness and soreness in your breasts persists and ofcos, you won’t be seeing your periods anytime soon.

3. Moody and nausea

Moody and nausea

Ask a woman: how did you know you were pregnant? And a handful of them will tell you, their mood swing. One minute you are super excited and watching Cartoons on the television the next minute you are pissed about the cartoons you have been watching. When pregnant one gets so hormonal and this makes one change their moods quite easily.

Also, quite a number of women when asked; how did you know you were pregnant? Claimed that having nausea was what made them decide to pee on the testing kit only to discover that they were pregnant. Nausea makes you vomit often especially in the morning. This sign of early pregnancy is so common to many that, even if you have not had sex for the past 6 months and vomit in the morning, maybe due to other reasons, the majority of the people around will ask you to take a pregnancy test.

4. Cramping and spotting

On conceiving you are likely to experience cramps similar to those when having your monthly period. However, the cramping this time will be more painful and will last for several days. Though not quite often, some women have claimed that they knew they were pregnant after getting a blood spotting on their pants, the spotting can be confused to the usual monthly period but it is light and only happens once.

5. Constant fatigue

Constant fatigue

I am quite an active woman, the kind that will dance off to my favorite music tune as I do my house chores. However, there was this particular period that I would get tired more often. At times I would find myself so tired at work that I would take a nap as I wait for my next client. Later I discovered all this was because I was actually pregnant.

In a research conducted on 100 women in the US, the women were asked; how did you know you were pregnant? 13% of the women claimed that they discovered the unusual constant fatigue and decided to take a pregnancy to test only to find that they were actually pregnant.


It is my due sincere hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and most importantly got to know the various ways that different women discover about their pregnancy. Personally, I missed my periods and didn’t take the test until it was 12 days past the day I expected to have my periods. You can read more about Best Over the Counter Prenatal Vitamin Selections 

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