How To Get Your Eye Makeup On Point As A Mom?

Eye makeup is often one of the trickier aspects of your daily routine and mastering it takes some time and practice. From the endless list of products to the countless techniques, getting your head around everything can be overwhelming. Being a mother can bring a whole new list of challenges to the table.

The sleepless nights that come with having your precious child can leave your eyes looking baggy and tired, presenting a new challenge when it comes to your makeup routine. And with your alone time dwindling, sitting at your makeup table to complete your entire routine may no longer be an option.

That’s why we’ve compiled a quick list with some tips and tricks that can help you reach your eye makeup goals, even when dealing with the challenges that come with being a mom.


Eyebrows are one of the most important aspects when it comes to shaping the overall structure of your face. Whether you’ve over-plucked or undermaintained, a bit of definition will get you back on track in no time.

Pick out a shade that suits your hair and eye color. It’s always better to opt for something natural that blends smoothly and doesn’t create any exaggerated lines. A little bit of eyebrow gel goes a long way in keeping your brows looking groomed and consistent.


Nothing adds a touch of refinement and sophistication to your eyes than a bit of good mascara. With your eyes likely looking more tired than ever, a bit of bright-eyed youthfulness will go a long way.

Always be sure to wait a few seconds before applying the second coat of mascara. This way your lashes won’t get clumpy and messy. To further avoid clumps, wipe off any excess mascara from your wand before applying it, this also makes it easier to maneuver the wand.

Speaking of the wand, hold it horizontally if you’re going for a fuller, thicker look while moving it vertically will create a more natural look.

If you want to take your eye makeup skills to the next level, The Lash Professional offers some great lash training courses for you to get stuck into. These industry expert-approved courses detail everything you need to know about getting your lashes on point. Perfect for both professionals and enthusiasts alike. Each course offers a handy certificate for you to display when you’re done.


Eyeliner can be a beautiful thing, filling in any gaps between eyelashes and helping you define the shape of your eyes to your liking. Always remember to apply primer before using eyeliner, as this helps it stay on for longer and avoid any smudging.

If your eyeliner keeps crumbling, you can freeze it before sharpening the tip. If you’re going for a winged eyeliner look, opt for a liquid formula. To make things easier, you trace your lines with a pencil liner before using the liquid.


Being a mom is a great challenge, especially in your first experience. Spending a long time to take care of your children, go to bed late and wake up early will make your eyes look tired and peaked. However, being a woman, you should always take care of your beauty, especially, if you have to go outside (for instance, in a formal event).

You may think that spending long time to make up is wasted, and it could affect the precious time for your children. It’s not true, you always can arrange your time effectively, and follow the tips above, I guarantee you will have beautiful eyes without wasting too much time.

Getting your eye makeup on point is not too hard. You’ve already made the right decision by coming here – just read carefully these tips above and apply your newfound knowledge. It’s as a simple as that!

Finally, If you have any question, please leave a comment below. We will get back and try to answer your inquiry soon. Thank you so much!

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