Time-Saving Tricks – 6 Kitchen Hacks That Will Save You Time And Money

From where you source your cookware to how you peel your garlic, there are plenty of ways to save time and money in the kitchen. The following six tips have made the most notable difference in our home:

1. Shop for kitchenware online

At any given time, there’s always a cookware sale online, meaning you can pick up precisely what you want while spending a fraction of the time and money it would take you to track down items in-store. On top of this, you’ll usually also find a greater range of options online, along with speedy and affordable delivery.

2. An eco-friendly money-saver

If you’re keen to do away with disposable plastic wrap, invest in a few good-quality shower caps that you can pop over bowls and dishes when you want to save food. The elastic creates a nice seal, they are super quick and easy to pop on, and just as hassle-free to clean.

3. Become a garlic-peeling master

From shaking the cloves in a mason jar to crushing them with a knife, there are dozens of strategies for rapid, mess-free garlic peeling. We have tried them all, and the easiest, quickest, and most effective one we’ve found so far is to simply pop the cloves in the microwave for around 5-15 seconds (depending on your machine and its settings). Make sure the cloves are cool enough to touch, and then simply slip the skins off and trim away the base – it truly is that simple! 

4. Perfect your baking recipes

Most baking recipes call for room temperature eggs and butter. If you forget to prepare these ingredients before you get to baking, it’s easy to think “what’s the worst that could happen if I throw them in cold?” The truth is, this seemingly innocuous step can make or break a tricky recipe.


If you forget to take your eggs or butter out of the fridge, there’s no need to wait around for them to reach room temperature. Instead, simply pop them into a bowl of warm water (making sure the butter is in a waterproof bag). By the time you’ve prepared all your other ingredients and utensils, they’ll be good to go!

5. Salvage your scraps

If you want to save money and do your bit for the environment, salvage scraps like bones and veggie peels to turn into stock. All you need to do is add them to a pot with water and salt and simmer until you’re digging the taste. Just be aware that starchy vegetables will give stock a thicker texture while greens and zucchini will make the stock bitter if you allow them to simmer too long.

6. Get more pop out of your popcorn

Those hard, unpopped kernels are a frustrating find at the bottom of your bowl of homemade popcorn. Pop more efficiently (and save on dentist bills) by simply soaking the kernels in water for ten minutes before you get them popping.


This little moisture boost creates more steam inside the kernels as they cook, making them far more prone to bursting into those tasty morsels we all love to munch on. Just make sure you pat them dry before popping them in the pan as hot oil and water are not a good mix!


Work these tips into your kitchen routine and you’ll find yourself with a bit more time and money on your hands in the future – two things we’ll never say no to!

Jennifer Shackelford

Hi, I’m Jennifer, the founder and editor of TheMamaNeeds.com. On The Mama Needs, I write about experience with pregnancy, raising kids, and nutrition for both kids and expectant moms.. I love that blogging brings parents together and lets our readers know they’re not the only ones going through these experiences. I love seeing comments on my posts that say “I thought it was just me! I’m so glad it’s not!” Being a parent is hard, but friends and blogs really help.

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