How to Inspire a Child’s Love of Reading

Reading is one of the most productive and rewarding activities. Numerous studies have shown that children who read have an increased IQ and they are more likely to perform better academically. However, in today’s technologically advanced times, there are endless entertainment options, and reading falls short in many children’s preferences. To make sure that your child will become an avid reader, you need to inspire their love of books from an early age, and nurture it throughout their childhood. However, the trick is to inspire this passion naturally, so that your child never feels that this activity is mandatory. Here’s how you can achieve this:

Start from an early age

Books are not just educational, but they can make for great toys, even for babies. Nowadays, you can find toys for children of all ages, even for babies. Baby books are made of quality materials, so that they don’t pose any risk to the child and they don’t deteriorate fast. Most baby books are made of cloth, plastic or laminated cardboard and many feature buttons, lights, sound and other stimulating features to be more appealing to the children and help develop their senses. By buying books instead of toys, your child’s first impression of books will be that of entertainment.

Reading time is essential

Before your child learns how to read, you must read to them and show them the magic that can be found within the pages of a book. But don’t wait until your child is old enough to understand stories. Even as a baby, your child can benefit from reading time. Listening to your voice and looking at colorful pictures is great for the brain development of your child. Moreover, if you combine reading time with cuddle time, your child will start to associate reading with a loving and relaxing activity. As your child grows and begins to understand the stories, you will have to improve your narrative skills to make sure that you will inspire a love for stories.

Start building your child’s library

Growing up surrounded by books is a great way for a child to embrace reading, and it is never too early to start building your child’s library. From the stimulating baby books, to educational books for toddlers, make sure your child’s room is filled with books that he can easily access.

Buy entertaining books

All children are different and they are attracted by different things. If you pay a little attention, you will notice that your child will have a preference for certain types of books, so make sure to encourage their preferences, by buying more books that they like. If your child doesn’t show a natural love of books, try to look for creative books that might get their attention. For example, you could consider a personalized children's book. You can order personalized books from These books are customized with your child’s picture and name, so the children feel that they are actually a part of the story.

Use reading to bond with your child

 At an early age, when your child doesn’t know how to read, reading can be a great way to connect with them. As the child begins to understand the stories, you can discuss the books that you read, to make sure that their creativity is stimulated by what they read. Even when your child learns how to read, you could still read to them from time to time, to reinforce the idea that this is an activity for the two of you. Moreover, when they learn how to read, ask them about the books that they read and discuss them together.

Be an avid reader yourself

You will be your child’s first role model, and if you don’t read regularly, you can never expect them to become avid readers. So, make sure your child sees your reading regularly, so that they associate this activity with their growing-up goals. If you are not a book lover, put some effort into this activity. It only takes a couple of good books to become a reading addict.

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