Improvise Baby and Toddler Care with MyBump2Baby

In the early days of parenthood and new baby life, it is very crucial to go for the baby and toddler care. This is essential to make the babies healthy and happy. This ultimately results in the happiness of the parents as well. MyBum2Baby is a pregnancy app that will convert all your problems regarding the babies into solutions. You don’t have to worry anymore because MyBump2Baby is here to help you in the best possible manner.

Features of this pregnancy app! 

It is a must have UK Pregnancy app for the mothers. From the pregnancy to the pre-school of the baby that has 1000’s of local events, toddler playgroups, mother-baby classes, product and business reviews, playgroups for the toddlers, reviews by famous bloggers, Pre-School Directory, business with the independent reviews and testimonials and much more.

Not only this, you will find the best reviews on family products, holidays, articles on preconception, pregnancy, baby support, holidays, events to take place, where to go on vacation with your babies and so on.

There will also be a famous section of the US popular bloggers whom you can easily follow on this app and get notified for the same whenever they post something new. This way you will have all the information regarding your problems.

The recent update in the app is the local section for Lancashire which is full of local reviews, days out, offers, recommended family businesses and so on. This section will be rolling out in all the countries during the year 2019.

It’s not only a pregnancy application but is also a pregnancy to a pre-school directory kind of thing. It enables the mothers and fathers to find out the best local events, classes, events, and the baby products and businesses within just a few seconds with the help of a couple of clicks that have genuine reviews from the community. There are features like one-click directions, call making things and emails that makes things a bit easier for the parents who are quite busy with their work.

The application has a directory that covers tiny activities like baby yoga, baby massage,family photography postnatal classes, soft play areas for the toddler, pregnancy classes, treatments for children,toy shops,nurseries to pre-schools, maternity nurses, nannies, baby sitters, maternity classes, kids drama classes, holistic therapies and what not.

There are various things on the guide for the babies and the parents. Just like you have a toddler and the baby directory, same is the case with the guide, where you will find the upcoming toddler, baby, family, and parents related events that are located near you. You can easily look upon these upcoming events and plan your holidays as per the same. The itinerary will be there for you before you get started on it. The event guide will cover all the types of seasonal events like New Year, Christmas, Halloween,pantomimes, baby and toddler events, first aid classes for the families and what not.

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