How to Entertain a 3 Month Old Baby?

Everyone thinks it’s an easy task on how to entertain a 3 month old baby. But, on the contrary, this is the hardest task to a mother. Ever! After giving birth to a baby boy, the first two months he would be asleep most of the times. When he was around three months old things changed. He would be awake longer. And, there is where the task to entertain a 3 month old baby begins.

It was then that I realized, I don’t know the appropriate techniques to entertain a 3-month-old son. At times I would try something with the hope that it will keep my son entertained but, he would end up getting irritated and would cry.

A lot of effort and attention has been directed to other topics and totally neglected the aspect on how to entertain a 3 month old. We only educate expectant mothers on appropriate ways to keep the baby safe but yet little on how to keep the baby entertained.

Look no further for answers on how to entertain a 3 month old baby. Here are the ways in which you can entertain your baby. Most of this ways will increase the bond between you and your 3 month old baby, and most importantly keep you both entertained. What else makes a mother happy than seeing their baby smile and giggle?

1. Mirror

Even at this age, I like a mirror. In fact, I can’t go a day without looking myself in the mirror. Babies to get entertained by mirrors

Hung an unbreakable mirror on the baby’s crib and you shall be walking in to find your baby giggling and laughing as he looks at the mirror. It’s quite a simple tool that you get without sacrificing a lot of dollars. This is a little price to pay to ensure your baby remains entertained.​

My son never like it when I was changing his diaper, I attached a mirror on the side of the changing table and everything changed. He would smile and giggle as he looked at the mirror. He may not have comprehended that he was looking at his reflection but, seeing the person in the mirror move his arm and giggle made him entertained. What used to be a 3 minutes diaper change turned into an almost 20 minutes. We all have to agree nothing warms a mother’s heart than seeing their baby smile.

Also, attach a mirror on the baby’s playroom. The mirror should be at his level so that they can see their reflection. This will allow you have an extra minute to do something without worrying that your baby will get bored. Hey, what beats being entertained by your own self?​

2. Sound and music

At three months old babies start to get turned towards voices and words around them. They pay attention to different sounds and most importantly get entertained.

  • Read them a book- once you give birth one thing should be certain; your voice shall be the most soothing thing to you, baby. Your baby will be entertained when you read them an interesting story. Hey, ofcos they don’t comprehend the words. But, they don’t have to so as to get entertained. As you read the book ensure you vary your tone, pitch, accent, and gruffness. Your baby will be entertained by this and they shall be giggling and smiling all along. Most importantly they shall develop new vocabularies as they learn to speak. What’s even more interesting is that you don’t need a new book each time. Babies like repetitiveness and you can always read the same book over and over again, with your baby getting entertained each time. It’s a win-win in this.
  • Singing your baby a song- you don’t need to have a perfect singing voice to entertain a 3 month old baby. You can try singing your baby’s name in a repetitive and entertaining manner as you vary your tone. This will help keep your baby entertained and most they shall also be learning their name.

You can also try singing a pop song; in this illustrate the element of surprise. Start singing in a soft and slow tone then pitch up slightly. Try this while clapping your baby’s hands and he shall be fully entertained.

  • · Music- music has been to be the most entertaining and soothing element. Our babies to get entertained by music. You just have to be careful and figure out what kind of music they like. Ofcos, it should be too loud. More than often you shall find your baby trying to emulate the words in the song lyrics as they smile. What more could we ask for other than the happiness of our new-born?
  • Providing noisy tools- wonder no more on how to entertain a 3 month old baby as you enhance their brain development. By providing your baby with a variety of tools that produce different sounds when shacked, slightly hit or even dropped will not only ensure they remain entertained but it will also enhance the cognitively part of their brain. They shall learn how to associate a particular sound to a particular course of action. I used this tools and my son was always entertained even without my presence. He has also grown to be a very bright “young man.” I recommend you to try these tools, the results never disappoint.

3. Pictures and objects

At 3 months old your baby will start having better control of her arms and legs. It is also at this age that they begin having a better eye coordination. Interacting with moving objects will help improve their sight as well as remain entertained. Here are the things you can do to take advantage of these new abilities and entertain a 3 month old baby.

  • · Books with pictures- at this age your baby can’t turn pages or comprehend what is in the pictures. Open a page in a book with colored pictures and contrasting patterns; ensure the opened page is close to your baby’s eyes (8-12) inches long. If further than that distance the image will appear blurred to your baby. Your baby will be entertained as they look at the pictures and the patterns.
  • Moving objects- I used this method to entertain my 3 month old baby numerous times. And, I have to say I was pleased by the results. Hold an object (doll) onto the sight of your baby’s eyes. When they are fully focused move the object around and feel the warmth of your baby’s giggle and laugh as he follows the object with his eyes. Encourage him by smiling back. Try this with different objects and your baby will eventually fall asleep; content and entertained.
  • · Giggling keys- get some plastic keys and tie them together. Giggle them as you smile at your baby and they will get entertained by this. You can also try having you baby hold the keys as slightly shake them.

4. Play with soap foam

By using a non-toxic soap you can entertain a 3 month old baby by making foams. It’s easy; put water in a can and add some soap so that it forms a foam. Slightly blow the foams in the air so that it produces bubbles and this will keep your baby entertained. My son liked this too much that if I failed to do it he would cry and only stop when he sees the bubbles.

5. Tap game

As I had said earlier; my son never liked it when it came to changing his diaper. Tap game will help you keep your kid entertained when in the changing room. Have two different sounds so as when your baby raises her left leg you produce a certain sound and a different sound when she lifts the right leg. My baby had actually figure out this sounds and he was very entertained every time I produced the sounds. This made changing his diapers fun.


It is my sincere hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. And, most importantly your question on how to entertain a three month old was fully answered to your satisfactory. The above ways will strengthen the bond between you and your baby and no coin is needed in most of them; just your commitment and time.

I had problems figuring out the things that my baby finds entertaining, after many failed attempts I was getting disappointed and I had to consult a friend who lend me a tip or two on how to go about it. And, it worked.

Don’t keep all these information to yourself, share this article with a friend or two and enlighten them in the same. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment on the comment box below. Thank you.

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