How To Make Breastmilk Fattier?

While pregnant I had a lot to worry about, I didn’t know after giving birth I would have to worry about: how to make breastmilk fattier. During pregnancy my worries ranged from, what kind of food should I take? Will taking a glass of wine harm my growing baby? Do I look older as the bump gets bigger? Personally, I had very many thoughts and questions that made me a little bit stressed considering the fact that all I didn’t have much to do other than feed, sleep and feel the baby grow.

I looked forward to the day I would give birth and get to hold my angel with the perception that all my worries would cease. But, this was anything else but the truth. After giving birth, my worries increased and considering the fact that my son was having a rather slow growth every now and then I would wonder if I am giving him the right nutrients. I searched over the internet: how to make breast milk fattier, but there was very little content written on this topic.

What the baby feeds?

To begin with, we typically don’t see what the baby is feeding. As a mother, I have to agree that feeling your baby suck your breast is the best feeling. Ever! Though we can’t see the content of the milk he/she is feeding, we just need to have faith that we are feeding our angels with the right kind of nutrients.

I had a problem with my breast milk fat content and I had to consult my pediatrician for advice on how to make breast milk fattier. I was advised on a few things I should do and finally got my breast milk fat content up. As much as your baby’s poo may not be the best gift you can get from your baby, the more the number of poos in a day indicates that your baby is getting enough. The feeling of contentment you get from this is like an oasis in a desert. At least you have something to smile about while changing your baby’s diaper every 3 hours.

How To Make Breastmilk Fattier: Can the kind of food you eat make your breast milk fattier?

After giving birth to my son, I started wondering on the kind of food I should eat to ensure that I give him the right nutrients. Most importantly my major concern was on how to make breastmilk fattier.

Research has it that, your diet cannot change the fat content in your milk but, on the other hand, what you feed to determine the kind of fats that your baby will get. For this reason, it is hence important to ensure that your baby gets the appropriate kind of fats.

So, what should I feed to ensure that my nursing angel gets the right quality of fat? To begin with, you need to ensure that you increase your intake of polyunsaturated and monosaturated fatty acids which are essential for the growth of the baby. These nutrients can be found in nuts, vegetables, oils, and seeds. Also, you need to increase your increase of omega 3 and omega 6 to ensure you give your baby the right kind of fats.

Was on how to make breastmilk fattier

Fats enable your baby to grow faster, women who have milk that is rich in fat have their babies grow fast compared to women who have low-fat content in their breast milk. Finding ways on how to ensure you increase the amount of fat that you baby takes in is, therefore, essential. The following are the major ways on how to make breastmilk fattier. Some of this ways might actually surprise you.

1. Increase intake of hindmilk

When you give birth the first milk that the mammary glands in your breast produce is the foremilk. This milk is thin and has low-fat content; it mainly acts like a drink that quenches your baby’s thirst.

However, as time progresses, your body produce the hind milk. This milk is rich in fat content and it is just what your baby needs to get nourished. When you start nursing the first milk that your baby gets is the foremilk, to ensure that your baby gets the much-needed fats, you can pump the first milk then before letting your baby feed. By doing so, you ensure that your baby is feeding on the hind milk that is much thicker and rich in fat content.

However, the fact that hind milk is most recommended doesn’t rule out the fact that your baby still largely need the foremilk. Though this milk lacks the fat content, it is very rich in proteins and carbohydrates that are essential for the growth of your baby. So, ensure that your baby takes in this milk too.

2. Feeding time intervals

To ensure that your breast is milk fattier, you need to reduce the feeding time interval. This is essential since by reducing this time intervals you ensure that your nursing baby will get the hind milk that is much richer in fats.

Unlike when the feeding time intervals are largely spaced and the body will have produced more foremilk and, chances are if your baby feeds less often your baby might not get to the much-needed hind milk.

Research has it that, evening milk is much fattier that morning. As a mother, it is your duty to ensure you feed your baby more in the evening so that you can increase his/her intake of these much-needed fats.

3. Breast compression

Yes! Breast compression actually helps make your breast milk fattier. I know, ask a group of women on how to make breast milk fattier and you shall discover very few know that breast compression can actually do the trick.

How does breast compression work and how should I go about it? It is quite simple, as your baby starts to feed slightly hold your breast from the top forming a C shape and apply some little pressure. Do this and only stop when your baby stops to catch his/her breath. When he starts feeding again do the same thing.

Breast compression allows the fat globules in your mammary glands move down to the ducts quickly, as a result, this allows the hindmilk which is fattier to arrive sooner.

4. Breast massage

This is the same concept as the breast compression. Once in a while massaging your breast can actually make your breast milk fattier. Shocking, right? You just need to gently massage your breasts from the top as you move downwards. Always start from the top to the bottom, this will help bust the release of fast from the fat globules in your breast to the milk.

5. Supplements

I wouldn’t fully recommend you to try this without seeking advice from your pediatrician since some of these supplements may have an allergic reaction to either the mother or the child. But, it is scientifically proven that some supplements can actually help make your breast milk fattier.

For instance, lecithin supplements can help increase the percentage of a certain fatty acid in your breast milk by making the milk less thick and slippery. Your doctor can actually guide you on the right kind of supplement to take if need be.


It is my hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and most importantly your question on how to make breastmilk fattier was fully answered to your satisfaction.

As a mother, I had low-fat content in my breast milk and had no knowledge of ways that could help me make my breast milk fattier. You now have the knowledge that I didn’t have then, it is my hope that this article was helpful to you. Please enlighten a friend two by ensuring you share this article; also don’t forget to leave a comment on the comment box bellow.

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