How to Clean Your Kids RC Car Properly?

A remote control car is really fun, your kids love to play with this. When it’s about your kid’s hygiene and the durability of the car, you should properly clean the car. Not turn not cleaning it, can be courses damage of the car as well as unhygienic to your kids. By following steps you can clean the cars in the perfect way.

Cleaning the Body:

Cleaning the body of the remote control car body is the easiest part of cleaning, you should wipe every day after using it. You can use a regular tissue or wet wipe for it. You can also rinse it with water, after removing any big chunks of dirt. You can also use detergent that will fuel or grease.

Cleaning the Chassis:

Probably the most difficult part, as well as time consuming, but it’s also the most important. You should try to clean this chassis without shedding it. The best way to clean a RC car is use air compressor. Though it’s expensive but it saves a lot of time and hassle. Air will remove most of the dirt and clean the unreachable part of the car.

You can also use denatured alcohol which will help lose the mud and dirt from the chassis. You can try water and soap if your car is 100% waterproof but never submerge the chassis in water. And try to not wet the electronic parts as maximum possible, and dry it properly. By using a brush you can also clean a lot of dirt.

Another tool you can use the wet wipes, most good things about using it, it’s not expensive and it can remove grease. And finally, there are some special cleaners available in the marker, all you need to do spray and wipe with soft cloths or tissues. But be careful spraying around the electric parts.

Clean RC Engine:

If you want the best performance of your RC car cleaning the motor is must essential. For the cleaning result, you can use many cleaning sprays available in the market, all you needs to do spray and let it dry. Almost every car’s motors are sealed inside. You need to separate the motor and remove the screws carefully. Now you can either use air flow or brush for cleaning.

Cleaning RC Transmitter:

For cleaning transmitter of the RC car air compressor would be the best option. As it’s much expensive you can use brush or cotton buds to keep that dust free. If that got some grease you can use alcohol on it. Try to keep the electric joints clean.

Clean RC Bearings:

To run your RC car properly you need to keep the bearing’s ball clean. Simply you can remove bearing form the car and take container then you can use special spray on them. You can fossil foul (Petrol) for cleaning, use brush to clean.

Cleaning Car’s Wheels:

While you clean the car’s wheels you can use cotton buds for the corner area, then use hot water and toothbrush. Though it’s not a difficult to clean your RC car’s wheels it’s time-consuming.

Cleaning Car Tires:

Most easy parts of cleaning you can simply remove the tires and wash it with water detergent and brush. Don’t forget to dry this before attach again. 


For best durability of your car you should keep the RC car clean, try to not get that much dirty. Ask your kids to use that at the road as maximum possible. Clean every time after use, that will help the car not get mush dirty. Reading this article you will get a clear idea how to clean it, if you think you can’t do this by yourself you can take help from experts.

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